Marianne Spence’s denial – NBR Tapes

Once it had been established how Jenni McManus had been contacted and by whom a number of calls were placed with the perpetrator Marianne  Spence (Gillingham) at the Gisborne Herald. Of course Spence denied her part in the conspiracy, claiming that McManus had contacted her first and then only to ask for property records, because had she admitted responsibility it would have meant that she, Michael Muir and the Gisborne Herald held liability for the defamatory NBR articles, and Spence and Muir knew just how defamatory they were.

Michael Muir, Owner of the Gisborne Herald

The Gisborne Herald had a history of co-operating with Police in vilifying and prejudicing defendants in court proceedings. This was later evidenced in a 1995 court of appeal decision holding the paper in contempt of court for having published a defendants unrelated criminal record prior to the trial:

Gisborne Herald Co Ltd v Solicitor-General [1995] 3 NZLR 563

The contemptuous article was designed purely to assist police in obtaining a conviction as the victim in the assault was a local policeman.

If you are in New Zealand you will not be able to listen to the tapes on YouTube. It appears That dark forces at TVNZ, a YouTube media partner, have placed a country block on the tapes.

An obvious attempt to block New Zealander’s from hearing first hand Jenni Mcmanus and Marianne Spence’s seminal role in criminal behavior –  So if in New Zealand simply go to and listen to both the McManus and Spence tapes:

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  • Des Delaney says:

    Fascinating stuff and typical of the Gisborne Police Force and how a small town works.
    Unfortunately the photos you are showing are not Marriane but Lorraine Allan and Alan Byrnes who have nothing to do with the story.

    • Thank you for your response. However, we believe that it is Spence. Given that you appear to know Spence personally perhaps you would be able to get her to provide photo ID proving otherwise. We Know that she has looked at the article in question. As yet she has not commented

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