The Murder Of Stephen Dudley – New Zealand’s Culture Of Rugby, Thuggery & Coverup

Samoan Rugby thugs or innocent schoolboys, brothers Lone and Ieremia Mataena

Wannabe All Blacks and thugs or innocent school boys? Stephen Dudley’s attackers, brothers Lone and Ieremia (aka “M”) Mataena

Regular readers will be aware that LF had taken an interest in the sad story of a young students life being snuffed out following a rugby match at one of New Zealand’s secondary schools back in 2013. That young student was Stephen Dudley, a young man who by all accounts was achieving a great deal against the odds, the odds having been stacked against him for a number of reasons that are perhaps unique to the circumstances that New Zealand’s youth are forced to face every day in lower socioeconomic mixed ethnicity rugby mad schools all over that country.

From the outset what had begun to unfold with Stephens death smelt like the early stages of a New Zealand government coverup, the school involved, the Department of Educations involvement, the police and the courts all having acted in manifestly and inexplicably duplicitous ways. In fact much of how the matter was handled bears a strong resemblance to the now infamous Roast Busters case; the polices failure to investigate properly and their now more than obvious attempts to stage manage both cases into the safety of “under the carpet” oblivion.

To this day evidence of a coverup is to be found in the way the Crown Law office is handling the massive public backlash to the police investigation and legal wheeling and dealing that’s gone on, inclusive of the judgments delivered by New Zealand’s Justice Helen Winkelmann, Crown law now saying that they are “considering” an appeal on Winkelmann’s decision but that any decision on whether or not to do so could be weeks away. This is of course in itself strange as the crowns response in the case of the Maori Kings sons sentencing was almost instantaneous, a matter of just 2o days, once Crown Law had realised the extent of the public disapproval of judicial favouritism.

Unlike Stephen Dudley's family the Mataena family is still intact, Mom dad and their two bully boy sons got away with murder.

Unlike Stephen Dudley’s family the Mataena family is still intact, Mom dad and their two bully boy sons got away with murder.

As aforesaid, LF have for good reason adopted the view that this case and the manifestly inadequate way it has been handled by police, crown law and the Courts has stunk to high heaven from the outset. First there was the unnecessary name suppression granted to the school involved, Kelston Boys High School, then there were the name suppressions granted to the two assailants, in effect the public being kept in the dark on almost everything. Not only was this behaviour a breach of the open and transparent principles expected of any judicial system in a free and democratic society it has resulted in the victims rights and those of his family being ruthlessly trampled and the right of the public and more importantly a parents right to be warned of any danger faced by students of a school that clearly has a culture of Rugby, thuggery and coverup.

Kelston 1st XV arrive for a disiplinary hearing following a violent brawl in 2009 - Stephen Dudley's death was avoidable, a culture of rugby thuggery had been obvious since at least 2009

Kelston 1st XV arrive for a disiplinary hearing following a violent brawl in 2009 – Stephen Dudley’s death was avoidable, a culture of rugby thuggery had been obvious at this school since at least 2009, it was a culture that the teachers and coaches had obviously fostered – to win at all costs.

As aforesaid the warning signs have been there since day one. The public and parents had an inalienable right to know the name of the school involved, yet the police, the prosecution and the courts bent over backwards in their efforts to make sure the schools identity remained unknown for eternity. This is clearly a breach of a parents right to be informed of any dangers posed to the health and safety of their children. Make no mistake, in the case of this school that risk is very real, clear in the way the school and its senior management have handled the murder of Stephen Dudley; by engaging in a coverup with the authorities. This school and its sporting culture have a history of violence. The schools first XV (Knights) was involved in a seriously violent brawl during a rugby match in 20o9.

Click to enlarge

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The irregularities surrounding this case are enormous and started with the polices choice of investigating officers. The police did not bother appointing an experienced qualified homicide specialist, instead they sent a group of green horns who all had one thing in common, they all held no rank, just mere constables:

Detective Constable Mark Renfree

Constable Robert Campbell

Constable Adam Nee

Constable Robert Law

Constable Alison Wilson

Constable Bryan Stuart Hodder

Constable T J Bramwell

Constable Shaun Galbraith

Constable A R Zink

Constable Theresa McCabe

Clearly then the police investigation was not considered worthy of an appropriate level of response or expertise. Nor was the investigation free of serious conflicted interests, real and perceived. Lets take a closer look at the only detective present, one detective constable Mark Renfree.

Renfree seems, at least on the face of it, to be completely unqualified for the job of investigating a crime that at the outset had the very real potential to result in a murder or manslaughter charge. That in itself is a major problem for the police and should be of concern to the public. Then of course there are the serious conflicts that Renfree has that the public has also been kept in the dark over, despite a legitimate right to know.

This case from the outset has inveigled New Zealand’s rugby fraternity in a very serious way. New Zealander’s afford this particular sport and those who play it at a professional level almost “God like” status, the sport itself, not to put to finer point on it, is something akin to the opiate of the Kiwi masses.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge – J4 Team Coach –

It is within the sphere of this frankly insane “rugby” cult that the events leading to the death of Stephen Dudley unfolded on that fateful day in June 2013, when Stephen Dudley was lured to his death in what was a premeditated attack, and it is from within this very same insane rugby cult that the New Zealand Police decided to select, apparently, the best man for the job, Detective Constable Mark Renfree.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge – Junior Rugby Committee –

You see Mark Renfree is no ordinary cop, sure he was seriously unqualified for the job at hand when it came to investigative experience, but he was an individual that had some pretty impressive connections to New Zealand’s Rugby fraternity and the coaches responsible for supervising the training sessions on the day Stephen Dudley was murdered.

Renfree’s association with the sport, for the most part, involved the junior leagues that comprise school rugby. LF’s investigations have uncovered the fact that Detective Mark Renfree was and is himself a Rugby coach with Auckland’s Marist North Harbour Rugby Club. Mark Renfree is also heavily involved in other areas of the Rugby fraternity and has close connections to colleagues such as fellow MNHRC committee member and Chairperson Traci Sietu who inturn have very close connections to Kelston Boys High School and the Samoan community in general.

It’s yet another case of the good old Kiwi “six degrees of separation” problem, that and the New Zealand Police’s proclivity for ensuring the required outcomes prevail where “mates” or other hidden agendas are involved.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge – Police seized cell phones with video footage of the unprovoked attack on Stephen Dudley, so what happened to that evidence?

Readers will of course be asking what has Detective Mark Renfree’s heavy involvement in New Zealand’s schoolboy Rugby scene got to do with the likely coverup of Steven Dudley’s murder? Well that’s where the police hierarchy, crown law and of course the courts become inveigled, by deciding to keep the public in the dark, granting dubious name suppressions that enabled these seriously conflicted connections to remain a closely guarded secret. This is pretty much typical of the New Zealand police forces behaviour in cases such as this one.

Marist Norh Shore Junior Rugby coach Detective Mark Renfree - Just one of the serious conflicts the public have a right to know about

Marist Norh Shore Junior Rugby coach Detective Mark Renfree – Just one of the serious conflicts the public have every right to know about

Despite the older of the two boys (brothers) having pled guilty Justice Winkelmann in her summing up refers to this assailants future career prospects as a fucking teacher, and the likelihood of that career being unduly compromised by the assailant having a criminal conviction. This was of course, when privy to all the facts, a complete furphy uttered by Helen Winkelmann; a smoke-screen or ruse that was used with a specific purpose in mind. The fact is that this perpetrator, on the basis of the impact on his alleged future career as a lowly teacher, was no different to hundreds of other Kiwi youths who when confronted with being sentenced for this type of offending have not come even remotely close to receiving this very special consideration. So why would Winkelmann grant this particular bully and Rugby thug a second chance when others have certainly not received the same treatment at the hands of New Zealand’s police and Courts?

Well that’s where the Kiwi’s national obsession with Rugby raises its ugly head yet again, it’s also undoubtedly the reason Winkelmann steered well and truly clear of any reference to the effects on the assailants other potential, perhaps even more foreseeable, career prospects; that of a professional rugby player – instead determining it more politically expedient to note the alleged future career as a teacher, an aspect that in LF’s opinion had little if anything to do with this thug being granted the opportunity to walk away scott free.

LF suspects it had a whole lot more to do with the assailants promising Rugby career and his selection for the 2014 Somoan under 20’s Rugby team; naturally any criminal conviction would have put pay to that opportunity, having a catastrophic effect on Ieremia Mataena’s ability to obtain the required visa’s to travel with the Samoan 2014 team or for that matter any future team he may have been selected for, on tour.

It is with the aforementioned suspected police and judicial skullduggery that LF has decided to name the two perpetrators, the two thugs that, according to our whistleblowers deliberately lured Stephen Dudley back to the field to recieve a premeditated beating that was predicated on petty romantic rivalries and jealousies held by Stephens two (or more) far from intelligent assailants.

Justice Helen Winkleman, incompetent, gullible or just plain corrupt?

Justice Helen Winkelmann, incompetent, gullible or just plain fucking corrupt? Just why was it that Winkelmann wanted to sit on this particular case?

It is only when the perpetrators identities are known that the public are then clearly able to see that this has likely been a coverup from the very start, a coverup designed by Rugby’s faceless men to protect a promising players future career prospects in the sport at a professional level. It’s always been about the here and now, Mataena’s ability to play representative rugby, it’s never been about the non-existent bullshit teaching career that Winkelmann would have the exceptionally gullible Kiwi public believe.

In the 15 months since Stephen Dudley’s untimely and tragic death LF has received a great deal of information (and evidence) from a great many whistle blowers, some of whom were obviously present when the brutal unprovoked attack on Stephen Dudley occurred. There is much more to this case than meets the eye and LF will be bringing readers more as this story unfolds in New Zealand.

We’ll be covering issues such as the video footage that some of the witnesses took with their cell phones, footage that police apparently seized We’ll be looking at the likely reasons behind police and prosecutors withholding that evidence from the court and what the police might have done with that mysteriously “missing in action” digitally recorded material. This case is so typical of the way the Kiwi police and the country’s dysfunctional justice system operate, its enough to induce projectile vomiting. LF’s view is a simple one, Justice has not been done. If the New Zealand police force refuse to act appropriatly in bringing these two assailants to justice then both private criminal prosecutions and a civil tort against the assailants, the school and the Department of Education should be issued as soon as practicable. As for High Court Justice Winkelmann, well her credibility as a jurist and a human being is now in the fucking toilet.

For readers that are interested, the incompetent Justice Helen Winkelsphincter’s bullshit judgment is available here.




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  • These two boys wont be playing rugby, at least for the all blacks, they’l get some local games.
    If they manage to keep out of gangs.
    The all Blacks are as much about marketing the image as well as having talent.

  • Been Benuane says:

    if I was living in West Auckland I’d be highly tempted to make a secret visit to this nasty little boonga and chop his fingers off. We’d see how his “promising rugby career” takes off then…

    And no that’s no idle threat. Mainstream NZ needs to stand-up to this ridiculous big-fish-small-pond Rugby fraternity and the savages they import and place upon pedestals.

  • Your fucking sick. First of all these boys did NOT intend to kill Steven. This started off as a teenager disagreement. I give utter respect to the Dudley Family and of course they would be mad at these young boys but this whole blog is outright full of shit and as fucked as the person who wrote it. There was no intention whatsoever in killing this young boy. There are always a million fights going down between teenagers not only throughout NZ but across the world. If each an every person had a heart condition and got into at least one fight we would all be murderers and we would all be dead. Why don’t you put your energy and sources into creating a blog about stopping violence instead of giving these boys a podium for something that was not intentional. If your so smart you go fuckn join the police force or go to law school or get up there with wisdom to run this country and go make life changing decision. Don’t dog on other peoples job if you can’t go out there and help this country.

    • Prime Minister, your attempts to appear as a person sable in appearance, and seriously limited intellect, are plainly ridiculous (psst, it’s the excellent grammar that gives you away every time), now as we have asked you before, can you please desist.

    • Janeen = #fucktard. Blaming the heart condition. What a fucking joke. These 2 murderers beat the shit out of that poor boy and had he not been hit, he would still be with us today. Fuck off back to the scum hole you crawled out of.

    • Janeen, It wasn’t the heart condition that killed him, it was the fact the coward who king hit him from behind knocked his head off literally! C1 fracture of the spine will kill 99% every time you junked upped MSM slave!

    • Been Benuane says:

      If the death wasn’t intentional (just a cowardly bash from a cheap shot being the intention) then he should still be sent to prison for manslaughter. Then he would have been made responsible for his reckless, fatal actions and will be held up as an example to others to not do the same thing.

      Anyone who does some reckless action that results in the unintended death of someone should be sent to prison for that reckless action charged with manslaughter, That’s what manslaughter is for; to deter people from making such reckless, death-causing actions.

    • laninnewzealand says:

      Crumbs you seem to be full of anger that LF has the temerity to run this story on it’s blog and you respond with a diatribe of rather disgusting & rude comments. As for the logical reasoning behind your comments on this young man’s death, that puzzles me a little to. Time is a great healer and whilst his family may find it in their hearts to forgive, I doubt they will ever forget.

    • Are you serious they king hit him from behind,the cowards, i bet they are now in gangs. And they will be in prison most of their lives.

  • Whats next LF…….?

  • TheHawx says:

    Here’s the facebook page of one of the little shit murderers.

    [URL Redacted]

  • The two boys who killed SD will have to live with this stigma for the rest of their lives it will eat at them like a cancer,and when you are in church with your family worshipping your God…start repenting’thou shalt not kill ‘ and that judge needs to retire,she showed the whole of NZ that its ok to go and beat up and kill someone

    • whats quite sad about a lot of the commenters here is they seem to think that what has happened has happened, and they are unhappy their shit pile of a school has been given a hard time! its pretty obvious Kelston has deep seated issues with scumbag students, bullying, violence and a teaching & management staff who just don’t give a fuck.

      • The Murphey says:

        Former All Blacks head coach Graham Henry was the school headmaster 25 – 30 years ago.

        Steve Watt, ex Auckland Rugby player was the headmaster until 2011.

        Brian Evans the current head is former coach of the Black Ferns.

        Among other rugby notables.

        How many degrees of separation to Mark Renfree, from one or any other of the former or current rugby fraternity associated with KBHS.

        To wisdom with honour!

  • Was Judge Helen Winkelmann’s decision in the Stephen Dudley case the catalyst for yet another innocent school boy being viciously bashed by older students whilst walking home from school last Friday? Will they too be kissed on the forehead, forgiven, made invisible and set free by one of New Zealands out of control and out of touch jurists? –

  • Kbrothers4eva says:

    Norma-Jean Dudley – respect from a K brother. It ain’t all it seems and the negative posta’s are all from the K, but ar not whom they say they are. They are liars. All of the pupils know how violent the oldest bro was. And the younger bro was being groomed by the school to be as bad. I am sad that K has been damaged by this, and what I mean by that is that if the two bros had been done for murder or manslaughter and sent to prison then K would have been all right, but this is just going to encourage young men like these two who I believe set out to really hurt Stephen, and succeeded. It was on purpose and planned and I hope that the Courts will lock both up on appeal to wherever.


    • Norma-Jean Dudley says:

      Kia Ora Kbrothers4eva. I think what you all have done is awesome. I think K will get through this and be the school that everyone wants it to be.and can be.I believe we will get justice. in the end and then hopefully we can all get on with our lives. I know Stephens father still believes in K and the Dudley family will be right behind him in supporting you all.

  • Caput Gerat Lupinum - Nottingham says:

    Glad your filthy Facebook page has been blocked fucktard.

    This load of shit website is next Dermott “40 convictions” Nothingham. Your hilarious attempts at adding to the comments and answering yourself as well – does lend some humour to an otherwise sad situation. Harry Stottle (Aristotle… very clever aren’t you)…the Ape (more obvious that this is you).

    Lose some weight, get a real job and a life, and maybe you wont be cowering in your house hiding behind a keyboard pretending to be in Amsterdam! Got a feeling this wont make the post past your “moderator” (oh, but thats you too isn’t it fucktard?). Or maybe you should just re-edit it the way you like it?

    You Mr Nottingham are a vile, sick man. Do you know that eventually this negativity and desperation to be noticed will eat your soul? Maybe it already his.

    • You didn’t think LF would post that did you drop-kick, well unfortunately for you Team LF have a little surprise coming up especially for YOU. We also suspect that LF followers “Harry Stottle” and “Ape” et al may just be a little pissed off with your spurious allegations “Fucktard”.

      Seems that the boys and girls and and others have been up to their dirty social media tactics – This time however they’ve been caught red handed. Readers might like to take a look at this article whilst LF prepares something far more substantial –

    • It could be that the police et al are now trying to drag Kiwi Justice Campaigner Dermot Nottingham’s name throughout the mud, but why? It could have something to do with the NZ Herald article below –

      • Caput Gerat Lupinum says:

        “Justice Campaigner”? You mean; bully, crook, coward, cunt. Maybe having that priests cock in your ass made you bitter, but I would imagine you loved it. Did he give crying little Dermott a reach around too? You would have liked that. When do I get my one warning dip-shit? Cant wait for the surprise you have for ME. I have one for you too. Oh but wait; I know you are Dermott “Fucktard” Nothingham, but you don’t know who I am ….. what are we going to do? Maybe you could use your “assets” to hunt me down. Oh no that wont work cause it only you and your retarded brother – who have a massively exposed blog that “might get hacked”. How come one of the login users is “dermott”. Coincidence aye? Wonder what the password could be?? lets try a few. ahhhh here we go.

        Stop playing “make-believe” Derwood, you are a big boy now.

        LF “assets”; LF in “Amsterdam”; LF “team” = 1 fat lonely sad cunt in Hillsborough? bahahahahahahaha –

        Dermott Nottingham = Caput Gerat Lupinum

        We dont learn latin at Kelston, but we can use a computer…
        RIP Stephen…..
        You weren’t at fault but these clowns have got to stop the harassment.
        Word is out about Nottingham….

      • You’re on your first warning “Caput”, you only get one.

    • To borrow one of Cameron Slater’s little gem’s, and we all know whats happened to him recently don’t we “Caput” – “Proverbs 22:8 8 Those who plant injustice will harvest disaster, and their reign of terror will come to an end.”

    • Do you seriously think anyone believes your last toxic rant “Caput”? We sure as hell don’t. Trying to claim credit for the hacking of the Whale Oil site are you?…..we think not looser.

      LF is still here. The NZ police can manipulate Facebook as we have all witnessed, It’s just how they attempt to manipulate public opinion using social media thats been of interest to to LF, quite extraordinary, and of course something the NZ public deserves to know about. Seems that the GCSB have been doing everything they’ve been accused of, and more cretin.

    • dear oh dear. so you over look the real issue – the violent death of a school boy at the hands of thugs due to your own bigoted outlook on life. your a prize fuckwit, or maybe you are gutter scum with the last name of Blomfield

    • This guy Caput sound like a violent rapist police officer with narcissistic disorder – gutless like the rest of the biggest gang in New Zealand. Like the Louise Nicholas story on TV – fucks the cops credibility for ever. I love what LF has stood up for her against the sort of intimidation that the Police Service breed amongst its retarded members. Probably needs viagra in his corn flakes to keep his spine erect to save his knuckles from scraping on the ground.

    • Harry Stottle says:

      Caput Gerat Lupinum – for the record I am not Mr Nottingham neither am I connected to Lauda Finem other than as a reader of and commentator on topics posted on this website. I have commented on Stephen Dudley’s death in support for his parents and family in their quest for the truth and justice and to question why, when a boy had been viciously assaulted on school premises and died shortly afterwards, there has been NO JUDICIAL HEARING OF THE EVIDENCE surrounding his death. The big letters are for your benefit in the hope that your wolf’s head brain will be able to grasp the fundamental issue here. By the way, word is out about you too Caput. Telephone 4 472 6881 to find out how the investigation into your claimed hacking activity is getting along, there’s a good boy.

    • The Murphey says:

      Those who seek to distract and divert, are quintessential examples of what is so wrong with NZ!

      LF, keep up the exposure!

      • all the village idiots appear at once on a crusade to keep the truth from coming out! i hope LF have another article up very soon!

  • Dudley deserves Justice. Why is there so much cover up on this case? Why are there name suppressions? Its sad to seeing people stupidly defending the perpetrators, the ones behind the death of Stephen Dudley. Unfair Justice in New Zealand. Good on you’s LF

  • The bills not an Act fucktard – piggy go to market and get roasted LOL

  • David Jessop says:

    That Glenn sounds like a nasty NZ pig

  • Benjamin Tiddler says:

    Whoever you are you have breached a court order.Your two “murderers” have permanent name supression as stated in the court documents released to the New Zealand Herald,and the fact that you are morally okay with influencing the amount of death threats they recieve absolutely appalls me.What they did was wrong but in no court document does it state that the punches inflicted to stephens body were the immediate cause of his death,the two individuals did not enter the situation wishing to cause death, if one exercises empathy and the impacts this has had on their lives one would be almost sympathetic.No one can bring Stephen back but what we can do is educate our youth on what poor decisions such as school boy fights can lead to. We should look at providing alternative ways of sorting problems out between students e.g discussions with a mediator/classroom teacher that both students trust.Todays youth need guidance and education about decisions that are interpersonal as well as academicaly and sportingly focused . RIP STEPHEN DUDLEY

    • “Whoever you are you are”? You’re obviously not that good at the old research are you “Tiddler”. “Death threat’s”? Really…where, when…what a complete load of bollocks!

      Jesus, Mary and Joseph “Tiddler” your comment displays a nauseatingly infantile understanding of the issues. Issues such as whats been slowly happening to the New Zealand judiciary and the country’s courts, irrational name suppressions, the total disregard for the rights of victims, the rights of their families and others close to these victims of crime. Thats right Tiddler crime.

      You have not been privy to the contents of the pathologists report (no doubt a first year Med student would have done a better job, hence it too being withheld from the publics beady eye) and yet you sit there with an almost perverse vanity, holding up what’s contained in the shyte sheet “New Zealand Herald” as if it where a gospel. Nazi Germany had Newspapers like the New Zealand Herald too “Tiddler”, print media that was complicit in towing the official party line, “Move along nothing to see here” whilst five million Jews were murdered, you clearly are incapable of thinking for yourself!

      You like so many others who have left comments and who have taken it upon themselves to usurp the only views that matter in this case, the feelings of the Dudley family, views that were well and truly expressed during and just after the sentencing:

      “You’re fucking joking.”…..”You’ve got to be joking, this guy beat my son to death,”


      “These thugs carried on the assault even after Stephen was rendered unconscious,”

      “Stephen died on that field, he was beaten to death, his heart gave out…this wasn’t some act of schoolyard bullying.”

      “We may as well not have shown up to the court yesterday. It was a farce.”


      Meanwhile you have both the audacity and stupidity to sit there, like the many others below, spewing out sickening platitudes and cliches such as “rest in peace Stephen”.

      Well here’s something for nothing “Tiddler” we’re 100% certain that young Stephen Dudley won’t be resting in peace until such time as he and the grieving family he has left behind recieve some fucking justice, and that means these two violent thugs being held to account for his unnecessary and untimely death, the loss of a life that held so much promise, a life that he was born to live. You Tiddler, and your thoughts are sickeningly sweet and so obviously artificial – In fact so artificial that you could well be a candy-coated-kiwi-cop

    • guess they don’t really have permanent name suppression do they Tiddler! and good job to. our nanny state where we protect the guilty and punish the innocent needs to change – and it is good to see there are people with a backbone to push for such change. Tiddler you may not like it, but things need to change.

  • Lauda Finem has just been alerted to the fact that the New Zealand Police have had FaceBook geo-block Lauda Finem’s FB page so that New Zealander’s only are now unable to view it. More on that story to come – New Zealand authorities are now begining to act like middle east dictatorships. Blocking evidence of their own corruption, spread the word folks

  • A compliant and often complicit New Zealand Herald is starting to run spin doctored horse-shit on behalf of the Solicitor General, the CLO must be getting seriously concerned with the public backlash –

  • The anonymous poster using the moniker, “this guy” that continues attempting to post false and defamatory material against a party unrelated to this article and is apparently now wondering why we have to date refused to post these comments LF would like to say – well fuckwit the reasons are obvious to anyone with half a brain. We will be forwarding the detail we have on to the individual your’ve been attempting to harm.

    The culprits IP address is listed below, although we suspect the idiot will be hiding behind a VPN:

    “this guy”
    Submitted on 2014/08/17 at 5:38 am | In reply to laudafinem.
    [Comment disallowed – Defamatory abusive material]

    It’s all in a days work really, there really are some twisted fucks out there in cyberland, the number of cops and ex-cops that have been trying to post garbage is quite extraordinary.

  • When you name people in publications who have name suppression….
    Offences and penalties:
    The Bill replaces the current single-tier strict liability offence for publishing suppressed
    information with a two-tier system of offences and penalties (Clause 215):
    knowingly or recklessly publishing suppressed information – punishable by up to
    6 months’ imprisonment (individual) and a fine of up to $100,000 (body
    corporate); and
    a strict liability offence (ie, no intent required, but defendant is able to prove total
    absence of fault) for publishing suppressed information – punishable by a fine of
    up to $25,000 (individual) and $50,000 (body corporate).

    But I will accept that you are innocent until proven guilty.

    • That’s a Bill (not statute) in New Zealand “Glen”, no statute citation mate, why is that?. Now why don’t you do yourself and other readers a big favour and take those myopic eyes of yours up to the top right hand corner of this page, you’ll then realise that you just wasted thirty minutes of your precious time looking for that information.

      • LOL. More like 30 seconds. (2 n’s in my name BTW. – yet another testament to you editorial prowess). Just showing the facts – Breach of New Zealand name suprpession law is a crime too.

      • Look “Glenn” (with 2 n’s) lets face it you’re a stupid cunt. Best check out your own typo’s before you start slinging to much shit around – “suprpession” – does it really have two “P’s” in that order “Glenn”, then there’s the “you” which should have been a “your”, Jesus mary and Joseph Glenn (with 2 N’s).

        Now don’t you go anywhere “Glenn”; why don’t you give our other readers a few more of your so-called “FACTS”. Perhaps starting with a little lesson on international law? For example you could expand on your claim that breaking “New Zealand law” is a crime punishable in jurisdictions other than (and outside) New Zealand?

        Can’t do it?… Impossible?….Why?

        Perhaps it could have something to do with the fact that you are an idiot, or perhaps just a bold faced liar who’s only objective in commenting was to be a smart-arse – a smart-arse that keeps falling flat on his fucked-up face.

  • Harry Stottle says:

    I trust the semi literate commentators threatening violence against the Lauda Finem team will note the dignity and restraint of Norma-Jean Dudley’s comment on August 17 at 1.12am. I wish you success in establishing the truth about Stephen’s death, an undertaking in which the New Zealand Police, the Solicitor-General’s office and the Judiciary have been derelict in their respective duties. It is totally unacceptable for a judge of the High Court to assert ”it is
    impossible for anyone to say what actually caused Stephen’s death” There is always a cause of death and in Stephen’s case I have no doubt a forensic pathologist would have been able to establish that cause. It is unacceptable for the Crown (Solicitor-General) to agree with defence counsel on a plea of guilty (to a lesser charge) knowing that the agreement on the plea would exclude the possibility of the evidence being examined, particularly any forensic evidence. It is unacceptable that the New Zealand Police should appoint a Constable to lead their enquiries into such a serious incident and a Constable, moreover, that had extensive connections to the rugby fraternity in Auckland. It stinks of collusion and corruption. Stay strong Norma-Jean and family.

  • Breaking News: (Australia):

    Perpetrators of one-punch deaths will soon face 10 years in jail in Victoria, with the state introducing Australia’s toughest laws on such killings.

    The sentence will apply whether the death is caused by the punch, or by the victim striking his or her head in the fall.

    Read more:

  • concerned mum says:

    If nothing gets done about this….kids will continue to plan attacks and beatings and not think about the seriousness of their actions….there should be consequences for these boys so others will not beat, attacking or bullying will not be tolerated, no excuses! As a mum I would be devastated at losing a child especially if he was meant to be with the school and society I trusted, worked and lived in!

    • Concerned mum, your words are indeed sadly prophetic, yet another mothers child has been attacked, again by the schools older aged cohort (url also posted above) -

  • I am with LF all the way, brilliant read and well said, thank you. I work in a similar environment where the rugby culture is top dog and other areas take a back seat, and the athletes can every now and then get away with small infractions. However, the coaches and managers have taught the athletes to walk away from any and all situations where violence could occur. Thanks LF, keep going!

  • Norma-Jean Dudley says:

    Again I would just like to thank Lauda Finem for a brilliant piece of journalism. Where did you guys come from, you’re amazing. For all you people who have taken time to comment. I just want to say that all the facts presented by Lauda Finem are right on the button. Congratulations on your researching into this case. We, the Dudley family, are also working on finding out the real facts and will continue our research to help achieve the outcome Stephen and our family deserve. I’ve read all the comments posted and I would like to just respond to some of them.

    Some of you say that it’s your community and that Lauda Finem should stay out of something they know nothing about. Just a little bit of history about the Dudley family. We have been in West Auckland for over 65years. Long before a lot of you were obviously even thought of.

    Stephen’s Auntys and Uncles attended both Kelston Girls and Boys High School in the 80’s His Aunty became Dux of Kelston Girls. If anyone or any family is qualified to talk about this community, Stephens family falls right into that category.

    I understand that some of you may want to defend the two that killed our boy. However the fact is (and this is why we seek justice) as an adult, the older brother could have chosen to diffuse the situation, instead however he joined in by punching him from behind in a cowardly and brutal attack and they both continued to do so while Stephen lay on the ground, as the evidence will show from the witnesses mobile phone videos that this is in fact exactly what took place. Manslaughter at the very least. I do accept, as I’m sure other members of Stephen’s family do, that it was not his intent to kill him, however you are responsible for your own actions and there are consequences to every action.

    Stop ranting and raving and blaming Lauda Finem for doing their job eg: posting their photo. Anyway, it’s clearly obvious they are way too clever, so why take them on; LOL. The bottom line is, if he hadn’t been such a coward Lauda Finem wouldn’t have had to post anything.

    This is happening to him and his family as a consequence of “HIS” actions not Lauda Finem’s. But better still stop using threatening language, like the comments I read from a silly boy who clearly attends the school. Your just putting your school into more disrepute with your gang mentality. It used to be a good school and it can be again. But what you all need to do is get back to school and do what your meant to be doing and that is learn! Because right now Kelston Boys is, as Lauda Finem points out, a school that appears to breed thugs and bullies.

    Finally to Lauda Finem; Shame on our corrupt police, our court system and judges, here in NZ. They all let us down and it had to take people like you to come to our defence in presenting the truth, facts that the public deserve to know.

    Nga Mihi ki a Koutou

  • What a crying shame it is, corrupted court system, the police, the school system, those who were involved in investigating the murder of this kid. This is heartbreaking knowing the pain & sorrow that family is going through. NO MOTHER should have to bury a child due to violence; she would rather have her heart ribbed out of her body than having to witness her child in a casket.

    My humble sympathy & condolences to this childs family May you all be comforted with peace and harmony. For those involved in the cover up as well as that judge each and every single one of you will live with that GUILT trip for the rest of your lives and it will continue to eat at you little by little, day by day, up to the point where you can no longer live with yourself… KARMA is not a good thing and the Lord works in mysterious ways!!!!!

  • Taking stuff out of context and spinning new webs of lies ? Your story is a bit silly, but if attention is what you wanted you got it for all the wrong reasons . you have made yourself look like a really donkey. Someone give this fellla a cookie and a hit to the face .

  • B E A N H O U S E says:

    Who the hell is this ?? Someone loves being a keyboard warrior. Mate have some respect ohh wait your just a fuckhead who loves to dis kelston. Mate you know nothing because i bet you never had the guts to go to kelston. Kelston is in my blood and anit nobody going to take that I away. Once a brother always a brother of Kelston no matter where your from in the world. You have to mind your own business and go find something better to do then to drag the past into the future. Whats done is done nobody can go back and fix it up unless you want to build a time machine mate. Go take care of your kids or wife or husband which ever one you have rather then talk about my two mates who are my brothers you low life scumbag.

    • You’re on your first warning “BEANHOUSE”, you only get one.

      • What about Stephen Dudley isnt he a brother too? Beanhouse are you going stand up for him too? I dont understand why we are not focusing on that. Your friends contributed to his death so they should be held accountable for their actions. You do the crime you do the time. I dont care about school reputations or bloody rugby. I care that a young boy died who had a long future ahead of him but was cut short because of your ‘brothers’. Stephen and his family deserve justice. His family will never see him grow up, get married or have kids all they have is memories. I wish you would think before you comment. Thats all. Condolences to the Dudley family I pray you get justice for Stephen and find peace xo

      • Btw Im Samoan and proud. All this racist bullshit on here has to stop. LF you set the tone of these comments. I am not a redneck and never have been. You are taking it a bit far by posting that Deliverance video, its very offensive. Sure these two boys that attacked Stephen are Samoan but they do not represent the whole of Samoa. We are more than just these two boys. Please do not insult my country or my people with these racist references. Its just unnecessary and takes away from what has happened to Stephen. Everyone just cut out the hate. Im just saying …

      • They are certainly not racist references, the replies in which the movie clip is included is reference only to the level of intellegence displayed in the readers comment. Any inferences otherwise drawn are your own. You will note that the movie clip from Deliverance features “White” Caucasians, had LF intended any racist connotations there are far more appropriate, applicable and down right nasty choices available.

        Please think very carefully before using the “race card”, it’s inappropriate over-use and the misappropration of the word “racist” is causing it’s true meaning to be much devalued – which in itself is extremely dangerous – We all know what happened to “the boy that cried Wolf”.

    • The Ape says:

      Great to see Beanhouse you condone murder by your “brothers”, let me give you the tip – you’re a fuckwit. And to quote you “what’s done is done” so you just casually talk about the death of a boy as “oh well”. I’d like to see you say that face to face with the Dudley Family!

    • But your intent is still derogatory lol I felt like it was racist and yes that is how I interpreted it. You said redneck Samoan church communities. I am in a Samoan Church Community. So I think you are saying we are poor hillbillies like you are better than us plus Ive seen Deliverance so to me you think we are dumbtoo. I have experienced it a thousand times over so I can use the race card if I feel like something is racist to me. You cant tell me how to feel. I dont know what race or colour you are it doesnt matter to me Im just saying I found that comment offensive and degrading. Just stop the hate.

      • “Rednecked” Samoan church communities clearly exist “Rosie” as do Redneck Anglo “Christian” communities whether we like it or not. LF places no stock in the social engineering of the “politically correct” mobs manifesto.

        Lauda Finem as an organisation believes in free speech, that is why we have allowed the purile comments of those claiming to be 1. Samoan, 2. Church members and 3. Relatives of the two assailants.

        In doing so it is then our innate right to reply as WE fucking see fit. If readers don’t like that then they should either 1. moderate their own comments/behaviour, or 2. not comment at all. Its all rather simple really.

        Remember “Rosie” everyone who comments owns their own understanding and feelings, we’ll let actor Stephne Fry have the last word with something he recently said –

        “It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”

      • Thank you LF just shows that what I said is true I dont need a famous person quote heres one from my mum ‘You got nothing nice to say than shut your damn mouth’. Anyway Dudley family hope you get the justice you deserve for Stephen. Love and prayers xo

      • Steven Fry’s elloquent words are the point Rosie, not his fame or notoriety. As we have already said these are your feelings, any offense taken is yours to own, not team LF’s

    • Been Benuane says:

      You ridiculous boonga.

      Kelston is just some piece of crap little school in West Auckland NZ. Not a zit on the big wide world out there.

  • Not sure where all this racist and hate comment is heading.I wholeheartedly think those two young men should be shown some form of punishment. I wholeheartedly think it is wrong that the offending two should walk the streets while there is another wasted life and family suffering for the rest of their life’s. I can relate to unnecessary violence to myself and fortunately I am an old person now who recalls being king hit and having my clothes ripped and being beaten unrecognizable to my family and friends because I stood up for my friend. I live with those memories very often. I come from a Samoan back ground and the pressure back in the day was to retaliate to the players from another club. Those were the days but fortunately nothing came of the anger and feelings being felt at the time. I believe naming the two assailants is fair but bringing family, race, school in as a factor or contributing factors is dangerous. Concentrate on the two boys involved and the facts you have that made me interested in this story.

    • Thankyou for your comment Chris. Unfortunately and sadly the school was a factor in this issue, as will become apparent as we post more material in the coming days.

      Unfortunately the prevailing culture of any instutution or group can and does play an important role in the way people behave, or what they believe that they are entitled to get away with. Some of the other comments here are, in themselves, evidence of the fact that the school has failed in it’s inherent duty to endow its students with a sense of personal moral and social responsibility.

      This fault was perhaps also seen in the days that immediately followed Stephens tragic death when student of both Kelston Boys High School and its young womens counterpart Kelston Girls High School saw fit to attack and humiliate Stephens very young girlfriend, in much the same way as they have now unleashed their juvenile purile vitriol in this forum.

      The below articles are from that period and detail the events that unfolded, events that the aforementioned schools bear some, if only moral, responsibility for;

  • Im with LF

  • Ashenafi Rickus says:

    I went to kelston by brothers & cousins went to that school and no idea why your trying to make the school look bad bringing up the brawl in 2009 there were two schools involved, & if you are that naive to think that all other boy schools aren’t the same as kelston boys your just dumb there are plenty of schools where there are fights daily, kelston was a fun place to go school. So what if they happen to be passionate about rugby? Hello if you didn’t notice the hole of Nz loves there rugby! Stephens death was not due to kelstons rugby culture. It was two individuals that acted like half wits. As for them covering up the name etc the boys names weren’t released but the schools name was released immediately hence the hole community and past students coming together to mourn the loss.. So please spare me the crap you pointed out a few good points (regarding the two boys that killed Stephen) but don’t claim to know kelston or the people.

  • JaimeCARE says:

    Ignorance at its smartest. You have no idea what happened, your basing your article on other people’s articles and reports, I betcha you don’t even live in New Zealand, you honestly think “win at all cost” is something we promote? Wow! Your a dumbass, come to Kelston, and see what it’s actually like, before writing stuff like this! Now the whole worlds understanding of this sad situation is now elevated to a tangent, because you don’t know the facts!

    • “I betcha you don’t even live in New Zealand”Well spotted “JaimeCARE”, well not really; that information is supplied in the top right hand corner of this page, LF team members live all over the planet, everywhere except New Zealand that is.

      Many of us however have travelled through “Godzone” country, and yes some have even been to your neck of the jungle, KELSTON, otherwise known as the centre of the known world, at least to complete fucktards like you little buddy.

      Perhaps you’d like to meet up with Maryanne (below) we hear she’s offered to give banjo lessons to the local redneck Samoan “church” community –

      • JaimeCARE says:

        You just let us know everything we need to know about your motives of this article, thanks bro

      • Yes “JaimeCARE”, its seems moving pictures do seem to work much better with the Kelston Mob. In fact it seems they have a great deal of difficulty with the written word….could have something to do with their schooling. For our readers that have difficulty understanding the local Kelston dialect we’ve included a url link to the definition of the colloquial native kiwi term “BRO”

      • Maryanne Tekie says:

        [Comment disallowed, poster banned 15th August 2014]

  • Janelle says:

    I feel for the family of the young man that had his life cut short by these thugs. My brother was also murdered tho the courts chose manslaughter. Courts may not dish out appropriate punishments but the universe does. Karma will work its magic in time and with a bit of luck Stephens family will get to hear the consequences of these boys actions on that day. My bros murderer died hideously in jail a few months shy of being released after serving most of his short bullshit sentence. It felt sooo good getting that news after years of being angry and frustrated with the court system. P.s. It didn’t bring my brother back, but justice was served finally. RIP Stephen.

  • Jenteeta Warren says:

    Stupid Samoans everyone at that school is like this. I had to take my two sons out of that school because some monkeys threatened to give them a hiding for having white skin. Sick cunts


      • You’re on your first warning “Bee”, you only get one.

      • Bee you should type with out the caps lock on – on the left of your keyboard

      • Been Benuane says:

        We’ll say what we like about you boongas. It’s called freedom of speech, and it’s a keystone to why NZ is the sort of country you escape 3rd world Samoa to emigrate to. If you can’t handle it then you should go back to Samoa where you belong. You can’t have it both ways; you want prosperity and living standards? then accept freedom of speech.

  • David Jessop says:

    Little bit of fact that may help here. You do not need an intent, or motive to murder. The Crimes Act indicates that you can be guilty of murder by having reckless disregard for the likely harm that an assault could inflict inclusive of death. Manslaughter is effectively a civil tort of gross negligence applied in the criminal context. The older boy king hit Stephen from behind, and then both boys savagely beat Stephen whilst Stephen was not capable of protecting himself. The inference is that this was a “planned” attack as the older boy had been circling waiting for a chance where he could attempt to knock Stephen out to enable the sustained attack that did take place. Gross negligence for manslaughter would be if the elder boy approached Stephen after say Stephen was beating his brother and punched him once, but really hard.

    The planned and protracted nature of the attack makes this attack, and not a school yard fight. It was planned by two larger boys on a smaller boy who clearly did not want to fight, because he did not start the fight and did not grow a punch and was beaten to death. The heart condition being present does not prove that the condition killed Stephen. He equally could have been killed as a result of the beating stopping his heart.

    The Kelston Pupils coming on to this site and putting up stupid uninformed comments in order to protect these violent thugs is evidence that the problem in Kelston is likely far worse than this article makes out.

  • who the fck cares says:

    they did the crime why arnt they doing the time,name an shame them i for a life

  • 0200 HRS (NZST): Comments have now closed on this article until 12:00 HRS(NZST) tomorrow Saturday 16th August 2014

  • This article would be good if you didn’t fuck with the story..
    just tell the facts and let people decide what’s right and wrong, stop trying to poison the well.

    • perhaps you are the one poisoning the well “dash” you are obviously extremely lazy having not bothered to read the other articles LF have posted over the past 13 months that set out our views on this case and the down grading of the various charges.

      Perhaps you should take a look at that material…..but you won’t will you? Why? Again, because you’re lazy.

  • My Opinion says:

    I personally feel that the two boys deserve to be punished as an innocent life was taken that day!! Justice should be served for the death of Stephen (RIP). No human should still be walking the street without being punished esp with and incident as sad as this.
    But with all do respect, I don’t think photos with any of the family members for the brothers(parents&sister) should have been uploaded. Was the photos of the brothers not enough? I mean hat off to you, you clearly have a passion for what you do, but I just think that the family photo you have uploaded should be taken down.

    Well thats just my opinion.

  • No our responses are enraging a group of adolescent fuckwits who are obviously used to getting their own way by making threats, some of your “friends” will no doubt have by now realised that their comments have been sent to the sin bin, aka the trash. You’re next in the queue little buddy.

    • Norma-Jean Dudley says:

      Well said LF. This is what your clearly going to get. A lot of negative comments because Rugby in this country is like religion. You presented really good facts however people will still ignore it. Why? because It’s an inconvenient truth. i would also like to respond to this idiot’s comments and all the other selfish comments that you’ll undoubtedly be sent because it didn’t happen on their doorstep. (All in the name of rugby) But why bother.

      • Exactly Norma-Jean Dudley, “Why bother”. We have let them have their fun, but it certainly will backfire, LF sometimes collects information from the comments left on its posts we then use that information to do additional research. LF has now started to delete comments that we consider spam, abusive, fail to relate to the issues canvassed in the article, or are otherwise a waste of space.

  • Good job Lauda Fidem, go against their name suppression, exposé these boys, paint a bad picture of them and our community and encourage people to go hunt them down, awesome. So not hypocritical at all. You know seeing as Stephen died in an act of violence [redacted]. One tragic event and now my school is condemned. Way to go Auckland, thank you so called “journalist”

    • You’ve gone one better Naomi, you go to Kelston Girls High School according to your 1st comment [below], we certainly have not mentioned it, but you now again have. Now everyone will know that your school pumps out idiots as well. We’ll say it again Naomi, use your fucking brain

  • Justice#Justice says:

    bring justice and peace to Stephen Dudley and his family # any human been in this world if you do the crime do the time # Rugby coach Detective Mark Renfree what a surprise a detective..I though all constables and detectives suppose to protect people and do the right thing..I guess not. The world is full of corrupt law enforcement working pretending to protect the world from all the criminal…when they’re the criminal. The parent of this boys should all be locked up as well.

  • Don’t know why it was necessary to talk about the school. Kelston is not violent and definitely not the reason behind this tragic incident, I attended Kelston Girls College, so I know firsthand. The two boys are not a threat to society but yes what they did was stupid and had tragic results.

    • Jesus “Naomi” some of the comments are seriously stupid but yours takes the prize, you went to an unrelated girls school and that qaulifies you to have a more valid opinion on what exactly?……..come on Noami use that brain of yours before you make yourself look like a complete tit!

      • More of an opinion on the boys involved, more of an opinion on the school, more of an opinion on the community…and how about you? Oh you’re a random “reporter” oh I’m sorry let me go away now tsk tsk

      • No I’m not a random reporter, I’m the moderator. Please feel free to go away honey, in the process you’ll make my morning a whole lot easier.

      • Maryanne Tekie says:

        Actually “laudafinem” the validity of her opinion is far more appropriate than the validity of this entire article. Firstly, she has firsthand knowledge of the event and the wider community where that took place. That’s because the so-called “unrelated girl school” you’re referring to is the sister school of Kelston Boys High School. So frankly you should be questioning the validity of your unrelated sources. I mean where did you get your facts from? A newspaper article where Media brainwashed the public with their biased views? You should know what I’m talking about because that’s exactly what you’re doing.
        Now moving on to talk about the case. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that the Dudley family didn’t get any justice, but what right do you have to expose these boys? From the title alone, I could tell that your article was nothing but nonsense. It’s biased and if that wasn’t your intention, think about the sources you got your information from. Why don’t you show us an unbiased record of this case that states they were murderers; then maybe then I might consider reading your crap article. I know a lot of people are asking why they weren’t charged with murder, let me tell you what I think. The boys didn’t plan to kill Stephen during the fight. Without the criminal intent the boys cannot be charged with murder, which means that your article title is no longer ‘valid’ (your words remember). Now to everyone else who’s listening & believing every single word the media says; come on, be open-minded. Yeah maybe a lot of what they’re saying is true…. but that doesn’t mean it’s the whole truth. Yes Stephen’s life was taken away and as tragic as that may be; I think the issue here is that everyone wants to be the judge but they don’t know all the facts of the case. So why don’t we all sit down and let’s the judicial system decide what they think is right; No one will stop the Dudley family from appealing. Some may not agree with the decisions they make, but at the end of the day we’re all humans; Lone, Ieremia & Stephen included. They pleaded guilty (not to murder) and the judge didn’t charge them with assault. How is that their fault, let alone their family and the schools fault. It has nothing to do with the school or community. The same event could’ve happened in a school in North Korea and that still wouldn’t make it the schools fault.
        What I’m saying is people need to be considerate of other peoples feelings. I don’t know what you’re going through and you don’t know what they’re going through. Just use this tragic event as a constant reminder of how we as a community should not tolerate any kind of violence.

      • So Maryanne your comment “Firstly, she has firsthand knowledge of the event and the wider community where that took place” so what your saying is that she was a “witness”, lets hope the police got to interview her if she witnessed the attack.

        If on the other hand she did not witness the attack on Steven then she has no “first hand” knowledge, she’s simply repeating school yard “hearsay”. Just love it, you people are truly remarkable, oh and completely fucking stupid.

  • Oi sole, Putain! says:

    Hey Fuckwit, Boys shouldn’t have got off with no punishment, Stephen having an undiagnosed heart condition is a bullshit technicality that should not have been considered.

    As for you fuckwit fuck you lol

    Police need a shake up, judge needs to take a long hard look at herself, 2v1 is never a ‘fair’ fight and who gives a shit if it was organised doesn’t that mean it was premeditated not murder but assault?

    As for saying KBHS is a ‘school that clearly has a culture of Rugby, thuggery and coverup’, mean 1 previous event makes it a culture?

    Are you actually in New Zealand?

    I will close by saying There will always be fights in schools as long as schools exist, I am not condoning any fights or the two mentioned events but it is human nature ‘fight or flight’ it is almost 99% of the time unnecessary violence like the case of Stephen but will unfortunately continue to happen.

    I feel for the Dudley family, Stephen’s friends and KBHS for losing one of the young leaders of tomorrow.

    • Your comment “Oi sole,Putain!” “As for saying KBHS is a ‘school that clearly has a culture of Rugby, thuggery and coverup’, mean 1 previous event makes it a culture?” You have yet to see the unreported events, perhaps you should wait before jumping to irroneous ill-informed conclusions like so many others here have.

      While you’re waiting why not do another google search on that issue. 😉 Having said that they’re not normally acceptable citation in academic circles. We note that those promoting the “bigger than Ben Hur” Kelston Boys High seem to focus soley on irrelevant crap such as anything other than the events that led to Master Dudley’s death, the dodgy police investigation and the bullshit charges/sentencing. Says a lot really doesn’t it, especially about those who are bothering to defend the school and its irresponsible actions – more to come on that too

      • Oi sole, Putain! says:

        What unreported events? You are taking liberties by assuming there are ‘unreported’ events and creating sensationalistic news, maybe you are the one who has to wait before jumping to conclusions.

        You do realise that defending a school from your slanderous comments is actually the reason for the “promoting the “bigger than Ben Hur” Kelston Boys High” side of the argument. A school in such a situation can only do what the police ask as I understand it the school feared for the boys safety so asked all involved to keep quite. It is a Kelston Boys Policy to not interact with Media and I assume students were told not to talk to the masses of media stationed outside the school. How is that irresponsible please inform me.

        No one is denying that what happened to Master Dudley was terrible, the unusual and unjust release of the two offenders was as you say Bullshit. For them to come off scot free is ridiculous. Who gives a flying fuck if they are remorseful and will live with what they have done for the rest of their lives, New Zealand is a soft cock when it comes to sentencing criminals. Kill someone and be out in 5-7 years good behavior thats bullshit..

      • “It is a Kelston Boys Policy to not interact with Media” – thats very interesting, you know we’d been told exactley the same thing, but it was more along the lines of threatening the students with “consequences” if they spoke to the media.

      • Oi sole, Putain! says:

        Like any policy or rule break it there are consequences.

        Unfortunately in the case of Mr. Dudley there has been no consequences for the perpitratiors only for the Dudley Family

      • Yes and no one “involved”, including the school, the education department, police and courts, have even seriously considered the fact that a young man lost his life and the long term consequences that Stephens parents and siblings have been sentenced to suffer. The school had a duty of care at law, a duty to protect Stephen that fell well outside the accident compensation legislation.

  • Sparrow says:

    I was saddened when I heard about the loss of a promising young man and angry at the young Men who ended his life so cowardly. The legal system let down the Dudley Family. Goes to show there are major Flaws in the way the whole case was handled. Fact: a young Mans life ended that terrible day. Fact: There are two young Men that ended a life that day. Now that is making me feel uneasy, bewildered and shocked. Why? some may ask. I’m uneasy knowing the two are still free in society and a threat to others. After all they did kill an innocent man. Bewildered at the way the whole investigation was played out. Shocked the two actually walked away and in the public eye they walked free. A disgusting injustice and blatant show of disrespect toward the Dudley Family and the toward the Memory of their Son. Rest Easy young One.

  • David Jessop says:

    Top grades – bullshit. Go to the internet. This school is below average in intelligence despite the Asian kids. if it was not for the Asian students its intelligence would be “retarded”. As for the schools sports abilities – well as for murder – two fucking brown medals. Both to Samoa.

    • Googler says:

      Alrighty David did a bit of googling myself. [redacted no urls, permitted] article dated 12 Nov 2012.

      Kelston is a decile 4 school In 2011, 77% of pupils pass Level 1 and 2 NCEA, 66% Pass level 3, 53% achieve UE

      Auckland Grammer a decile 10 school in 2011, 45% pass level 1, 76% pass level 2 and 64% pass level 3 with 70% gaining UE.

      [redacted, no urls permitted]

      Shows Kelston Boys High school is at the national average for Male students

      And compared to 2 other prominent Boys schools in Auckland.
      [redacted no urls permitted]

      I think you get the picture, maybe do a bit of googling yourself and look at the correct statistics instead. You have to compare KBHS to other BOYS schools instead of the national averages…

      It turns out that Kelston Boys is 5th in Auckland for Boys education and 1st in West Auckland.

      Thank you

  • David Jessop says:

    Christ these Kelston Kids sound and write obtusely. And what about the physical threats of retribution and abject violence. I wish I could get onto the park and face these gutless punks and give them a bit of rough K justice. But then again i am not a murderer that got away with it.

  • shut up sheep says:

    This was a good read. Good discussion also… There’s only one thing I dont get and it was bothering me the whole time i was reading the comments, WHY THE FUCK is anyone defending these idiots? HOW THE FUCK is it even possible for anyone to say these idiots ‘made a mistake’. You’re all fucken sheep. Desensitized beings. It’s easy to to say LEAVE IT TO THE POLICE when youre not related to the victim. No one’s been charged, they need to be punished. I don’t care if you know the murderers, how you know them, or how nice they are in front of adults… THEY KILLED SOMEONE. Get the fuck off this planet and take those fake ass church goers with you.

    • totally agree , justice for Stephen and his family, I don’t know them personally but i want to have faith in the justice system to do the right thing , that could have been my son , why should this culture of “school yard fighting” be the norm , hang your head in shame , you deserve no sympathy for taking a LIFE

  • David Jessop says:

    Anyone killed anyone recently. personally if i killed someone by brutish attack I would want tone convicted and serve say 5 years. But thats me

  • G marsh says:

    This is such bull shit much aroma to the Dudley family, unfair justice

  • kia ora whaea, e koe i te raruraru ki te motu?

  • First off you don’t even know any of the boys involved in this, just what the media’s told you. Second your opinions are pure bullshit. Bringing KelstonBHS into this was unnecessary and a low blow. You can’t say Kelston is a violent school because you haven’t seen the real Kelston you just see what the media wants you to think of us. Almost every school has fights at school, unfortunately someone’s life was taken in this one. Digging up the past with the 1st 15 was also unnecessary. Almost every school has fights during sports games ours was just unfortunate enough to occur during a tv match. It’s people like you who make me sick. Stir things up just for attention. Get a life

    • Stick to leaving comments that actually reflect the story, your not in a position to know anything about what LF knows or where we obtained that evidence from.

      It sure as hell was not from the New Zealand media, they’re as useless as tits on a bull.

      And please how many times do we have to say this, we’re sick to death of hearing about how great Kelston Boys High School is.

      It’s almost as if everyone of these ex-students, those that commented, have all been brainwashed instead of recieving a decent education that enabled them to think!

    • Maryanne Tekie says:

      “Stick to leaving comments that actually reflect the story”? Haha why don’t you stick to leaving evidence that actually reflect the story. The school and nothing to do with it and outsiders don’t know anything about Kelston so stop with the assumptions.

  • K.V'SEM ^ says:

    Its people like you that needs a hiding ! How the fuck can you post up bullshit with there names & also photos ! How do you knw there thugs ? You don’t knw shit your just assuming ! These 2 boys are good blokes ! It was just a fight that no one knew it would lead to death so you can’t just say they killed him ! In fact you don’t knw shit ! Yourv done some sort of false research to expose them , not only that you’re caused more shit to the system ? take this down ! Even gave kelston a bad name ! Wtf man ! Keli is the place to be ! Its a good school with good educated students ! With you exposing kelston & also the 2 brothers would likely get you a hiding ? keli to the bone ✌

    • Hi K.V’SEM, We note that your very first inclination was to threaten violence, very interesting. You also elude to knowing these two “Good Blokes”, well isn’t that also very interesting, somehow very predictable though, something very Kiwi Rugby, almost thuggish about your semi literate response.

      • The Ape says:

        Violence, threats – it’s all these people know. The truth hurts

      • leanne brian says:

        good blokes, they kill another human being u dumbfk. If it was a member of your family you’d think differently. They did it, let them own it. They got away with murder but they will be haunted by this death every single day of there miserable lives.

  • Jeremy says:

    Kelston is a good school. Please refer to the boys only involved. Your inclusion of references such as ‘exceptionally low intellegence of the students the school pumps out’ is demeaning and insulting to all of those who attended Kelston.

    I am an ex-student, with good values with a thriving business. The people I know who attended Kelston are equally successful and are well rounded. It is unfair to target the school as a factor in this unfortunate situation.

    Condolences to the Dudley family. Justice and balance has to be met. Regardless of age if they were a factor in his death then they must be punished accordingly. It is unfair for a family to suffer while the culprits walk free. It makes his life seem worthless.

    Laudafinem please refrain from the negative inferences to Kelston Boy’s. Unless you have first hand experience in terms of growing up or attending a school in the Kelston area then it is unfair to assume or to determine who, or what the culture in Kelston is about.

    • Hey Drop Kick are you unable to read, stick to comments that reflect the contents of the above article, we’re sick of hearing about how great the irrelevant students of an obscure Kiwi high school are. We’re only interested in three students, the two murderers and their victim.

  • I didn’t agree with the the judges verdict but it’s not right for you to expose these boys.Its not your right.Leave it to the police. My son went to school with all three of these boys and my heart goes out to both families.

    • It is more than a “right” to speak out, its our duty to expose corruption and injustice, thats what Lauda Finem does, thats what we are here to expose.

      As for your claiming to have known all three boys, we’ve heard similar claims ad nauseam, but unfortunately that makes any opinion you have to offer subjective – did you really know all three boys, or did you actually only “know” just two and were only ever aqainted with the third, he being the victim of the violent crime?

      We note that you have not commented on the serious conflicts of interest etc, that lack of surprise leading us and no doubt other readers to draw our own conclusions.

    • The Ape says:

      so you know all the boys. 1 dead, 2 who are killers – and you think it is OK to keep it all under the rug? disgusting

  • Stand up for Justice says:

    Oh and lastly, this is to you Caare…. no one but you gives a shit that none of us went to your stupid college…. the facts and the evidence are all there dickheads…. for the whole country to see. Also, nobody gives a shit about it’s academic record or sporting abilities…. you’re now known as the school where thugs and murderers go and get away with shit like this! People who are sticking up for these boys seriously need to get a grip. They are MURDERERS – end of story. Just coz they weren’t convicted for it, doesn’t mean that they aren’t. Crack up about the dad beating them up…. yet this family claims to be a strong church going family. I can’t stand it when people use their church or faith to get out of shit and that’s exactly what this little faggot and his family have done….. covered up this murder by trying to pull the cultural and church card… what a disgrace! Those boys, the judge, the police and everyone else involved in covering up this crime will have to answer to the real judge one day. Stuff being a judge…. all the criminals you let go scott free, you’ll have to answer for come Judgement Day!

    • Don’t try and bring ” Judgement Day ” into this because it’s irrelevant to the blog post. Maybe you should go to law school. Then you will see what it’s like being a judge. Oh, in answer to this (” nobody gives a shit about its academic record or sporting abilities “) the K will never go down. I completely agree with you that pulling the ” cultural and church card ” was a disgraceful move. But at the end of the day its just a mistake that the 2 boys made. Attacking KBHS personally will only worsen the situation.

  • Stand up for Justice says:

    Article time waster…. those boys caused the death of an innocent young man who will NOT have the luxury of having a rugby career or any career for that matter. Those 2 brothers are nothing but THUGS!!! Sitting there trying to convince us all that these boys did nothing wrong… WAKE UP IDIOT!!!! They fricken killed someone!!!! I hope this case gets reopened and these 2 cowardly faggots get the justice they deserve…. and yes, they are cowardly little faggots coz it took 2 of them to beat this guy up… Funny how they wanna pull the “church card” and all this “he is a rolemodel to his church youth” shit…. Yeah right! Is that what they teach you at church is it??? If they were true Godly men, they wouldn’t have done what they did so all you little dickheads who are acting like they did nothing wrong, need to wake up too…. Coz you are just as bad!

  • Manamea says:

    Take this down please. These are my cousins and we have taken this to Police! How dare you expose my cousins out in public view! Our family is quite disgusted by your lack of maturity by posting this up. Yes, what they did was wrong and we accept that fact, but exposing them is at an immature level. Our boys are still on name suppression, and this is a breach of the privacy law! TAKE THIS DOWN! You are a disgrace.

    • No “Manamea”, its the New Zealand police, the country’s Courts, Justice Helen Wrinklesphincter and your “alleged” cousins that are the disgrace

      • manamea says:

        And who gave you permission to use my cousins photos aye??? No one did! So i suggest you take them down! And don’t you dare call my cousins murderers (comments below)! It was an accident. Yes there actions were wrong, but who doesn’t punch another person without knowing they’ll die from the blow? Yes it was planned, but was it planned to kill Stephen? No!

      • Well, it looks obvious that it was planned to kill Stephen. Your 2 cousins just walked away after the incident had occurred. NOT one of them went to check on Stephen Dudley to see if he was alright. Instead they just walked away like nothing happened and I agree with LF’s comment.

    • YOUR cousins killed an innocent boy – YOUR cousins are murderers ! I guess the truth about YOUR cousins hurts aye! not as much as the damage YOUR cousins did to the Dudley Family. Just typical – hide behind name suppression !!!!! well guess what ! YOUR cousins have been outted and good job.

      • Blame the judge for goodness sake, they admitted their mistake! They did not intend to kill him, they stupidly arranged to fight. But of respect for the family take this stupid article down which 1 isn’t your right to expose them like this and 2 full of garbage- about the school etc

    • leanne brian says:

      pay the price you evil piece of dirt

    • TheHawx says:

      You’re a delusional twat. Your stupid cousins should be in jail bitch! FUCK YOU.

  • Fucked up justice system, fucked up police investigations and fucked up court systems, i know of another recent case similar to this and was handled so wrong, the family who lost their so got treated disrespectfully, but the 2 who cused the death got treated with more care and respect than the fams who lost their son, there are things the officers did that were so wrong, and to me its the same ole story of a cover up into how they handled it. I am glad the family are still pushing for answers, still no one has been charged what the fuck is wrong with our police, courts, n the justice system. Argghhhh just eats you up inside seeing all this happening.

  • Why would you release the names of these boys when it obviously hasn’t even been released on Media? You’ve definitely been doing some research. Why can’t you leave that to the police. These boys were and are in the wrong, but these boy and their family are having a rough time dealing with this just as much as The Dudley family are, so it’s better off if you stay out of this. The Dudley family didn’t get Name Suppression possibly for a reason. If you’re really on their side, then respect their decisions by doing the same and staying out of it. Kelston is an awesome place to be raised up in and be educated in. So don’t take one or two situations that happened in Kelston, to put a bad name on the whole of Kelston as well as the Pacific Community.

    • Hi Anonymous, What is it you’re trying to say? Can you in fact read? Whats with “The Dudley family didn’t get Name Suppression possibly for a reason”. Perhaps you could start by listing the reasons you suspect were behind the Dudley family not getting name suppression? Then you could advise our other readers why you think any of what you have written is relevant to the article? You say “why can’t you leave that to the police”, a question which is in itself absolutely priceless. Keep taking the pills; it appears you might have missed one this morning.

    • john m says:

      you say leave it to the police……..this shows the police and justice system is corrupt to start with!! no way should the investigators hold any relationship to the accused or the victim!! these thugs need to be held accountable for the stupid decision they make. if steven was your family member, this would make you sick!!!

    • The difference between the two families is one has lost a son to killers. The others got off scot free, thats the difference.

  • Melanie Tautua says:

    The story about the two boys that got away with murder on the Steven dudley case is beyond extreme and none of anybody elses buisness beside the two families and court. You really think these two intended to kill the boy? Im not taking sides but the article was too judgemental. Ill make sure to share this on facebook. Whoever wrote this article should get ready for the abusive comments from the public. Too extreme to dig into the boys lives dont you think aaaaaargh hate the media.

    • Hi Melanie Tuatua, We’d like you to look in the NZ white pages and find an educational institution that teaches constitutional law, philosophy, and you could throw in a little something about how the Westminster system works in a “functioning” democracy, which New Zealand obviously is not, and then take as many of those courses as you can handle…..then in five years, once you’ve grasped the fact that its not just between the two families and the court, you could perhaps get back in touch with us? Thats if you handle humiliation well, but we suspect not.

    • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ???? So its just Court business that 2 c**ts murdered an innocent boy? What planet are you from???

  • David Jessop says:

    Hey everyone, I watched 3rd degree the other night – how come Mona and Brent Dudley did not get name suppression?

  • David Jessop says:

    Imagine if a young police officer was killed in the same way, but by young men like those involved. A murder charge would have been assured and they would have been convicted for sure. A jury would have convicted these scumbags of murder. I know that I would have. That is why the Judge gave them name suppression. Imagine if her daughter had been killed in this fashion. Remember Stephen allegedly never threw a punch. The name suppression gets me really upset.

  • David Jessop says:

    There is no way that these two young men should not have faced a murder charge. Apparently they are intelligent people that could work out that if you beat another human for long enough he will die. Who said that a punch didn’t stop the heart. The Police have a job to do and it is unpleasant, and I wouldn’t want to do it, but those that do need to do it right, and sadly this is not happening when they drop manslaughter charges. What these young men did was nothing short of a cowardly and gruesome attack on a defenceless youth that did not fight back. If I had been present I would have been into those bullies irrelevant if I got a hiding or not. At least Stephen would have been alive. I love the comment of Mr Stottle as he really did put things into perspective about the Judge involved. She needs to resign immediately, and to apologise to the Dudley family. When name suppression is an issue in such matters as these, it needs the Supreme Courts approval with a unanimous bench agreeing. If one Judge says no, then the names are released. No conviction was horrendous, but then name suppression is ludicrous for the older youth. This coward could join the Police Force, and if he stepped over the mark, none of his previous brutality could be taken into account. This is complete madness, and is easily the most inane judicial decision ever. As for the idiots that comment negatively on this post – well you guys are just morons.

  • Article TimeWaster says:

    Okay, thanks for posting up a whole lot of B*sh*t, unless you know these brothers and have been involved in this case then you know nothing than what the media is making up as they go on with what loose strings they find to point the finger. The brothers in question are not thugs and have never been, Stephen is a bright and good student, no doubt about that. But pushing sh*t up the hill so that people can feel better doesn’t make things better nor takes a handle on the situation. I’ve heard for the past two weeks people calling these boys criminals and making them out like they planned to hit Stephen as if he was a target. Yes the Dudleys have the right to be angry, Yes the Dudleys lost a son and even I cant comprehend how that would feel. However the facts clearly state from what the judge went off in coming to her findings that the coroner’s report showed Stephen had a heart condition that was unnoticed at the time. Yes we can willow at the fact that it the fight did not happen Stephen would still be alive right now. But is that what were going to keep holding onto or do we as a public need to move on from this tragedy and take something our of it. I’ve met the Dudleys and I totally feel for the situation they as a family are going through. No one should have to go through that sort of ordeal but in regards to the verdict and what has been handed down don’t go looking to blame the family of the boys and making things out of nothing. Look at the New Zealand judicial system. The boys for damn sakes pleaded guilty to intent to injure, why do you have to go and do a thorough research of family and intend to publish to the public information that could well be kept behind closed doors. What a whole lot of bollicks trying to connect Traci Sietu to the Kelston Samoan community just because the surname looks pasifika! Well Done LF for leading people astray! A total waste of reading and time in my thought.

    • Hi “Article TimeWaster” What can we say, sorry that you feel that the article was a waste of time, nevertheless we note that you read it……oh and you’ve left an exceptionally long comment that really does not say much at all… about that 😉

      We also note that you took a keen interest in “Traci Sietu“….why would that be? You also claim that we here at LF somehow got all mixed up. You figured, apparently, that we had based our assessment on Traci’s connections to school rugby and the Samoan community on her surname or ethnicity. How on earth did you reach that conclusion?

      No, nothing could be further from the truth, the connection to Detective Constable Mark Renfree, the sport of Rugby and the Samoan community were based on exceptionally strong evidence we located on Traci’s very own Facebook page, the North Harbour Rugby clubs website and of course material relating to the Rangitoto Boys 1st XV and her own son Tyler’s involvement with that Rugby team.

      Try again “Article TimeWaster” and while your at it perhaps you’d like to let the other readers know why you attempted to throw a smoke screen around Mrs Seitu’s connection to the cop and the Samoan, or as you’d prefer to say “Pacifica”, community?

      Better let Traci Know about the Facebook thingi eh bro….whoops… to late LF have already been there and gone.

    • leanne brian says:

      why did they have to attack him,tell me that. They are thugs and murderers.

  • This is real sad Steven is family heart of gold I hope he gets justice

  • Ks never come down says:

    You really have no clue, whoever wrote this garbage. I went to this school, and it is not even close to the environment that you describe. How can you make judgements like this about a school in New Zealand, have you been into the school (or even country) before?? Yes it was a tragedy what happened, but the school is in no way to blame for what happened, they have a no tolerance policy for violence. Fights like this unfortunately happen in every school, not just this one. I am in no way condoning violence or what happened, but to say the school is fostering violence is completely wrong and stupid. Both the school and the boys involved have permanent name suppression, and you have done an incredibly dumb thing posting something like this on the internet. Retribution for what happened would be the worst possible outcome, and you have posted their names and pictures on the internet. The Police have been informed. Stephen was a tragic loss to my beloved school and wider community, and you are opening the fore for more violence. Just to clarify: I am in no way defending the culprits, nor condoning violence. I just think this is a terrible way to go about it. They are young men who made a mistake – a mistake which could have happened at any school. I personally think they should have received punishment, but putting their details up for the world to see is not right. Retribution is not the answer. People who have had any involvement with the school would know how far off-base you are.

    • Hi “Ks never come down”? Whats with the moniker little buddy? It would seem that you are the only one talking ablout “retribution”, in fact you use the word more than once….why is that exactly? Perhaps it’s because the protestations about your beloved Kelston Boys High School and it’s alleged “zero tolerance for violence” (of course we only have your word for that) are all a load of crap?

      And by the way, what has your having been a student at this school in the “PAST” got to do with the price of fish today? It would seem that all you have managed to do is provide yet more evidence of the exceptionally low intellegence of the students the school pumps out…oh that and a coverup, you too, not unlike Janelle, are an idiot 😉

      • I want to thank you for bringing this into the public eye. I and my family and those around us, were astounded that in this day and age, there are NO consequences, at all. What have those two boys learnt? Zilch! Oh sorry, yes they have, that you can kill someone and not be held liable. Something is so very wrong with our judicial and police systems.

      • LaudaFinem You know full well the consequences of releasing names and photos of people with permanent name suppression, and by using your journalistic skills must have under stood the anger and pain caused by the unfortunate incident. There was obviously the possibility of ‘retribution’ being sort and you publicly disposing of the identities of the individuals concerned have opened the possibility, (However I hope none is sort).

        Also concerning your comment about taking your word for it about ‘Zero tolerance for violence’ if you truly believe schools would tolerate violence I think you should stop being a ‘journalist’. I have not heard of a single school that has not had fights every now and then, provide me with one and I will be extremely surprised.

        As for the incident in 2009 with the 1st XV if you had done your job and told the full story of this incident you would have discovered that KBHS was not the instigator of the fight, KBHS was hung out to dry because of some back room dealings. But that would not create a good story would it.

        You obviously are a shock jock and just here to stir up emotions as your replies to comments involve the usual name calling and disrespectful answers of a 13 year old

      • LOL you too are an idiot, every single boy and family at that school already knows the identities of these two assailants. In fact many of our whistle-blowers have clearly been students at KBHS, yet not one act of “retribution” has been committed (unless of course the police are hiding that too).

        Instead they waited patiently for a dysfunctional police force and Court system to do their jobs properly, when that did not happen they have acted not with violence, as you claim would happen, rather the power of the written word in ensuring that the New Zealand public get to see all of the facts and thus is informed of the whole sad story, which of course has not yet been heard in its entirety but rest assure will be.

        You are little more than a Twat, a shit stirring cretin, something akin to a police appointed spin doctor that enjoys, it seems, going against the tide of overwhelming public opinion; that being that Stephen Dudley and his family have been well and truly fucked-over by an out of control police force and justice system which themselves have come to believe are beyond accountability.

      • Caaare says:

        Um laudafinem? yeah shut your face. Kelston has one of the most successful NZQA stats in new zealand. So before you assume things please get you info right because i come from keslton. i am a year 12 student and i dont think you know what kelston is about. Yeah you can judge just because we have had a bad past but you have no idea how hard we strive for excellence and how hard our students work. Our school is actually doing better then some decile 10 schools. So get your act together and stop assuming stuff on what you’v heard and start getting actual facts from our school. I was a friend of Stephen as we hung out everyday and seeing shit like this just makes me angry.

      • Caaare, Be warned, stick to the facts, LF will not tolerate trolls, nor will it tolerate multiple monikers being used, yes we get to see your IP addresses so we know. Your personal experience at the school is completely irrelevant, as is your “alleged” friendship with the victim. Remember this is not all about YOU little boy! LF team members are moderating so if comments do not meet our standards they will be deleted.

      • K's up. says:

        A few observations: If you don’t know the term ‘K’s never come down’ I think it shows your disconnect from the entire situation. It was (and still is) a unifying sentiment across the community to express sadness, grief, and solidarity in ensuring this event doesn’t happen again. Everyone agrees a young man lost is an absolute catastrophe. Obviously.
        Next, to say a police officers integrity is compromised simply because he plays the same sport as everyone involved in this sad situation is a little ridiculous.
        the same could be said for

    • The Ape says:

      Perhaps the actual reality that is lost on you K is that sometimes the truth is hidden so far from view, and there are people who stand up and be counted.

      • Caaare says:

        Laudafinem. i am not trolling. i am simply stating the obvious.

      • Hi Caaare, Yes you are stating the obvious, that which is “obviously” fucking irrelevant!!

      • Caaare says:

        Laudafinem. I am referring back to that comment you made about our students having low intelligence. Thats what i was talking about and your calling me a little boy? your the one swearing like a dumbass.

      • “Swearing like a dumbass”? You have got to be kidding, obviously you’re not familiar with our style 😉 Don’t let the door hit you in the “ass” on the way out.

    • If they had been punished, then there would be no page here for anyone to comment on. It’s totally about justice! Pure and simple.

  • Janelle penjueli says:

    Your facts about the investigating officers is bullshit. I was a police officer and one of those ‘Greenhorn Constables’ is my cousin and a highly decorated officer ( bravery) with over thirty years experience investigating serious crime. That team have incredible talent and dedication to carry out a thorough investigation and act on behalf of the victim, his family and society. knowing them I know they would have been guttered with the verdict. Anything regarding evidence is subject to our laws. We have some crap laws, legislation and sentencing in NZ.
    You attacked officers who worked their guts out to get a result – you are a moron and socially irresponsible individual who has jumped to conspiracist theories regarding police motivation when all those officers did was their job and probably spent many long hours away from their families. I can’t speak about the rest of your article but I can state that your piece on the Waitakere Police team was fabricated in your mind. It does not do Stephen or his family any service to blog lies. You should direct your energy towards our crap sentencing legislation and get behind organisations like ‘the sensible sentencing trust’ – your are an egg.

    • Ah Yes Janelle, Well all we can really say to you is that we’re glad you’re no longer a police officer, thats if you ever really were one. It’s obvious to anyone who reads the article that we only canvassed Detective Contable Mark Renfree’s connections to the rugby world, school age boys coaching, a clear conflict of interest, an allegation which is supported by the evidence which we’ve also included in the article.

      Simply put Janelle you appear to be a complete and utter fuckwit, one of those Kiwi fuckwits that are unique to New Zealand, a wannabe cop. How about you supply some evidence that you’re a relative of one of the cops and the relevance? Oh…..and some evidence that you yourself were even in the New Zealand police force. Frankly honey if you were in the police force you’re walking, talking evidence of just how “thick” the New Zealand constabulary really is.

    • leanne brian says:

      yeah thank god shes not a pig, she’d be corrupt as

  • Harry Stottle says:

    Under section 3(d) the Sentencing Act 2002 Justice Wrinkledsphincter had a duty to provide for the interests of the victims of crime, that is Stephen Dudley’s parents and other family. Nowhere in her sentencing notes does she do so. She recognises the need to denounce the conduct of the assailant to deter him and others from similar offending in the future. She then fails to denounce that conduct nor pass a deterrent sentence on him as an example to others despite lamenting the frequency with which the courts have to deal with the consequences of violent acts causing serious injury and death. Despite her lamentations she then determines that the assailant is unlikely to reoffend and discharges him without conviction. What message, Wrinkledsphincter, does that send to the future participants in these all too frequents acts of violence? You had a duty to consider the interests of Stephen Dudley’s family and wider society and you were derelict in your duty on both counts. You attempted to relegate this whole matter to the status of ”a school yard fight” It was nothing of the kind. It was a violent and planned attack on a young man that resulted in his death. It was irrelevant that his heart condition was undiagnosed. He had a heart condition and he died after being assaulted. That you chose not to weigh Stephen Dudley’s death in determining sentence was precisely that – your choice. It was not the only choice open to you as you imply by the words ” this is the approach that I must take”. The other option was to examine all the facts including the fact that Stephen Dudley had a heart condition, undiagnosed or not; that he was seriously assaulted and that he died after suffering the trauma of that assault. You are being deliberately obtuse in failing to acknowledge a causal relationship between the assault and the following death. You state that ”if the fight had not taken place Stephen might be alive today” This is a carefully constructed and pusillanimous conditional sentence. The wider public would have said ”if the fight had not taken place Stephen would be alive today.” Irrespective of which you prefer, Wrinkledsphincter, both recognise a relationship between the fight and Stephen Dudley’s death – a relationship that you chose to ignore in determining sentence. As Oliver Cromwell would have said ”You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

  • Kbrothers4eva says:

    Facebook going crazy massive hits…wtf nigga’s need to repent. K needs to pay.

  • fukin gutless barstards.. takes 2 of them an they both bigger than the boy they bet up. 1 on 1 an I reckion with the haret of his father an d the pride of his whanu he would a wasted them.

  • another whine says:

    Goodness me, once again the subject of name suppresion in this country certainly raises a lot of thorney issues. Surely, the public have a right to know exactley what’s going on?

  • SafeFromNewZealand says:

    This is an excellent piece of investigative journalism. Winkelmann has a lengthy history of issuing politically expedient rulings. BTW, our mate Cameron Slater seems to want to do to Nicky Hager what Bromfield has done to him You might want to look into this a bit more closely. Hypocrisy has never deterred the National Party BS surrogate Cameron Slater.

    • The Ape says:

      Perhaps you should check your cases on who wants to do what Safe from New Zealand – Hagar is in the same boat as David Fisher (author of the Dotcom book) – a book writer is not a journalist and as such is not granted the rights of source protection. The Hight Court has already determined that against Fisher. The Blomfield case is an entirely different matter and is currently before the courts (and has been for over 2 years as Blomfield is getting nowhere). If you read the report by Julian Miles QC who was appointed Amicus Curiae by the High Court and he was very clear in that he believes Slater is media and a journalist. Slater never hacked anyones emails, he simply did an investigative piece based on information provided – i note to date while Blomfield has tried (in vein) to have Slater classed as not a journalist, he has thus far been unsuccessful. Perhaps you can answer this – why has Blomfield not provided any evidence to disprove any of Slaters stories – just hollow denials under the guise of the NZ Court system. Blomfield is not suing the folk here at LF – why?, and Blomfield has not bothered to continue with his defamation case against Slater – why? Blomfield knows the game is up and he is over and out. For Blomfield denial is one thing, providing proof is another and the guilty prick knows it.

  • Kbrothers4eva says:

    Hey G, you are right about the rugby at K – but theres also racism against Maori believe it or not. Also the thing was planned, it was not a sudden thing. Stephen had a girlfriend that Lone liked a lot but she thought he was thick.
    Stephen was not a friend of mine, but I knew his reputation and the reputation of the Mataena brothers. They are completely different. G, M is quite proud about being known by others as “Mr Hit”, and his little brother is no better. They have always been ‘gangsta’ threatening and hitting other younger boys. Look to the father who beat them to who they are now. Nothing has changed at K, and it never will.

    • The Ape says:

      So you say there is racism against Maori – and that has what to do with the brutal murder of a fellow pupil during rugby training? Your claimed evidence here has been documented by the NZ Police? If not you need to turn yourself in. If the Police knew your evidence why was it overlooked? So the Mataena Brothers think they are “gangsta” and like to assault smaller kids? Those brothers are just 2 low life punks who need a fucking good hiding themselves. It is quite clear that base don the Judges BS findings that it is quite OK to murder in NZ and get let off. Here is another very clear example of why the Life means Life jail sentence is needed in this country. To believe these 2 killers won’t do any crime again is farcical

    • Caaare says:

      Um you allgoods? first off she didnt like lone and second you prob dont know shit about kelston so gap. stephen was a close friend of myn and his girlfriend didnt even know lone or his brother so stop with the false info and shit coz only his boys (including me) know the full story!.

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