Christchurch, New Zealand and its police: Travelers & investors beware!

When it comes to New Zealand police corruption and cover-ups it appears that the Christchurch/Canterbury district is by far the worst in that Country. Lauda Finem have an up-coming story, part of which has been outlined in three previous posts on New Zealand’s GCSB and the Dotcom affair:

GCSB & Telecom employees conspire with police, is Mark Lundy innocent?

Telecom New Zealand, Police, GCSB and Mark William Doyle, a man with a very shady past.

Cory John Stagg; Extortionist and thug outed

This upcoming investigative series of stories will shock all Kiwi citizens, especially those living here in Australia and give them good reason never to return. Listen very carefully to what the “Double-shooting” New Zealand police officer, Canterbury District Commander Superintendent, Sandra Manderson has to say in the following recording (to be perfectly honest Sandra Manderson sounds as thick as Pig-Shit) :


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  • ps Richard…. shooting the guy dead is the cops idea of character assassination!

  • This women…the head christchurch cop…..anyone taught this women english. Just how thick is she……no seriously she must have been tested….you know those stringent intelligence tests they put the thick..short….stupid…evidence planting blue line through. What this women should be asking is “if the cop was that fucking close how come he missed twice?
    Back to school again. If the NZ police don’t trust their southern hill billy couzins with tasers why give then guns…they could hurt themselves…pointing them the wrong way!

  • The next step by the police in this case involved character assassination of the witnesses.

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