Fransiscus van Helmond, cyber-stalker and ACC fraudster, RD 3, Cambridge, New Zealand

Fran Van Helmond, fraudster, fucktard, kiwi-fruit, is also a bullshit artist.

Fransiscus van Helmond, cyber-stalker and ACC fraudster, RD 3, Cambridge, New Zealand

Fransiscus van Helmond, cyber-stalker and ACC fraudster, RD 3, Cambridge, New Zealand

We said that Fran was a fraudster, a fucktard, and a “Kiwi Fruit” and Fran took exception and threatened us with the imaginary cops and his gaggle of imaginary lawyers.   We laughed and laughed till we yawned at this reaction given that it is all we ever get from the bullies at ACCForum when we nail their real identities on the net.

Fran came out fighting giving his “read address” as RD 3 Cambridge, which of course is a wide geographical area, and we assumed a false lead just like Davy boy Butlers false lead that hukildaspida was a blond academic, when in fact she was a dirty brown fat ugly bludger who had failed at everything she tried to do, with the exception of racism and other types of “hate”.

Of course we then nailed Janice Karaka Clarke and her cabal of cyber fuckwits Percy, and Mehmet, who are at their height [in their own delusion] disenfranchised crypto pseudo medico’s who stalk GP’s alleging that the GP’s have committed rape.

They themselves have obtained access to ACC entitlements by falsely alleging that they were raped.  I mean look at the fucking pictures; who would volunteer as a dare to have sex with these ugly wahine.  The only way anyone would have sex with these women would be if they were forced at gunpoint.  We cannot believe the level of ACC related fraud that is perpetrated by ACCForum members.  We feel that our last series of posts did not sink the site, but it crippled it to the extent that now only 5 to 10 posters are left with the rest of the “contributors” being completely false.

Fran Van Helmond now the “administrator” of the site and his criminal family “the Van Helmonds” are quite a story away from ACCForum with numerous convictions for stalking with their latest victim being Justice Campaigner Dermot Nottingham whom apparently has never met these dutch morons who seem to want to threaten Nottingham with financial ruin at every step.

Nottingham came to the Van Helmonds attention when ACC fraudster Evonne Puru threatened Nottingham with going to the media if Nottingham did not arrange for the entire reimbursement of the fees that she had paid to a Union that Nottingham represented.  Puru engaged the services of a lawyer.

Puru’s gripe was that Nottingham had refused to lie at a review hearing for Puru who wanted to perjure herself as to the level of pain killer she was on at that time.  Nottingham not only refused to lie, but sent the scumbag packing.  The Union refused a full refund and offered Puru about 70%. Puru refused, with her lawyer threatening legal action.

Nottingham informed Purus lawyer about the evidence that he had of her request that Nottingham lie and the lawyer informed Puru that she could face jail for her offending.

Puru of course is a career criminal that unfortunately now lives in Australia, but is no longer on ACC as she was thrown off ACC after going to the media.  Puru however got hold of New Zealands Fair Go show, and as the show had a real gripe with Nottingham [after Nottingham had, for the first time in the shows 40 year history, been successful in stopping two shows], and decided to have a crack at Nottingham.

However, Fair Go’s then front man Kevin “the carpet man” Milne came off second best in the live exchange and ever since has held a real grudge as Nottingham came across as having acted entirely reasonable and was not in fact the party that the show should have been interviewing.

The shows first front man Dr Bryan Edwards then came out against Milne alleging that Milne fronted a program that did not care for the truth and that Milne used his power to attack innocent people that Milne had taken a dislike for.

Milne soon “resigned” and we feel that Nottingham’s performance was part and parcel of this result.  In parting with the show Milne replayed his interview with Nottingham but edited Nottingham discrediting Milne as if Milne was a junior reporter.   The moment that we liked the most was when Milne stupidly asked Nottingham if Nottingham was going to “dob her in” [referring to the criminal actions of Puru], and Nottingham replied “why Kevin do you think she is guilty?”

The camera shot of Milnes face after that comment by Nottingham was priceless.  He was literally “gob smacked” and Nottingham took the exchange winning many more fans. We can just imagine the face of Puru as she was called a crim by Milne giving Nottinghams allegations credibility.  Milne tried at a later time to explain his fuck up away but the dame was done to Puru’s reputation.   It is Nottinghams ability to handle himself and the reporter on live television shows that really enrage ACCForum members.  They are simply jealous of Nottingham’s innate ability to represent victims of injustice from all walks of life.  However Nottingham was unfortunate enough to meet Evonne Puru and Dave Butler, who he had to tell to “fuck off” because he would not be part of their fraudulent activities.

ACCforum now reckon that Lauda Finem is owned and operated by Nottingham, and this false allegation is made whenever we run an article on the cabals cyberstalking offending.

It became obvious to us that we needed to prove to ACCForums reasonable members [all 2 or 3 of them] that Fran van “Fraudster” Helmond was a lying Dutch toady, and the best way to do that was to prove that he recently lied to his fellow ACCForum cyberstalkers about his financial position.

Van Helmond, in numerous recent posts had stated that he was so poor that “friends” had been giving him food parcels so that he could survive.  Fran, like his criminal brother Henk was emboldened by this complete fabrication being swallowed by the likes of “Rex”, and “Keen-to-help” and asked forum members to contribute towards Fucktard Fran buying a vehicle to enable this serious criminal stalker to become mobile around his home town.

Our investigator Carlos is now back in New Zealand and has made preliminary inquiries as to the likely whereabouts of the “Van Helmonds”.

We can report that we found his cousins in Te Puke who had disenfranchised Fran and Henk after the boys father died when they were both young.  Apparently both boys went off the rails becoming well known to the local constabulary and causing their family [the only Van Helmond family in New Zealand] a huge embarrassment.

Apparently Frans Aunt thinks Fran is an ongoing danger to the family and is very nervous of any future contact.  But she was of assistance with other information, as was Frans counsin Frank, who moved from TePuke last year to reside in Auckland and work for MRL Power Solutions.

Frank had been the manager for Mc Entee Hire in Te Puke.  Unlike his criminal cousins Fran and Henk, Frank is apparently a bloody nice bloke who owns a bit of property here and there.  According to Frank his low life counsin Henk lives in the Waiarapa.  When asked about Henks most recent convictions Frank apparently said

“with my cousins, they are capable of anything, except anything worthwhile…we disowned them 40 odd years ago, and are hugely embarrassed about their criminal activities over the decades…it affects my Mom more as she still has feelings for her brother, and she knows that her brother would be turning in his grave with embarrassment”.

We are currently making further “local” inquiries which answers we expect to have at our hands in Australia in the next few weeks.   These inquiries will include speaking to neighbors, and known associates, inclusive of creditors.

We have become “intrigued” as to why Fran would have lied when making threats of litigation and when seeking to defraud others of their money when claiming that he was poor.  It would seem that you have once more become embroiled in something that could end up in your further “on line” humiliation.  Keep up the “threats” Fran, as we like our work being appreciated by those that are the protagonists.

Latest update; Carlos is in Hamilton and going to make some inquiries of some local lawyers;  we bet that Fran knows who the lawyers are!.  Carlos is then off to the Waiarapa; to look at some lifestyle blocks.

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  • Mr Nottingham has a colourful history with police.

    It is a past that Mr Nottingham prefers not to talk about.

    But Gisborne people and police officers who dealt with Mr Nottingham and his brothers Phillip and Mark, remember the family well.

    So, probably, do judges who have frequently seen the Nottinghams in their courts — either being charged or alternatively prosecuting in generally failed attempts to charge people ranging from detectives to repossession agents.

    After a long-running case arising in Gisborne, Dermot was convicted in Auckland District Court on November 1, 1991, of the theft of more than $5000.

    The charge arose from allegations that the brothers secured a $1.7-million loan from former finance company RSL with furniture and fittings not fully paid for.

  • you guys rock unlike janice”hukilaspida” that fucktard “native” cunt. The “Van Helmonds” must be shitting themselves.

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