Captain Hate? Mr Wislang Jnr, the man behind the creation of ACCForum

ACCForum: would the real Arrin Wislang please step forward

Captain Hate? Mr Arrin Wislang a very temporary resident of Austalia and the fucked up mastermind and admin behind ACCForum

Captain Hate? Mr Arrin Wislang a very temporary resident of Austalia and the fucked up mastermind and admin behind ACCForum

Update: Arrin posted a comment below claiming he knew nothing about, in fact that he’d never heard of it. Unfortunately Arrin’s story didn’t stack up. Arrin had not counted on the whistle-blowers, the taped telephone conversations and his own sites halfwit members. Members like frog mouth Claire Avon Rae Hollis, aka “Mini” who with out thinking posted and confirmed what we already knew to be true:

ACC Forum member Claire Avon Rae Hollis stuffs up yet again, naming "Arrin" Wislang

ACC Forum member Claire Avon Rae Hollis stuffs up yet again, naming “Arrin” Wislang

Source: Full web page grab here (forum page immediately removed by

It appears that every “active” member (a small group of individuals using many false online identities) of are being wheeled out in an effort to counter an imagined cyber attack, when really all thats happened is that a web forum that has encouraged its members to post malicious and defamatory material over the years is now at risk of being pulled down (remember readers this is one in the same web forum and hate site that allegedly inspired one of its founders to hatch the Takapuna bomb plot).  As was their associated site, the founder of which liked to dable in tweeting death threats against politicians and the extortion of innocent women he had defamed online.

In yet another wacko strategy the ACCForum members behind the anonymous monikers “Not Their Victim” and “Netcoach” have decided to join forces in an attempt to incite false complaints with wordpress; in the vein hope that our detailed expose’s will be pulled down. Whilst these people are complete tools they are not at all that tooled up:

ACCForum and another of their MO's

ACCForum and another of their MO’s

Source: (if the link is taken down view the full page grab here)

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.44.43 AM


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 12.17.17 PM


As Lauda Finem stated recently, the result of being advised by yet more victims that serial stalkers and hate site wannabes, the van Helmond brothers were yet again involved in another hate website that tickled their predilection for defamation and stalking, we would do our utmost to hunt those responsible down.

The van Helmond brothers have already pulled two of these “shite sites” down but there is one site left to go, a site that remains online; somewhat persistently and looking at the recent material thats been posted, very smugly. Therein of course, with the “smug” attitude lay another clue.

So we decided to revisit a few audio visual tapes that our operative Carlos Esteban managed to grab whilst in New zealand a few years ago.

In those tapes one of our volunteers managed to pick up on a seemingly innocent statement made by the whistle-blower David Butler (a very brief interaction between justice campaigner Dermot Nottingham and Butler amongst the twelve hours of interview footage we have not yet published).

That quirk was Mr David Butler’s admission “in and around” the name of the man behind the highly defamatory ACCForum web forum site. Dr Miles Wislang’s son Aaron Wislang.

Mr Butlers turn of phrase in that one hour film intrigued our post graduate psych volunteer, resulting in her eventual conclusion that Butlers admission was in fact that of a fuck-wit that had no idea.

According to Mr Butler it all “allegedly” revolved around his co-hort at the time trying to second guess exactly who “Wislang Jnr” was and the fact that the only way they could view his profile on ACCForum was, according to Butler, to misspell the name “Aaron”. Our volunteer picked up on Butlers “fraudian” slip and went looking for alternative spellings. In the multi-cultural context for various reasons she included the name Wislanger.

Bridget Wislang, the wife of ACCForum hate administrator

Bridget Wislang, the wife of ACCForum hate administrator

That research then eventually lead to a few telephone calls and the very profound discovery that an “acclaimed” New Zealand restauranteur was related to Dr Miles Wislang. Of course that relative was (under NZ Law) subjected to yet another of Lauda Finem’s evidence gathering sting operations. That investigation (nicknamed operation “DEEP-PROBE-COLD-STEEL”) has resulted in a massive dividend. Access to the names of everyone involved in ACCForum:

The problems that Arrin Wislang, his wife Bridget , father Miles, David Butler and indeed Alan Thomas now face are enormous, since 2010 Lauda Finem have been collecting evidence on behalf of the forums targets, the many defamed and injured professionals So boys and girls on ACCForum keep it up and enjoy the “fun”  while you still can……before someone takes your house!

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