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Busy digging his own grave, National Party list MP Aaron Gilmore

Brendon Horan was obviously on drugs when he appeared on TV news this week sympathising with National party dim wit and bully boy Aaron Gillmore. Brendon Horan came across as an uncle Tom with a to big  smile and shit for brains. The dumped NZ First MP admitted to contacting Gilmore following the events at a Hamner Springs hotel, where  Gillmore was caught threatening to use his close personal friendship with little Johnny Key  to get a junior bar staff employee dismissed.

The reason, Gillmore was on the turps and ‘pissed to beat the band’ and the waiter along with the rest of the National Party MP’s didn’t know who the fuck he thought he was. Turns out Gillmore is a two bit fucking nobody Nat list MP.

The problem for Horan is that this scum bag Gillmore deserves and is receiving not an ounce of sympathy from any right thinking person. Then again Horan is accused of   putting his chubby uncle tom fingers into the family till and thieving from his deceased mothers estate. This maybe the connection we are missing. Gillmore apparently has been distributing a fraudulent CV claiming various qualifications and associations that he doesn’t possess.

The truth about Gillmore is he was sacked from his last job for bullying treasury officials and is a bully a liar and a fraudster. Qualifications that would normally make him eminently suitable as a candidate for any of the major parties. Gillmore’s major problem was that he has a uncontrollable narcissistic disorder.

Ex New Zealand First list MP Brendon Horan

Ex New Zealand First list MP Brendon Horan

Horan is under the delusion that he will become an. elected MP at the next election. No one is that fucking stupid. Both Horan and Gillmore are bludging on the public purse as they are both unemployable in any sector of the economy. It sounds better when bullshitting the media tp purport a different agender.

The regular media just don’t have the balls to say it how it is. Brendon you are seriously on drugs and on the public gravy train.

Both these clowns are yesterdays men, Horan should just have shut the fuck up, collected his pay cheque and looked for a real job come the next election. As for Gillmore he should be looking abroad for a job….hang on he has more money than a bull can shit and doesn’t need to work….another porky Mr Gillmore?

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