Matthew John Blomfield, seems once is never enough for a man that liked to play "winner takes all"

Blowhard & Fraudster Matt Blomfield Belted Blue Again – Another Late Payment Notice Perhaps?


Matthew John Blomfield, seems once is never enough for a man that liked to play "winner takes all"

Matthew John Blomfield, seems once is never enough for the conman who liked to play “winner takes all”

New Zealands Matthew Blomfield, conman and New Zealand Herald journo Bevan Hurley’s pin-up boy and fellow bullshit artist is the centre of attention yet again. Although this time its the sort of attention that we’re pretty sure Blomfield would have preferred to avoid.

Matty Blomfield was apparently putting his feet up at home, incidentally the same house that he told the official assignee he no longer owned, 7 Rame Road, Greenhithe, Auckland New Zealand, when two blokes of polynesian appearance, (or alternatively of white appearance, having “blacked up” for the occasion) turned up armed to the teeth and let themselves in.

Apparently they then proceeded to give poor old Matty a thorough working over before one of the pair pulled the evenings hat trick, discharging a rifle and alerting neighbours to the unfolding melee next door. The two assailants, probably guessing that the game was up, then apparently scarpered, slipping into the Bush clad leafy darkness of Greenhithe, before the local constabulary’s Takapuna armed offenders squad decided to put in their own cameo appearance.

Blomfield suffering moderate facial injuries was then apparently ferried to Aucklands North Shore Hospital accident and emergency department where he spent the rest of the evening, in an understandably uncomfortable condition, nursing his recently acquired, unsolicited cosmetic facial surgery, at the hands of the two unknown and unqaulified Polynesian knuckle surgeons.

Mind you, vicious and unsubstantiated rumours have been circling the blogosphere for quite some time now that Matthew Blomfield not only owed money to honest Kiwi business’s and the stiched-up retiree’s that he’d dudded, but that he may also have owed money to a number of, what shall we call them, black market or “fuck all tier” finance institutions.

It just might be that Mr Blomfields unsolicited late night visit was a little more than your average run of the mill home invasion – what one might be more inclined to call, a personally delivered “late payment notice” – not quite Visa or Master Cards style but there you have it.

Of course the New Zealand Herald, as usual, has attempted to dumb the story down by feeding its readers half-truths, with a horse shit side; “Auckland businessman” – Yeah Right….give us a break… have to laugh, no journo was even game enough to put their name to the NZH crap, and not quite the front page headline Blomfield’s used to being served by his mates at the Herald!

Auckland businessman assaulted in incident with gun – NZ Herald

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  • REAPER CREW says:

    I see Matts brother Daniel Ross Blomfield got another 17 months today in jail. Bummer. I hear he has tried to get bail so many times over the last 6 months to be bailed to his mum in Raglan – she’s not interested either and always says no. Cant blame her really. I guess the fist facial invoice delivered to Matt on Saturday (while on the come down from the massive Friday night party which was attended by noise control at his once hidden from the OA asset) will have repercussions in the big house Matts brother Dan. Oh well who gives a fuck.

  • REAPER CREW says:

    we are now at day 4 after the supposed incident. no Police quotes in the media, Blomfield not giving a statement, not even a rumour on who may have actioned the alleged hit, stories running rampant that its attempted murder over at The Standard, no statement on who fired the shot – well its all explained really simply – Matthew John Blomfield got what he knew was coming. Plain and simple. Given his love of narking on people to avoid the shit its obvious he knew his time was up. Question is …… did he pay in full to settle the debt or is this just the entree with an invoice served fist first. perhaps some of the issues can be found with his brother in jail, Matt now in charge of his brothers business which he placed in liquidation, its claimed to be a solvent liquidation but nobody gets paid, the jailed brother employed “gang” associates, money is missing from the company account, Grant Thornton are the appointed voluntary liquidators who foolishly let Bell JR collect the book of debtors – incidentally Matt Blomfield has a dispensation from the NZ Companies office to act as Director of Bell JR – so a conflict of interest one would say (?) Can Matt explain how money left his brothers company account to Central Park Legal ? as Central Park Legal never acted for Dan Blomfileld – and Matt has a VERY long association with Bruce Johnson – CPL top shyster – so Bruce do you still have funds in your Trust Account?

  • It is now being said that it was Matthew Blomfields gun that was discharged.

    That someone turned up to collect money as is normal at the Blomfield household (not unusual) and a gun was produced by Matthew.

    Matt discharged himself from hospital and tried to avoid the Police. It is said that Matthew is being very defensive in his dealings with law enforcement.

    And that Matthew now has some very real concerns.

    To top it off there are lots of law enforcement agencies interested in Mr Matthew Blomfield and his issues are just beginning.

    • REAPER CREW says:

      If there were any suspects they would know by now. Word on the street is Blomfield knows exactly who bashed him and why.

  • Samantha Hays says:

    What a bitch – bet he cried

    • REAPER CREW says:

      he would have i reckon. but not as much as his mother did when he was born and the doctor passed him over to her

  • Harry Stottle says:

    Bit of a tame job on Mr Unstable. He still has at least one ear and a nose in the centre of his face. Are those his lips or did the boys give him a new arsehole?

  • When dies Bankrupt = Businessman says:

    Businessman seems a silly way for the Main Stream Media to refer to Matthew Blomfield.

    This is a guy that went Bankrupt, did not pay staff, who were kids, their holiday pay while all the while continuing to drive his flash cars.

    This is a guy that has liquidated many many companies with the assets being transferred in a “skilled” manner.

    Was and may still be a banned Director, a step not taken lightly.

    Has ridden on the coat skirts of everyone else and claims to be the success behind those that have not failed along with himself.

    Strange country, strange media, we await Matthews next victim. Probably had himself beaten up to distract attention from who he really is.

  • God moves in mysterious ways

  • REAPER CREW says:

    i am surprised really this sort of action took so long. still i guess with a brother in jail and rumours swirling of unpaid protection tax its no wonder he got a facial fist style. wonder if the brother got some equal pleasure down in the showers

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