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Martin Honey, Ray White and the REAA, the real estate fraudsters that almost got away scott free.

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Real Estate cyber fraudster Martin Honey

A few years back now Lauda Finem reported on the story of a New Zealand real estate agent that was caught red-handed running a fraudulent website. At the time we contacted New Zealand’s APN, the Herald on Sunday and ensured that they were handed all of the evidence. The paper and its Journalist promised LF that it would get to the bottom of the fraud and the queer behaviour of New Zealand’s recently formed Real Estate Agents Authority.

That story was one of the first eye openers for the team at LF. Sure we knew that the country had a problem with historic corruption, but we had no idea just how bad it had been, nor did we now that corruption was not only a problem of the past but that it was very much in the present.

The New Zealand Herald not only failed to report the facts, they actually twisted the facts to favour the agent who had committed the frauds. Then to our absolute horror the aforementioned Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA), it’s investigators and local crown lawyers conspired to frame the complainants and manufacture an out for the agent who had been responsible for thousand of dollars in fraudulent adverts and sales. LF worked with the victims for months in getting to the bottom of the frauds. The case was appealed to New Zealand’s High Court and that courts decision was released last week. That decision came down heavily in favour of the victims The Estate agent in question was Martin Honey, owner and director of Pure Realty Limited, trading as Martin Honey Ray White.

Left foreground, Ray White New Zealand CEO Carry Smith, when LF contacted Smith For comment in 2012 he would not take our call.

Left foreground, Ray White New Zealand CEO Carry Smith, when LF contacted Smith For comment back in 2012 he refused to take our call.

LF where alerted to the fact that Kiwi Blog Whale Oil has also recently started publishing a series of investigative pieces on the case and the politicians and bent civil servants behind the corrupt handling of the matter. LF does not propose to repeat our story as it was an extremely complex case. We will however provide our newer readers with links to our past stories on Martin Honey, the damning videos and evidence that should have seen him convicted, the ex police officers report that questioned the REAA’s failure to preserve and collect the evidence, the concealing of the behaviour of at least two politicians, ex MP Jackie Blue and current National Party Minister Nathan Guy.

Martin Honey obviously thought that his mates at the REAA had sorted it for him because what he did next was extraordinarilly bold. It was also extraordinarilly stupid. Not just on Honey’s part however. Honey had been advised by one Graeme Wislang of ACC Foum fame to write to google, to lie about the LF stories, and request that Google pull their links to Lauda Finem.

Now for Google to have done this on the bullshit claims of a cyber fraudster without first contacting Lauda Finem is of serious concern. What is however of more concern is that it was facilitated by Google New Zealand, not the United States office of the corporate giant. So much for free speech, the google promise is only good if your outing corruption in a third world country, certainly not New Zealand.

Martin Honey’s bullshit complaints were then, as a matter of course, filed with Chilling Effects who then posted the facts as stated by the Google complainant, Martin Honey himself, online for LF to later grab;

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.07.06 am

Now get this, all that Martin Honey had to do was tell a few lies – “the above websites state that I am a fraudster, this is totally untrue making these sites defamatory and as this source is from another country to mine I cannot take this matter through the courts”.

Of course Martin honey was lying. He was able to take court action, problem is he would have lost it. In fact Martin Honey Knew that he would have lost any defamation proceeding in a foreign jurisdiction once the evidence he and google had removed had been placed before a court of law, and in the public interest published by LF. Honey was well aware that his special treatment, his status as a protected species ended at the boarder, he was only safe in New Zealand.

The fact that Honey would likely have been prosecuted by any police force outside New Zealand for the offending also calls into question the behaviour of the New Zealand police, in particular their reasons for refusing to investigate Honey on two counts, the fraud itself and a second matter, that of perjury and a false police complaint, a complaint noted by the New Zealand Herald on Sunday, when the paper falsely claimed, in their print version, that they had confirmed with police, a complaint that in reality Martin Honey had never made. (Note: the Herald on Sunday was subsequently forced to print a retraction which was then later surruptiously removed from it’s online version by the editor)

The interesting thing about Honey’s applications to Google is that he seems only to have focused on the LF articles that contained the damning evidence of his criminal offending. There were other articles that Honey did not bother reporting or having removed, it seems to us that he just wanted the articles that contained the evidence of his criminal offending buried.

Not once did Honey write to us here at LF and complain, putting his side of the story, nor did he get his bent solicitor to write, he just approached ex senior civil servant and Winz staffer Graeme Wislang and his mates at Google New Zealand and they facilitated the removal of completely legitimate LF articles. Wislang had in fact used the same technique in trying to bury material that showed his involvement in cyber stalking platform, a vehicle through which Wislang and many other anonymous parties had been stalking and defaming Kiwi Doctors, and or anyone else for that matter that happened to get up their noses.

Wislangs bogus Google complaints

Wislangs bogus Google complaints (click to enlarge)

Remember this was all material that contained evidence of Martin Honey’s criminal offending, including video footage of the fraudulent “Re/Max Martin Honey website in operation. Article’s that were not at all defamatory. Articles that in fact, as aforesaid also included incontrovertible evidence that the REAA, it’s bent investigators and tribunal members had conspired to ignore and or bury under a mountain of New Zealand’s now internationally renowned corrupt practice.

So do any of our readers believe for one minute that this sort of thing would ordinarily occur? Certainly after a few phone calls, some research and a little more investigation we formed the view that something was not quite right, that Martin Honey appeared to have been given the “Red Carpet” treatment by Google New Zealand, their “no questions asked”, no evidence required co-operation in pulling LF’s articles. Google also had the videos incriminating Martin Honey removed from YouTube, Honey falsely claiming copyright infringment (Note: We’ve posted two of the evidencial video recordings below, One with LF’s subtitles).

REAA Tribunal Chair, Paul Barber DCJ retired

Left; REAA Tribunal Chair, Paul Barber QSM, DCJ, retired. Bent is not the word for this guy. In LF’s honest opinion Nathan Guy obviously ensured Barber received his QSM for services to the National Party and it’s cling-ons!

This then lead us to question the integrity of Google Inc, or at least the Corporations New Zealand based employee’s and management. Of course these events and how they were allowed to transpire will be exposed, and those behind it eventually outed and named as part of this clearly nefarious little game.

The fact that Google (NZ) did play games with LF only resulted in us digging our heels in and working harder to prove our suspicions. Suffice to say Graeme Wislang is also a retired New Zealand civil servant who, despite his retirement, has a little more power than anyone in his position should be afforded, at least in any genuine democracy.

Bent REAA employee Anna Tierney, boy does she have some serious questions to answer

Bent REAA CAC Chair Anna Tierney, boy does she have some serious questions she needs to answer

LF will be bringing readers that story at some point in the future. Suffice to say, Wislang assisted a criminal fraudster, Martin Honey, in his attempt to evade justice and prosecution, by having the LF articles removed. Wislang, Honey and others then later conspired to manufacture false police complaints, thus attempting to thwart LF’s and the victims attempts to have those involved or effected by Honey’s frauds aware of the action before the New Zealand Courts:

That attempt however failed to some extent as witnesses did start coming forward before Honey and Wislang could have the material removed. LF will be following up on the Whale Oil articles and this case in general, at some point, over the coming weeks. In the meanwhile the “Whale Oil” news articles can be read at the link’s we’ve provided readers below (Note: LF will be adding to the links below as the story unfolds on Whale Oil):


HONEY, WOULD YOU LIE TO ME? (Whale Oil, 25/7/2015)

HONEY HONEY, DON’T CONCEAL IT (Whale Oil, 29/7/2015)

HONEY, I’VE GOT THE BLUES (Whale Oil, 31/7/2015)

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.41.33 am

From left; Nathan Guy and Jackie Blue, two National party MP’s, one the Minister for Justice, appear to have entered into a conspiracy that attempted to pervert justice, in the process  creating constitutional issues for the New Zealand Government, the Legislature and the county’s Courts who appear to have been unlawfully acting on directives from parliamentarians, a serious departure from the universally accepted doctorine of Judicial independence

A constitutional crisis is a situation that a legal system’s constitution or other basic principles of operation appear unable to resolve; it often results in a breakdown in the orderly operation of government. Often, generally speaking, a constitutional crisis is a situation in which separate factions within a government disagree about the extent to which each of these factions hold sovereignty. Most commonly, constitutional crises involve some degree of conflict between different branches of government (e.g., executive, legislature, and/or judiciary), or between different levels of government in a federal system (e.g., state and federal governments).

A constitutional crisis may occur because one or more parties to the dispute willfully chooses to violate a provision of a constitution or an unwritten constitutional convention, or it may occur when the disputants disagree over the interpretation of such a provision or convention. If the dispute arises because some aspect of the constitution is ambiguous or unclear, the ultimate resolution of the crisis often establishes a precedent for the future.

Source – Wikipedia

Crown lawyer, Luke Clancy of Aucklands Meredith Connell, as bent as a dogs hind leg

NZ Govt Crown lawyer, Luke Clancy of Aucklands Meredith Connell, as bent as a dogs hind leg

It is important to note that both the REAA and Martin Honey, in our opinion, were, in as much as a court can, slammed in the judgement of Thomas J. The seriously bent Tribunal chaired by none other than ex District Court judge Paul Barber QSO came in for some particularly staunch criticism for deliberately not allowing critical incriminating evidence to be educed.

The fact is, the fix had been in on this case since day one. The crown lawyers, Meredith Connell’s Luke Clancy, seriously corrupt behaviour, that of Honey’s lawyers, the REAA investigators, the expert witness who refused to look at evidence he knew would hang Martin Honey and every one of the REAA parties who had colluded.

REAA Registrars (L) Kevin Lampden-Smith (R) Ex-cop Keith Manch

Bent REAA Registrars (L) Kevin Lampden-Smith (R) Ex-cop Keith Manch

This, case as with each one of the cases that makes the pages of LF had been rigged by a Government body, we here at LF believe, on the coded instructions of the then Minister Nathan Guy.

This story has a bit further to run before all the rot will be exposed, it will take time and a meticulous attention to detail, but LF believes that the victims will prevail.

There is however another extremely serious dimension to this story. It involves the mainstream media, in particular the New Zealand Herald stable of shite sheets, the Herald on Sunday and the New Zealand Herald itself. Two editors and a whole raft of journos.

APN; top left to right; Bryce Johns and Celeste Gorrell Anstiss. Bottom left to right; Rob Kidd and Shayne Curry.

APN; top, left to right; Bryce Johns and Celeste Gorrell Anstiss. Bottom, left to right; Rob Kidd and Shayne Curry.

It can be evidenced to the criminal standard, which of course is serious over-kill in a civil tort, that APN, two of its senior editors and at least three journos, also conspired with Martin Honey, Ray White chief executive, REAA media spin doctor, Ngaire Vanderhoof and various other undisclosed parties to run “news” stories that did not reflect the facts and that were designed to damage the credibility of the victims. That the motivation for those stories on the part of APN was in part the business relationship APN had with Ray White Corporate, in particular as an advertiser.

That at around the same time as these inaccurate, defamatory and damaging stories were run by APN, Ray White had entered into a substantial dollar value advertising contract and agreement with APN. Such is the evidence against Ray White, APN and its editor’s, Shayne Curry and Bryce Johns, and journalists Celeste Gorrell Anstiss and Rob Kidd, LF believes the newspaper and its corporate masters would be idiots if they thought it a legal stoush they could prevail in.

REAA spin doctor Ngaire Vanderhoof worked tirelessly with APN journos in an attempt to ensure the truth never saw the light of day

REAA spin doctor Ngaire Vanderhoof worked tirelessly with APN journos in an attempt to ensure that the truth in at least two REAA cases never saw the light of day.

Tellingly the two APN newspapers in question have, as was only to be expected, failed to report on the recent High Court judgement and the scathing assessment of Thomas J, as in a nutshell, their failure is by default also further evidence of their intention, to further the damage caused by APN’s biased reporting of the case in the past – At the behest of the REAA and Ray White.

LF team members spoke with Gorell Anstiss on at least five occasions, four of those occasions were digitally recorded, as no doubt they were by the Herald on Sunday under the instructions of the newspapers then editor Bryce Johns, at least that is what Anstiss at the time advised.

We here at LF sincerely hope that the victims in this case pursue both APN and Ray White New Zealand once they have finished with Martin Honey. The Martin Honey case is not however the only case where the REAA has employed the use of clever media tactic and stratagem to bury corruption on the part of particularly well connected estate agents.

REAA spin doctor Ngaire Vanderhoof also worked behind the scenes with APN journos to defame other estate agents who had done little more than cross their politically well connected employers. In one such case the REAA’s vanderhoof even assisted her own father, Wanganui Estate Agent Dale vanderhoof, in escaping sanction by the REAA, in the process fucking over an employee, that after vanderhoof senior had robbed the employee of thousands in sales commission.

One case might just escape notice, but two or more cases, using the same media tactics?  Then you undoubtedly have a conspiracy on your hands, a pattern, a plot that the APN stable of newspapers, now headed up by Shayne Curry were up to their necks in, all in the name of the almighty advertising dollar, which of course in legal parlance is often referred to as “pecuniary gain”, especially as in it may be related to a crime; in this case a fraud that was committed against democracy, the courts and legal process.

In fact, such has been the egregious nature and seriousness of the mainstream medias offending, in particular APN, it may well have been criminal. At the very least it is the sort of behaviour that Australia’s Justice Finkelstein captured when he made one particularly astute observation at the conclusion of his 2012 inquiry:

“the news media can cause wrongful harm to individuals and organisations by unreliable or inaccurate reporting, breach of privacy, and the failure to properly take into account the defenceless in the community”.  – Justice Finkelstein (Australian High Court retired)

As the Commissioner, Tony Fitzgerald QC, responsible for overseeing the 1987 -89 Queensland police corruption inquiry also said in the report he produced at the conclusion of the inquiry:

“The media is able to be used by politicians, police officers and other public officials who wish to put out propaganda to advance their own interests and harm their enemies” – Tony Fitzgerald QC (Fitzgerald Inquiry, 1987 – 1989)

Those two astute observations, to be found in a 2012 report on media abuses commissioned by the Australian Parliament and the 1989 Queensland Police Corruption investigation which resulted in politicians and cops receiving prison terms, are in fact perfect examples of how New Zealand’s police, its politicians, its civil service and its quasi judicial tribunals have acted in this and many other cases over the past twenty years or so.

New Zealand unlike Australia has yet to learn. This case may in fact wind up breaking the back of this form of nepotism and outright corruption, it may also result in the REAA being disbanded, or at the very least the heads of the REAA’s corrupt incumbent officers, who are undoubtedly guilty of misfeasance at the very least, rolling off a hastily constructed guillotine, especially if the National party government is to save face.


Nottingham & Ords v REAA (CIV-2014-404-3010 [2015] NZHC 1616)

Judgement of Thomas J, New Zealand High Court, 10 July 2015

Volume 1 of 1

Finkelstein Inquiry

Independant Inquiry into Media and Media Regulation (Australian Federal Parliament, ACT, 2012)

Volume 1 of 1 (pdf)

Fitzgerald Inquiry

Commission of Inquiry into Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct (1987-89, Queensland Australia)

Volume 1 of 1 (pdf)

Wood Royal Commission


Volume I of 5(pdf)

Volume 2 of 5 (pdf)

Volume 3 of 5 (pdf)

Volume 4 of 5 (pdf)

Volume 5 of 5 pdf)

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    When they get charged i will be in the front row of the high court ,opposing bail .

  • Phillip Nottingham says:

    judgement of her honour Thomas J is now on ‘judicial decisions online’ just above the MAYER appeal decision. Nottingham crucial in putting Mayer away for 6 years. I noted the commentators on whale oil spreading nonsense that Dermot Nottingham is a serial litigant. Its his job! So not very clever observations I would have thought. Whats a worry is that the ex associate minister of justice Nathan Guy is involved in this conspiracy, so is the current corrections minister Pesta Sam lota Liiga (apologies Sam for spelling).Sam messed this up just as bad as the corrections portfolio. lets hope Sam comes clean on the Honey conspiracy. Google NOTTINGHAM on judicial decisions online. See decision of Brewer J in Taka v Auckland District Court. A lot of decisions are reported but you have to know citations. The READT and REAA are still publishing their dishonest decision, go figure. What is it with all those ex cops.

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  • I am dealing with the bent investigators at the REAA currently – they have just ignored evidence and hidden behind Meredith Connell. The agent in question made highly defamatory statements about me in her response to my claim against her, and the REAA simply said it was not relevant. I am now on appeal with the READT, and i will get to the bottom of the truth. Intersting to see Garth Barfoot is a big donator to the National party, and its a well known fact that Barfoot & Thompson are donkey deep in using the REAA to assit with hiding the affairs of their dodgy agents.

    • You might like to send us the details Shaft, we’re currently shopping for material that evidences the REAA’s predeliction for nepotism and corruption. One of team LF’s investigators will be in touch.

      • Connor says:

        If you are interested in nepotism and corruption, it would be very interesting to find out how the PM’s son got his job at an investment bank while still an undergraduate. Nod nod wink wink fancy a lunch with the PM? Oh by the way my plonker of a son needs a job. Oh and how many cases of wine would like?

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    • Goede morgen Harry, yes indeed we have been busy, good work by the way. We are working on obtaining a complete copy of the judgement, not sure why the MoJ have not posted it as it most certainly is in the public interest given the games the REAA play with anyone who’s before that particular tribunal. PS when you’re next planning a suit fitting let us know we’ll do coffee.

    • Hello again Harry, We just recieved a full copy of both the Judgement of Thomas J in Nottingham & Ords v REAA and the Finkelstein report, you’ll now find them both located in the Bibliography/References section above, Cheers Team LF

  • Looks like a constitutional crisis for our little back water like never before. Meredith Connell must be due to loose the Crown Warrant! As for Barber J, what a corrupt old fool he is!!!

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