What are the tool's of trade for bent cop's and prosecutors?

Jury tampering – where police officers and or prosecutors unlawfully remove a juror during the trial without the Judges permission (not that the courts would ever let the prosecution have a quite word on the side with a juror), preferably the foreman, take them to another location and persuade him or her of the defendants guilt; normally by the juror being shown false,  manipulated or legally inadmissible information – that Juror then returns to infect the whole jury and obtain the desired conviction. On occasion this has, at a later date caused problems for the prosecution as someone had witnessed the unlawful removal of the Juror and perhaps taken 22 years to come forward.

Prosecutorial Abuse – this has many modus operandi’s, one that’s often employed however is where police and or prosecutors file an extraordinary number of false charges in the hope that at least one or two stick.

Intimidation – psychological or physical where Police officers threaten witnesses or the victim, causing that person to fear for their physical and psychological well-being.

False arrest – often used by police to intimidate the victim of their malfeasance and convince an eager media to assist by promulgating  false and malicious information based on the arrest and information previously released  – where there is smoke the has to be fire; Right?

Falsified evidence, forged evidence or tainted evidence that has been created, manufactured or illegally obtained, to sway the verdict in a court case. Also, misleading by suppressing evidence which confuses or sways a Jury and the verdict

Interference – Police or prosecutors pushing the hearing of a criminal trial or depositions before a related civil trial which were likely to yield exculpatory evidence concludes without the benefit, to the defendant, of that exculpatory evidence.

Tainting of jury pools – with public statements by police or prosecutors that are either inaccurate, exaggerated, unsupported by evidence or that could be inadmissible at trial, and such statements become widely promulgated by the media.

Conspiracy to falsely accuse –where Police, Prosecutors or others parties conspire to obtain a benefit, pecuniary or otherwise, by inventing a crime so as to prosecute and convict an innocent person and derive that benefit.

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