Rockforte stories need to be told – true, but not by Marianne Spence

All those poor Gisborne pensioners caught up in the Rockforte Finance collapse, stop worrying you all apparently got your money back, the Government coughed.

If I were you, however, if you’re really intent on hearing truth and want to get to the bottom of it leave it to the SFO and for gods sake don’t bother telling the Gisborne Herald or their reporters anything – seems to me that theres something fishy going on out at the community of Wainui and a few of the reporters on the Gisborne Herald are very much a part of that sick little place.

A shit load of incestuous finance deals, however evil, are nothing compared to the criminal web of deceit and lies that Marianne Spence is capable of spinning. So do yourselves all a favour and look out of town for the news. The truth of what happened, well as I said leave that to the SFO. My advice to the journalists in Auckland would be the same, forget sourcing anything from the Gisborne Herald, that would be shear insanity.

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