Malcolm Thomas Dave Neilson Laurie Naden and the kidnapping and torture of Dickie Maxwell


Roger Hanford reports that seven police officers are to appear in the Gisborne District Court, to face charges arising out of the Police internal inquiry into the investigation of arsons at Ruatoria. An eighth police officer is on leave overseas and has not yet been summonsed. The seven face charges of abduction and assault, laid as a result of complaints from four Rastafarian members.

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Marie Collings reports from Gisborne where a hearing is underway against

five policemen involved in Ruatoria arson investigations involving

Rastafarian suspects.

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Janice Rodenburg reports from the Gisborne trial of five detectives facing charges of kidnapping Rastafarian Dickie Maxwell during Ruatoria arson investigation. (This trial is covered daily in Report programmes late November to early December)

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Janice Rodenburg reports that two senior Gisborne policemen, Chief Inspector Whiro Ratahi and Senior Sergeant Alan Davidson, who were seconded to the internal police inquiry over the Ruatoria arson investigation, say working relationships within the Gisborne police have been adversely affected. Lawyer for Rastafarian, Dickie Maxwell, who alleged police misconduct, Russell Fairbrother says his client will seek compensation for being held against his will. Police officers were found not guilty of kidnapping and assaulting Maxwell.

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  • Andrea says:

    Chris Campbell murdered, killer walks free, Dick Maxwell murdered, killer walks. Chris could have been here today but for police corruption. They plotted and conspired to kill the Rastaman

  • wikitoria maxwell says:

    dickie maxwell was my dad

  • wills tomson says:

    thomas has so much to hide the heat obviously got to much for him. this is how corrupt the police are in gisborne and always have been. if someone called for evidence under amnesty we would see the sickest and darkest real gisborne past come to light. there would be hundreds called into question, from councillors to truck drivers and police officers to reporters. the gisborne police scene is a hidden one due to its isolation to the rest of N Z. but again nobody has the guts or the energy to investigate.

  • Gisborne says:

    Hi Laudafinem

    Just stumbled on your blog. You’ll be pleased to know that Malcolm Thomas resigned from the Gisborne Police around 2008-2009 after a jury acquitted a local man of rape. The defence proved that the man had been set up and evidence had been planted and tampered with. One guess who the lead detective of the case was. However, the plot thickens but I can’t go into it at the moment due to a pending appeal case. I know that this is a stupid question, but do you know of any cops etc in Palmerston North that are corrupt. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

    What I’ve had the chance to read in your blog and what my family has experienced with the police, are things that you’d expect to see in movies, not in real life. The police are the worst criminal’s but they are allowed to get away with there crimes regardless of who and what they destroy. I am disgusted that those pigs (everyone involved) got away with what they did to the (edited) brothers.

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