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Warren Berryman is being chanelled through one of his fellow living  journo’s at Fairfax or a close but less than articulate friend, a plate rattling entity who wants to be called Tom and would have us all believe that he lives in New Zealand.

As exorcists it’s an assumption we feel confident in making given the foul mouthed verbal vomit “Tom” has spewed into prose for the benefit of our readers. It’s times like these that cause one to stop, pause and consider the stupidity and ignorance of the average Fairfax Journalist or friend of Warrens.

We doubt our less than learned contributor has ever pondered the old Gaelic proverb  “ A man can be judged by the company he keeps (or kept)” dead or alive.

We feel obliged to detail the content of an e-mail we received from one of Warren Berryman’s closest friends, someone who apparently knew Warren Berryman very very well. Frankly given the content of the e-mail we have absolutely no doubt that this contributor knew Warren well. In the interest of a full and frank discussion on the subject of the life and times of Warren Berryman we therefore detail the contents of the e-mail received at 4.11am Australian EST from the account: XXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.co.nz.

What a cowardly attack against a dead man! I can assure you that Warrens “war time stories” were true! I knew Warren very well and he was a highly educated and articulate man who knew no fear and would certainly not associate with low level dim witted internet bloggers like yourself. I am guessing you are a single overweight man in his 50’s looking to slander those who have achieved more in life than pulling a Twinkie from the fridge and stuffing it down his fat gullet whilst whacking off in his mothers underwear draw.

Now we have no doubt that the author of this diatribe was clearly a close friend of Warren Berryman and not just any low level dim witted internet surfer. Why, you may well ask? The sexual references clearly indicate an association with Fairfax’s shite sheets “The Truth” or the “Sunday Star times”  Advertising mediums for prostitutes and porn peddlers, hence the particularly unsavory sexual innuendo.

Before launching into the diatribe alleging unnatural sexual proclivities our contributor refers to “Twinkie bars” which perversely alludes to some American connection…..Warren was a septic, (septic tank – yank) …or perhaps the contributor had a close association with another American that resulted in his subconscious use of Americanisms.

Our unknown (so he believed) contributors ignorance in the use of the internet and the likely result of his contribution advancing the Google rankings of the blog and prove the very points contained within it, beggars belief.

So what else points to the contributer being a true associate of Warrens?….well obviously the words  “I am guessing” before launching into the false, scurrilous, and perverted sexual allegations…..All Berryman trademarks.

The reader should note that the allegations of Warren Berryman being a booze guzzling never do well, that was sacked by every major news organisation have not been rebutted by Tom, all a bit spooky. Pretty hard to rebut really, given that they were drawn from the contents of articles or accounts published in the media by his so called mates. In fact there is nothing in the comment of any value whatsoever, it’s just an inept exculpatory abusive shit shoveling diatribe.

Now if that doesn’t paint an extremely accurate picture of the late, definitely not so great, Mr Warren “pass the cardboard” Berryman I’d be a Fairfax Media hack…..

Thanks for that Warren, keep them coming, its so true, that old proverb, “ A man can be judged by the company he keeps”  wouldn’t you agree Tom!


Tom’s guess about the age, weight and marital status of any one of us here at Laudafinem is way off. If, however, his intention was to describe the late not so great Warren Berryman he was spot on!

Tom  is obviously well over 50 (no comment on his weight or the purposes he otherwise applies his limited computer skills to), as he has obviously never heard of tracing an IP address.

It appears that Tom, despite trying to hide behind the email address “XXXXXXXXX.co.nzactually lives in the United Kingdom, well how about that; Hampshire to be precise and he has created the nz.co address with the single purpose of concealing his identity whilst posting a comment on the laudafinem blog (so much for the whole truth Tom Tom). Don’t worry mate the rest of your perverted little “Twink(ie)”  obsession is safe with us!

As for the slander, (lol) why did Warrens drinking buddy/wife Jenni Mc anus have the item below pulled from YouTube  by TVNZ in New Zealand, check it out Tom (readers in New Zealand you will not be able to view the video thanks to Mc anus’s self serving fear driven intervention; heaven forbid that her readers find out that she and Berryman are/were “scumbag’s of the worst order”:

You see Tommy if the stories in this blog were not true you would be able to view the video (above) in New Zealand and would have also seen our names (up in lights) in a law suit (lol), have you seen that yet old man?  No, we wonder why?  You never will Tom; it would cost too many people in “power” to much; and they, silver daddy Tommy, are the real perverted coward’s! Cowards like you Tom know they need to hide!

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