Colin Giltrap, motor vehicles are not the only things Giltrap has bought – coming soon

The very wealthy, Colin Giltrap - just what can't he buy

Occupy Wall Street!  Not a pretty sight; The obscenely wealthy & bent Colin Giltrap – what else has he bought and sold to get where he is?

john hudson

60 minutes presenter, John Hudson

At the centre of this scandal – the number plate is one of a pair, one on a Toyota Corolla purchased by the victim, the other on a Camry purchased at exactly the same time, in exactly the same location by Giltrap’s mate Justice Tony Randerson

The Price fixing scandal of 3 June 1993 was not the only corrupt practice at the nouveau riche Colin Giltrap’s Giltrap City Toyota in the mid 1990’s, there was another, it however never saw the light of day, buried in almost surreal circumstances – In a conspiracy, a series of events in which over more than two years involved senior civil servants in a bizarre failure of the Westminster systems separation of powers, inveigling the state broadcaster and various other media organisations enlisted to assist in the cover-up.

What exactly was it that  TVNZ’s 60 Minutes cameraman Mark Chamberlain was instructed to conceal, why was he so reluctant to give evidence in the criminal prosecution of Giltrap Toyota’s employees? Why did Damien Cummerford keep his mouth shut, and 60 minutes icon John Hudson too?

Damien Cummerford TVNZ Producer 60 Minutes, earlier covertly filming in Japan

They were all aware of the evidence and involved in planning the sting operation, involving covert filming. As they had, along with MP Harry Duynhoven, earlier in Japan; when the 60 minutes odometer fraud expose was first aired.

So why then did Chamberlain, a crucial witness, suddenly have a change of heart and purger himself? We’ll let the readers draw their own conclusions after viewing the evidence – evidence that certain Judges, Polititians and TVNZ went to extraordinary lengths to suppress.

Covertly obtained video, filmed by Chamberlain of Colin Giltrap’s manager Peter Carlton.  TKLH&R the full video of odometer fraud coming soon to laudafinem @ youtube

Extraordinary video footage; filmed, by none other than Chamberlain himself, for the 60 Minutes special on odometer fraud will  soon be available to view on laudafinem’s YouTube channel.

(Vimeo, if you are a New Zealand resident; TVNZ has a bad habit of censoring/blocking YouTube in your country when it involves irrefutable evidence of corruption on the part of their management, employee’s and associates like Jenni McManus).

This is the very same footage that TVNZ paid Mark Chamberlain $15’000.00 (perhaps more) to conceal; requiring him to avoid, at all costs, giving evidence in the prosecution of T.K.L.H & R. TVNZ, clearly, on the instructions of its political masters had also canned the 60 Minutes investigative report into corruption at Giltrap’s dealerships).

Cameron Bates, Sunday Star Times

Chamberlain and TVNZ later enlisted another of the bent media cadre, at the (now Fairfax owned) Sunday Star Times, Jenni McManus’s bent tyro Cameron Bates assistance to further muddy the waters; designed purely to further pervert the course of justice.

Justice Anthony Randerson

The price fixing scandal was bad enough, with Giltrap, having lost his appeal finally fronting up with the cash for fine’s totaling $150’000 in 2005. But this scandal, which was to be successfully buried not only involved Giltrap’s companies and employee’s, it involved the Minister for Justice, Douglas Graham; the Solicitor General at the time, Terrance Arnold; the courts registry staff; transcribers and members of the New Zealand judiciary – in particular two judges and their remarkable twisting, turning and manufacturing of law, precedent and the evidence.

In a remarkable set of circumstances Justice Randerson, the presiding High Court Judge, had purchased his shiny new Camry off Peter Carlton at Giltrap Toyota no doubt sitting in Carlton’s office at the exact same time the unrelated fraud was executed on another vehicle – true to form Randerson refused to recuse himself. What was it that Giltrap then purchased off his mates in the New Zealand Government and Judiciary?

Antony Penrose Randerson, prior to becoming a Judge, was a senior partner in the  law firm Kensington Swan up until 1989, along with his mate Justice Judith Potter. Kensington Swan a very corrupt firm, that went to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of their objectives, Randerson was no doubt privy to Potters involvement as a director of Farrow Corporation and the damages claim against Farrow Finance the family had commenced in 1988. Another association that Randerson had failed to declare to the prosecution.

Justice Anthony Penrose Randerson, District Court Judge Anne-Marie Josephine Bouchier (nee Budge), the staff at the Otahuhu District Court registry and the Serious Fraud Office, just what was it they all had in common with Giltrap Toyota, other than a shiny new Toyota Camry? The answers to these questions and much much more coming soon.

Note: The fraud was also raised in Parliament with Harry Duynhoven naming Giltrap City Toyota under parliamentary privilege.

Giltrap’s mates, including Douglas Graham, in the Government of the day tirelessly worked the floor to prevent Harry Duynhoven tabling the videotaped evidence (excerpt below) in Parliament.

Bent Judge the wife of a cop – Josephine Bouchier

SFO investigator Ian Varley, What went so terribly wrong with the SFO’s investigation

ex-policeman and MP Ross Meurant on the appointment of Josephine Bouchier to the bench said: “To appoint a police officer’s wife as a judge shows an alarming lack of judgment by the Minister of Justice.”


Car Wars *ISBN 9780958371759

Note: The Minister for Justice that appointed Bouchier DCJ was none other than Geoffrey Palmer

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