Side Show Alley – Clark files stolen from Papakura

There’s more to this story than meets the eye, Lew has a very bad habit of shafting his clients when it suits his purpose, or those in power who have something on him – more about that in a book to be published book.

Papakura Courier

By John Harold

October 15th, 2008

Bent Ex-Cop – Private Investigator Lewis Proctor

Private eye Lew Proctor is investigating a burglary – but this time he’s the victim and files relating to his controversial investigation of Prime Minister Helen Clark and her husband Peter Davis have been stolen.

Mr Proctor wants to recover a large leather briefcase containing the confidential material that was taken when his Papakura office was burgled some-time between October 3 and 5.

In 2006 news reports linked Mr Proctor to an investigation of Miss Clark and her husband, allegedly funded by a member of the Exclusive Brethren.

Mr Proctor confirms files relating to that investigation were in the stolen briefcase.

His office is on an upper level above Great South Rd businesses in the town centre and Mr Proctor believes someone may have used a key to open the street-level main door before forcing the door to Mr Proctor’s office and also breaking in to neighbouring premises.

The office was ransacked and two computers, a laptop, a printer and another briefcase were also stolen.

The computers are worth about $3000 but Mr Proctor isn’t holding out any hopes of recovering them because he believes they will have been on-sold already:

All I want is that bag back. It’s one of the old original big briefcases, with the two handles at the top and with the combination locks on the side.

The black leather briefcase has a rounded top. Mr Proctor says his investigation into Miss Clark and Dr Davis is still going on:

That investigation in actual fact has never gone away and I can’t and won’t say that the information was going to be put out there in front of everyone before the election. “We are still waiting for one or two pieces of information that would allow us to proceed … for want of a better word.

The information would be no use to anybody else, and despite the sensitive nature of the material, Mr Proctor does not believe the burglary was a targeted theft:

I don’t think anybody would have gone to the extent that they have by breaking into two totally unassociated offices. I just don’t think they would have done that.

Anyone with information about the briefcase can contact Mr Proctor on 021-984-440.

Source:  Papakura Courier – Clark files stolen from Papakura

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