Stop press: Lewis Proctor Piss-head & PI, slowly haemorrhaging has fled Papatoetoe for Waitakere

Bent Ex-Cop – Private Investigator Lewis Proctor – Going insane again, or just plain bust?

Laudafinem advises;
According to The Bob Dey Property Report,  Lewis Proctors business model of shafting his clients has seen its day, with his companies slowly haemorrhaging and soon to go bust;
Settlement: Proctors’ Island Security & Southcity Investigation settle
Court liquidation application, defendant: Island Security Ltd & Southcity Investigation (Akl) Ltd
Directors: Anthony Proctor (Southcity) & Lewis Proctor (both), Papatoetoe
Applicant: Nicholls Brown & Partners
Other details: Lewis Proctor is a director of NZ Investigative Consultants Ltd (which faces liquidation on Friday 26 August) & Corporate Investigation & Security Group Ltd.

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  • the little guy says:

    We just had a visit from Lew Proctor this morning, he is operating as a private investigator with the number PSG 12-002320. How he still has a license, I would imagine they must give them out with Weetbix boxes.

    Anyway, he fronts up to our offices, intimidates the female office staff with his stand over tactics and sniggering remarks, which eventually has them in tears prior to the Director of our company arriving. The police duly arrive after we call them, and he tries to slide in with the best buddies approach (as opposed to continuing with his previous bully talk, he attempts to manipulate the situation by using his previous knowledge of being a cop. Never the less this didn’t work and the two officers who arrived to assist could probably smell a rat.

    He still does not do things by the book, he would not identify himself when he arrived and he threatened not only our staff, but also the police before they arrived. In my opinion he still believes he is above the law, when he was asked to speak to the police on the phone, all we got was “I don’t want to speak to those faggots”

    This comment pretty much sums this guy up, no respect for the law and quite happy continuing with being a Bully.

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