Photo of Jenni McManus

Off to the dark side – Jenni McManus joins Ernst &Young

Photo of Jenni McManus

Jenni McManus

According to the New Zealand Herald Jenni McManus has left Fairfax, taking a big step down in a sudden, we would hold inevitable, career change. A one time associate at the Independent, Vincent Heeringa,  is quoted by Stop Press NZ 

According to Heeringa, “I learned all my PR-hating tricks from her”. The Stop Press article was headlined “Off to the dark side” an obvious play on the questionable integrety to be found in the arena of Public relations and dare we say Ernst & Youngs position in the world of commerce. Heeringa is obviously bewildered by McManus’s hypocrisy, “she had an immense dislike for public relations, so it’s quite an interesting move”.

Heeringa is of course right, it is indeed an interesting move for someone who purportedly despised the spin doctors in public relations and communications industries. Heeringa and Stop Press  must have been totally unaware of McManus’s devious past. The title “Off to the dark side” is clear indication of an almost profound ignorance of the real Jenni McManus. This despite Heeringa having worked with the “legend in her own mind” at the Independent, the paper started by McManus and Warren Berryman, her now rotting husband. Heeringa appears to be blissfully unaware of just how “DARK” and “HATING” McManus had always been.

McManus was from the outset corruption personified, beginning in early days as a rookie at colemans The National Business Review, under the tutelage of the inebriate and gun running bullshit artist Warren Berryman McManus undoubtedly found it impossible to lay straight in bed. Not that Berryman would’ve been bothered, he was doubtless to pissed to remember if she slept standing on her head. Berryman, however, was not the only fraudster McManus had climbed into bed with. Both he and McManus often enjoyed a very cosy, somewhat unique, domestic arrangement with the New Zealand Police force, especially during the rape and torture of commissioner John Jamieson’s police dynasty – as an aside, John Jamieson an accomplished expert in police cover-ups is now investigating claims of abuse for the Catholic Church.

During one of these tryst’s, a little Ménage à trois with three very ugly and bent cops, Stanley Matthew Willcox, Malcolm John Thomas and Senior Sergeant Alan Geoffrey Davidson both McManus and Berryman had been invited to engage in a little perverse S & M action, slander and Malevolence that is. All, however, were rudely interrupted,  caught on tape, in an act of perversion that would doubtless have left the Marquis de Sade with a smile on his dial.

McManus and Berryman then lied about their involvement, going to extraordinary lengths to conceal what had really occurred during the flocking of these perverts.

Buggery was the high on the list of fetish. McManus got off on shafting people, she also obviously climaxed whilst recounting her escape and just how she had got away with serious criminal offending, inspiring many in her new audience, her tyro’s, Fiona Rotherham, Cameron Bates and Phil Kitchin to engage in exactly the same contemptible behaviour,  mimicking McManus’s unique and twisted version of journalism.

Just how had she escaped? Well with the assistance of a visiting police specialist, Senior Sergeant Roger Crawford, McManus penned another fine literary work, her police statement, wherein she denied any knowledge of the events, a diminished knowledge of her three bed-fellow’s, the three cops both she and Berryman had conspired with and the cabals criminal intentions. The specialist, Crawford’s talents had been enlisted so as to ensure that McManus, Berryman and the bent cops escaped prosecution, the police and The National Business Review escaped a damages claim.

Many years later, in July 2010, having discovered that the aforementioned tapes, had in fact existed and were now available on YouTube McManus desperately called in favours from her industry contacts, on this occasion TVNZ staff and their access to YouTube, placing a country block on the tapes.

These audio recordings almost 24 years old, clearly evidenced the criminally systemic corruption and McManus was determined to ensure that her New Zealand audience would never find out just how “dark” she had always been.

Unfortunately, however, for Jenni “Darko” McManus, YouTube is not the only website that hosts audiovisual productions, the alternatives are also well beyond TVNZ’s sphere of influence:

“Off to the Dark side”? No! We beg to differ, McManus has never inhabited any space other than the “Dark side”. Heeringa, having worked at the Independent, may well recall a photograph that hung in their offices, a black and white image of three young men; men that McManus had shafted in a series of defamatory articles penned in the late 1980’s. Three brothers that McManus had developed a pathological fear of.

Perhaps warranted given the falsehoods she had been fed by her bent police mates and the fact that she had been complicit in the destruction of the brothers businesses. Its not uncommon for people with a dark past to be haunted by the ghosts of their wrong doing. McManus was no different, she had convinced herself that one day the brothers would come for her. McManus had after all played a leading role in the continued promulgation of the myth and by the mid 1990’s she and her staff were devout believers in their own spin, Mcmanus undoubtedly it’s most fearful and strident adherent.

And what of her new employer, Ernst & Young? Well, the moment they took on McManus and her dark history a very black shadow was cast over the organisation.  The company’s slogan“Quality in everything we do”  –  as a boast it’s definitely been shot out of the water.   By no stretch of the imagination can McManus or her work be described as quality; the adjective shit is closer to the truth and the only one with a use for a truck load of quality shit would be a market gardener, not a multinational accountancy practice.

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