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Lauda Finem has just received a copy of an email this evening from our whistle-blower in the Martin Honey Ray Ray White fraud saga. Seems that our inquiries of Ray White Real Estate soon got back to the corrupt Mr Kieth Manch at the REAA. Yet another poor sucker gets lumbered with the title ” the man from Lauda Finem”,  hey guys we want the credit:

From: Keith Manch <Keith.Manch@REAA.GOVT.NZ>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 03:48:04 +0000
To: Advantage Advocacy (Dermot Nottingham)
Subject: licence renewal application

Dear Mr Nottingham

I refer to my letter to you 4 November 2011 regarding your application for renewal of your salesperson’s licence. In that letter I indicated :

“I am concerned that you behave in an unnecessarily confrontational and unprofessional manner when you are challenged or otherwise involved in disagreements or disputes.” and “I am concerned there is a significant risk of you acting in an unnecessarily confrontational and unprofessional manner in your role as a salesperson, to the detriment of consumers and the reputation of the real estate industry.”

My attention has been drawn to the following blog site

It appears that you are either the author or source of the contents of that blog.

The contents of that blog add to the concerns I have about your confrontational and unprofessional manner.

I invite you to address this matter as part of any response you intend to make to my letter of 4 November 2011, such response to be received no later than 28 November 2011.

Yours sincerely

Keith Manch| Chief Executive/Registrar | Real Estate Agents Authority


mob+64 21 227 6363 ph+64 4 815 8470 |fax+64 4 815 8468

Level 2, Deloitte House, 10 Brandon Street, Wellington | PO Box 25 371, Panama, Wellington, 6146

Seems to us that New Zealander’s or at least those that are corrupt don’t much like the lime-light. We also know that Keith “chop chop” Manch doesn’t much like freedom of the internet. We’ll say it again just for Keith’s benefit; Lauda Finem is not run by New Zealander’s. It’s operated and contributed to by proud, democracy/freedom of speech loving Australian’s.

Now that’s out-of-the-way, Tuesday evening, late yesterday afternoon and earlier this morning we sent off a few messages, amongst them the following emails to Martin Honey Ray White, Ray White Corporate in New Zealand and its head office here in New South Wales Australia (we’ll chase our own countrymen up for comment tomorrow):



Subject: RE: Corruption at Ray White NZ

We would love to hear from you Mr Martin Honey; with an explanation of your association with Ms Jackie Blue list MP and the National Party before we do our next report? We will of coarse be asking Jackie and John “is this a microphone” Key for their respective responses.  Love Your Work?

The team@laudafinem




Subject: RE: Corruption at Ray White NZ

Again, this will be our last request before we put up the video footage and taped convo’s proving Mr Honey’s fraud, we would like your comment Mr & Mrs Honey. Oh and also that of your business partner  “Mr Rohan Wayne Thompson” on our story. This is after all our second attempt at contacting you folks:


The Team @ Lauda Finem

The only response we have received from Ray White in New Zealand  was from Corinna Mansell (

Subject: Re: Corruption at Ray White

Date: Wednesday 23 Nov 2011 05:47;29 +1000

From: Corinna Mansell <>


CC: Martin Honey <>, Rohan Thompson <>

Good Morning

I have received your email below and forwarded it onto Martin Honey the part owner of the Ray White Ellerslie office.

All our offices are franchised so any concerns would need to be taken up in the first instance with the office concerned. 

I hope this is of some assistance to you. 


Corinna Mansell

NZ Business Performance Manager
Ray White (Real Estate) Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)
PO Box 6067 │ Auckland │ New Zealand
email│ph 09 377 5069│ fax 09 377 6845│ mob 021 444 429

Minister of Internal Affairs, Nathan Guy

So why hasn’t Martin Honey responded? Well it would seem that he much preferred to give his old mate Jackie Blue a call. Jackie no doubt then got on the blower to her inside man Nathan Guy who in turn gave the REAA bloke Keith “chop chop” Manch a whistle up and then Keith put one and one together and came up with six. Martin Honey’s obviously a little rattled given that his sms threats didn’t work. Incidentally, why isn’t chop chop worried about the allegations we’ve leveled at him?

The Toad-eating Keith “chop chop” Manch a civil servant who is prone to using the office shredding machine and a little manipulation of the rules has now blamed this bloke, his own, “target” for the Lauda Finem story, sorry Keith, you and your corrupt pollie mate are wrong, wrong mate!

So instead of firing off threatening emails to innocent men and women, given that yourattention has been drawn” to Lauda Finemwhy not use the comments box at the bottom of each post to write to us here in Australia with your bullshit protestations.

Alternatively, use the email address we provided the corrupt pricks at Martin Honey RAY WHITE REAL ESTATE New Zealand. We would love to hear from you, especially your take on which parts of our story we had wrong Mr Manch

Un-elected gravy train passenger Jackie “I’ll screw you” Blue

We too have a few serious concerns about “conduct’ and “unprofessional Manner” Mr Manch, but on both counts its yours and that will be under the spot-light from here on in, oh and that of the un-elected Ms Jackie Blue and her mate at the Department of Internal Affairs. Mr Manch has been aware of this blog for a great deal longer than he’s letting on, in fact we recon he’s plagiarised our  work whilst drafting a few bullshit documents of his own!

We are also interested in an explanation about why you, in particular Keith, object to the content or our blog ; seems to us that something is a little more than fishy in the “DARK ISLES” Keith Manch or should that be “chop chop”  an ex-cop who received his stripes in dealing with evidence and paper work in the very same police force that produced seriously bad and bent cops the likes of :

Bruce Hutton, Brad Shipton, Bob ScollumJohn DewarClint RickardsJames Kenneth Cunningham, Stanley Matthew Willcox and of course lets not forget Malcolm John Thomas.

Seems we’re not alone in our distaste for your particular style Mr Manch. We found this very revealing opinion of your work in another Blog, seems to us that you have quite the reputation, we don’t suppose you wrote to them either:

Sickening. But thanks for posting to let me know what my government is doing. Transparency and honesty are obviously just words to people like Keith Manch and the “Chief Archivist” worse, this shows plainly the culture of self preservation and obfuscation among those in “senior” public service across departments.
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The Team @ Lauda Finem believe that Mr Keith Manch might be indulging in a little politically inspired spin doctoring at the behest of New Zealands NATIONAL PARTY; Mr Nottingham a threat to consumers?
Here at Lauda Finem we think not, in fact we’re more inclined to believe that Mr Manch may have just opened something far more devastating than a simple can of worms; another of those jewel encrusted pandoras box’s perhaps?:

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