ACC Forum: Deus ex machina; the cold-case of an old bikie and his mole’s

David Butler an old bikie, “Epitaph rider”, self confessed “Lurker” and gang member

A number of us here at Lauda Finem have sat back and watched with interest the “comings and goings” of the posts on the website Also of  interest was the sudden appearance of a new member on the 17th December 2011.

On the 4th January 2012 the forum member Helen Miken (“hukildaspider”) drew an interesting conclusion. Helen Miken, obviously through a lack of communication, had managed to convince herself that “Deus ex machina” was associated with Lauda Finem:

Helen Miken was of course very right in her assessment of “Deus ex machina’s” involvement with Lauda Finem. We take our hat off to Helen Miken, as a researcher she’s pretty good, but not always right.

On this occasion however Helen’s conclusions were spot on and so obviously born of the material “Deus ex machina” had been posting, prima facie it must have appeared to Helen that Deus, like so many others was unashamedly promoting themselves in the forum.

The material that Deus ex machina  had been posting was implicating yet another person with the surname “Nottingham”.  Deus was claiming that they were in cahoots and related to Dermot Nottingham. The person implicated is by all accounts an Australian Law student by the name of Antony Nottingham who is due to graduate this year.

We believe that Deus ex machina had run a simple Google search and found this students linkIn profile and then drawn some pretty extraordinary assumptions with no evidence other than the scant detail available in an online profile.

Helen Miken then assumed, as would any other ordinary observer, that “Deus ex machina” was yet another Nottingham brother promoting this blog. “Deus ex machina” could not sit back and allow everyone who visited her posts to believe that she was actually this chap Antony Nottingham but given that she was a new member there was obviously no way of evidencing otherwise.

This is where “Deus ex machina”  begins to come unstuck. The criminals amongst the members of and are by nature very very impatient, so Deus ex machina foolishly instructed yet another of’s long serving hacks, “not there victim” put the record straight for them:

As a test, in our post, All roads lead to Rome, we set yet another trap:

However another important factor in our strategy which will remain concealed for some time to come is beginning to “bare fruit” thanks to the work of an unwitting member of the forum “hukildaspida” aka Helen Miken; we’ll have more about Helen Miken’s ACC status and her observations later in the year. Now lets stay on track and return to “super grass” and listen to just one hour of the interviews with Mr David Butler:

Just as we had suspected the trap worked. Soon after we’d posted the story All roads lead to Rome, the thread on containing the above entries, posted by“hukildaspider” and “not there victim” were removed from’s general lounge, this further evidences a collusion between the pair: only the members responsible, or the admin,could have removed the above posts! “not there victim” is very closely associated with the ring leaders, especially the secretary of the social club, picnic organiser “Witchipoo”

The choice of Latin phrase is also a dead give away! Whoever they were, their knowledge of the archaic Latin language was certainly limited to it’s contemporary application in the marketing of motor cycles. The phrase Deus ex machina is of course more commonly known for its association with custom made bike’s after joining www.accforum, using the only Latin sounding phase known to them, on the 24th December it occurred to them that they should find out what Deus ex machina actually meant, so they then Googled the phrase and added yet another phrase that they had managed to locate on Wikipedia:

Alea iacta est

We are of course flattered that they wanted to emulate Lauda Finem’s unique style, having little, if any, of their own. To qoute Charles Caleb Colton “Imitation is the sincerest (form) of  flattery” Whilst on the subject of Colton we might also employ yet another of his observations:

There are two modes of establishing our reputation: to be praised by honest men, and to be abused by rogues. It is best, however, to secure the former, because it will invariably be accompanied by the latter.

The arrival of Deus ex machina coincided with Christine Thomas’s interaction with Aarin Wislang in one of those secret chat rooms facilitated by Wislang on his aforementioned website.

These events also coincided with a number of questions David Butler had put to Dermot Nottingham on the morning of the 15th of December 2011, questions about a post on Eric McLaughlin that briefly appeared, (pass word protected) and then disappeared on the 14th December 2011.

According to Butler himself, (filmed on the morning of the 15th December 2011) Kenneth Miller had gloatingly alerted him to the (password protected) posts existence on the 14th December 2011.

Okay we confess, it was yet another of those traps we often employ. Unfortunately it was our view that Mr Dermot Nottingham was too inclined to trust the “Gangsta” David Butler, and was not asking some of the questions our cameraman on location in New Zealand ,Carlos, needed answered so we set out to convince Mr Nottingham that Butler was not telling the whole truth whenever it came to Christine Thomas or indeed his involvement in the plot to destroy Alan Thomas.

Justice crusader Dermot Nottingham was not aware that Lauda Finem had received additional material (from another whistle-blower), material that evidenced the involvement of cabals skulduggery in bringing down Eric McLaughlin; evidence that David Butler had intentionally sought to conceal whilst chatting with Nottingham, evidence that our cameraman Carlos knew about.

By the the 15th David Butler (rattled by Christine Thomas and Aarin Wislang) had become very uncomfortable using Skype and was making excuses for not wanting to appear on skype video, but that story is for another post.

Below we have copied the open letter that “Deus ex machina” posted on Posted 08 January 2012 – 09:02 AM:

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 9.36.02 PMDear Antony Yes, we know who you are and we are aware that you are an accomplice and co writer on Lauda Finem’s blog. This is a blog that relies heavily on Australian law to excuse the behaviour of the writers and lay accusation after accusation at the door of innocent persons. Persons whom have either stood up to Dermot Nottingham or those that have supposedly caused harm to him and his family.

We are concerned that the behaviour displayed on the blog is not becoming of someone such as yourself. Have you sunk into the same pit of despair and vendetta minded behaviour as your violent and dysfunctional family? Dermot and his brothers were subjected to the abuse of nuns, an excuse claimed by Dermot for this violence and dysfunction, Antony what is your excuse?

Antony, 2012 is supposed to be your year, a year where all of your hard work bears fruit. Do you want that fruit to rot on the tree of dysfunction? Antony we know that you have played a major role in the abuse, harassment and defamation that is displayed on Lauda Finem’s blog. You are not so clever that you have escaped our notice, you are not so clever that the site has not leaked information about you and your involvement.

Here in New Zealand we also have laws, as well you should know. Check our Defamation Act 1992, do you think you can hide behind ‘honest opinion’ or ‘truth’? Do you even know what the ‘truth’ is, or are you like the others responsible for the site’s contents, hell bent on causing the most harm to as many innocent people as you can, regardless of what the truth is?

Antony, do you think you are above Australian law, you might like to remind yourself of these –…defamation.html or you might like to check out the case of Dow Jones & Co Inc vs Gutnick.

Do you think you are above New Zealand law? Do you think with your background that you can claim ‘innocent dissemination’? Do you think your role in the Lauda Finem’s blog is in the pursuit of truth? The truth is more important than the dysfunction and perceived injustices you think your family have suffered from. Lauda Finem is nothing more than an angry venting ground for those with an axe to grind, an axe that appears to be aimed at anyone, guilt or innocence does not matter, nor does the truth. This is not the pursuit of truth, this is not justice, this is nothing more than common thuggery. Are you Antony above this behaviour or are you, like your name sake reckless too, with no regard to the innocent parties that you hurt along the way? Is such behaviour ‘fit and proper? We think not.


Deus ex machina

Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.

Mohandas Gandhi

The use of the term “fit and proper” is also very interesting, especially when used by a rogue, but we’ll also leave that for another post.

We have obtained the alleged brothers permission, law student Mr Antony Nottingham, to post his profile material, in fact he’s intrigued by the story. He is also related to Dermot Nottingham (unusually, just like every other Nottingham on the planet), he suggested that we also post this document,he feels that it may assist the members of to track down the other members of the extended family, that could amount to hundreds. Hundreds of clan members that will no doubt rise to the occasion:


We have ascertained that Mark is the name of Dermot Nottingham’s eldest brother (there are three brothers; Mark, Phillip and Dermot), so how about about doing a Google search for a Mark Nottingham we’ve found at least one online, also a “LinkedIn” profile and he’s also apparently Australian, you idiots, you absolute fucking idiots, keep up the good work?

As for the alleged defamation that Deus ex machina claims has occurred against “innocent parties”? Has the penny dropped yet, the defamation alleged by Deus ex machina has never existed, Lauda Finem in almost two years of operation has yet to personally receive one complaint claiming that our posts are defamatory and that’s simply because we only publish the truth, including the taped viva voce evidence of very senior police officers! Deus ex machina is just another faker, just like “Witchipoo” and obviously a member of the very same group responsible for harming many professionals and destroying the life of the falsely accused Takapuna bomber Alan Thomas.

Lauda Finem always asks questions despite that fact we very rarely get answers or comment from those that are almost certainly guilty of criminal activity and or serious corruption:

From: Janet Tinson 
Sent: Thursday, 12 January 2012 14:45
To:  Lauda Finem [
Subject: Threats of liable action against Dermot Nottingham?

This email address on a blocked senders list and your emails will not be
received nor responded to.

Janet Tinson, Lead Branch Manager, ACC
New Plymouth, Whanganui, Palmerston North
Tel 06 7590 714 / Mobile 027 231 6185 / Ext 60714

—–Original Message—–

From: Lauda Finem []
Sent: Thursday, 12 January 2012 14:45
To: Janet Tinson
Subject: Threats of liable action against Dermot Nottingham?

Dear Ms Tinson

We here at Lauda Finem have been advised by a Mr Dermot Nottingham and a
related organisation, Advantage Advocacy, that you and your employer,
the Accident Compensation Corporation have formed the strange view
(other than a very close association with the REAA) that Mr Dermot
Nottingham owns and operates Lauda Finem.

We advise that your information is incorrect. We further advise that we
will not be removing any post detailing your alleged behaviour without
you first evidencing that the allegations made against you by the ACC
informant David Butler are indeed false, please remember that ACC and
police relied on the emails sent to ACC by Butler to convict a Mr Alan
Thomas of the infamous Takapuna bomb plot, so the man obviously has a
great deal of credibility within the law enforcement community and
courts of New Zealand.

Please feel free to contact us here in Australia with absolutely any
concerns you may have, but please remember we don’t listen to whingers.
We have, since late last year, been attempting to obtain comment and or
referral from the corporations Media liaison officers without success
and have evidence of that fact! We would therefore welcome your personal
contact. We have a number of important questions that we would like to
put to you prior to posting the many planned additional articles and an
extensive array of audiovisual material that inculpates both your staff
and you in behaviour we, as Australians, would consider serious
misconduct and worthy of referral to ICAC.

Having said that we are of course open to receiving the evidence that
you may have which contradicts Butlers and your clients recollections of
your wrong doing.

As an aside can you confirm that both you and your husband owned and
operated a failed Abalone farm in the New Plymouth hinterland (20 km
radius) approx ten years ago?


The Team @ Lauda Finem

“The information contained in this document is confidential to the addressee(s) and
may be legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified
that any use, distribution, amendment, copying of the message or attachments is
strictly prohibited. Any view or opinions expressed are those of the author and may
not be those of the organisation to which the author belongs. No guarantee or
representation is made that this communication is free of errors, viruses, or interference.
If you have received this e-mail message in error please delete it and notify me. Thank you.

We accept no responsibility for changes made to this email or to any attachments after
transmission from the office.”

The Accident Compensation Corporations New Plymouth manager Janet Tinson, like so many of others has made unsubstantiated threats, not to Lauda Finem directly of course, but to various other unrelated parties. When they finally realise that they had been busted they all decline to comment further and foolishly think that by remaining silent and blocking Lauda Finem’s inquiries they could continue to stick their head in the proverbial sand!

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