National Party has hit list of party pill rich list

In the middle of last year a senior National Party Executive informed an extremely reputable Auckland Businessman of a plan by the party’s alleged movers and shakers to target legal party pill manufacturers for destruction.

The plan was simple and callous and called for the co-operation of the New Zealand Police Service. It would appear that the Police were actually directed by the executive of the National Party, (not the elected government, but the Party and its spin doctors); make the destruction of these law abiding businessmen a political priority. The senior National Party “big wig” was so proud of his work that he brought the list along to his meeting to show our informant.

True to form the proof was in the pudding and the pudding was baked, iced and eaten by the public in a massive swoop and press release by the police. Unfortunately for the public the Police misled the press about exactly what was occurring.

The police struck in Dawn raids with hundreds of armed (to the teeth) officers smashing down doors and bursting through glass sliders screaming “down mutha fuckers, Police in the house”.

One such accused (without a single criminal conviction) saw the police smash through his sons bedroom (external) door and put a gun to the 10 year old boys head.

The accused was smashed to the ground with rifle butts, handcuffed and then had his throat strangled by an officer placing his boot over the back of his head whilst the accused’s neck was squashed against an item on the ground. The accused reports that he would have been strangled but for being able to get out of the handcuffs. Unfortunately for the accused the officer took this ability to get his hands free as an insult and smashed his rifle butt into the accused’s head.

It made front page news all over the country and this is where the National Party’s motive for directing the Police Service to target the names on the Party Pill Rich List becomes obvious. The raids were days before the last election and were designed to influence the party vote towards a national led government for the next term, and disturbingly it worked.

The police were so concerned about the criminality of the accused and all of his fellow accused that they let all of them immediately back on the street. The Police raided two separate groups purposefully mixing up a group of meth manufacturers with Legal Party Pill Manufacturers. Additionally the Police seized nearly $20 m of property in the names of the accused and about $3m of property belonging to non accused.

All accused have stated that they are not guilty of manufacturing or supplying “B” and “C” class drugs and say that the Police have purposefully misled the public as to this allegation.

There is a lot more to come on this really interesting story and if what we have been told is true, this may change the way in which New Zealanders believe that the Police Service and the Political parties in power operate. As  John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902) once said:

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely

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