Lauda Finem’s response to New Zealand’s Real Estate Agents Authority

Over the last few months it has been brought to our attention that the staff at New Zealand’s REAA, including Kieth Manch and various others including MP’s Jackie Blue and Nathan Guy have taken exception to our blog.

Keith Manch in fact had the audacity to write falsely accusing an unrelated individual of being responsible for Lauda Finem. We are now also aware that other individuals associated with the REAA have been running around like headless chook’s accusing all in sundrey of being behind the operation of our blog.

Now the common theme amongst these over paid bloated whinging arse-hole’s is their own corrupt behaviour and an apparent disdain for whistle-blowing website’s; Keith Manch put it like this:

“My attention has been drawn to the following blog site

It appears that you are either the author or source of the contents of that blog.

The contents of that blog add to the concerns I have about your confrontational and unprofessional manner.”

Mr Manch and his corrupt mates at the REAA have absolutely no idea who is behind Lauda Finem. We on the other hand know a little bit about Mr Manch and his friends. Mr Manch was once a New Zealand police officer. In fact during the good old days, when New Zealand’s cops could commit assaults, rapes,  kidnap and torture with total confidence that the offending would be covered up by their superiors. Our blog has page upon page of posts describing in great detail that offending and corruption.

Irrespective of Manch’s recent discovery, our blog has been around for years with posts containing period photographs, taped evidence and supporting documentation; all of which evidence police malfeasance and corruption. In addition the posts and the evidence is known to the perpetrators. Over the years all but one of those featured have failed to contact us. The one individual that did decide to respond, bent ex-cop turned bent private investigator Lewis Noel Proctor, foolishly did so in writing:

“wow, what a man ( probably not one ) big mouth dick head

would be closer to the mark, just like a bullet on its way to the

target ( you )Come and see me, love to meet you you useless piece of shit.

or can’t you get into the country. ( or out )

Wow, what a specimen

Magnum GWW”

Of course good old Lew was, as always, shooting straight from his arthritic hip and undoubtedly regrets his intemperate and violent response, but then again Lewis Proctor has a serious history of such responses. Lew left the New Zealand police force following similar behaviour, apparently he had only wanted to “show how he had hit the black Samoan bastard who hit his dog” and then in a violent rampage proceeded to belt everyone he could get at, including a defenseless prisoner and fellow police officers. Lew later claimed temporary insanity….as an aside we believe that Lew’s “temporary” insanity may well be a permanent affliction.

The lack of correspondence from the other clearly criminal police officers featured in our posts is by inference, in itself further evidence of their wrong doing. After all they all know that they’re guilty of serious systemic criminal behaviour and they are also aware that the featured tapes are but the tip of the iceberg so to speak, there are literally hundreds more.

Hell, a superior officer Chief Inspector Whiro Ratahi knew that they where all corrupt, violent and out of control, so again why is it that Keith Manch finds our material disturbing, surely any honest person would find the behaviour of the bent cops disgusting, but not Mr Manch, what does that say about Mr Manch. We find Manch disturbing, we’ve written to him and said as much!

The comments of some of our readers just further evidence’s the impact these arse-holes, Mr Manch’s beloved police comrades, have had on the lives of many of their innocent victim’s, lets take just one of the featured cops; Detective Malcolm John Thomas and what his fan club has to say:

“Not long to go for the sleazy Thomas to be exposed now, enjoy your little east coast haven bought from corrupt and devious means, the hunters are hunting mr face mask , the covers are starting to corrode and giving up what you tried to hide over these many years. may all the innocent ones be vindicated finally, what a great day for justice when this creepy deviant gets his judgment” .

“Thomas has so much to hide the heat obviously got to much for him. this is how corrupt the police are in gisborne and always have been. if someone called for evidence under amnesty we would see the sickest and darkest real gisborne past come to light. there would be hundreds called into question, from councillors to truck drivers and police officers to reporters. the gisborne police scene is a hidden one due to its isolation to the rest of N Z. but again nobody has the guts or the energy to investigate.”

“Why doesnt somebody investigate the Tauwhare Parae Farms over the past 40 years, the manager and Thomas were thick as thieves, costing the public millions and millions of $$$.”

It amazes me after all these years nobody has the guts to investigate the corruption thats gone on in Gisborne for many many years, one day you will all meet your maker and their will be no more hiding”

Hi Laudafinem

Just stumbled on your blog. You’ll be pleased to know that Malcolm Thomas resigned from the Gisborne Police around 2008-2009 after a jury acquitted a local man of rape. The defence proved that the man had been set up and evidence had been planted and tampered with. One guess who the lead detective of the case was. However, the plot thickens but I can’t go into it at the moment due to a pending appeal case. I know that this is a stupid question, but do you know of any cops etc in Palmerston North that are corrupt. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

What I’ve had the chance to read in your blog and what my family has experienced with the police, are things that you’d expect to see in movies, not in real life. The police are the worst criminal’s but they are allowed to get away with there crimes regardless of who and what they destroy. I am disgusted that those pigs (everyone involved) got away with what they did to the brothers.

We know for a fact that the claims in the last comment, that the criminally corrupt Detective Malcolm Thomas had planted evidence so as to have a man convicted of rape are true. That man was later acquitted on appeal following the discovery of Thomas’s criminal skulduggery.

We also know as fact that every single post we put up and the allegations contained therein are true and as close to accurate as could reasonably be expected, as already said the evidence is there for our readers to view and listen too – we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that.

So just what is it that the ex-cop Kieth Manch finds concerning in our posts? Yes we are confrontational and the material we have presented is extremely disturbing, especially for the citizens of a so called western democracy. We also know that whilst Keith Manch was, Deputy Secretary of Internal Affairs and heading its web censorship program that important documents were distroyed so as to, we and others believe,  prevent them becoming public:

Last week we announced that the New Zealand internet filter had “gone live” and was now being used to filter the connections for users of two ISPs (Watchdog and Maxnet), with more expected to follow.

The obvious question has to be, why was Tech Liberty announcing something that the Department of Internal Affairs had done? Where was their announcement that the filter had gone live on the 1st of February? Don’t civil servants have a duty to communicate to the people that they serve?

Sadly this reticence with information has been typical of the Department of Internal Affairs in relation to the implementation of the Internet filter.

Deleting Public Records

Last year we used the Official Information Act to ask for copies of the reports that the inspectors has used to justify banning the websites on the list. The DIA refused. After we appealed this refusal to the Ombudsman, the DIA then said that those records had been deleted and therefore it was impossible for them to give them to us anyway. The Department has an obligation under the Public Records Act to keep such information.

We complained to the Chief Archivist, who investigated and confirmed that the DIA had deleted public records without permission. He told us that the DIA has promised to do better in the future, but naturally this didn’t help us access the missing records.

The Secret Go-Live Date

Why has the DIA been so secretive about the filter going into operation? Here’s two examples where we believe that they have failed to be open and honest about what they are doing, even in response to direct questions.

We wrote to the DIA and asked them, again, when the filter was going to go live. They wrote back on January the 20th and said that as they were about to make an announcement, the Official Information Act gave them grounds to refuse our request. This was 11 days before Watchdog was the first ISP to start using the filter. It’s now the 16th of March, nearly two months later, and there’s still no announcement from the DIA.

Secondly, on February the 15th we rang Keith Manch, Deputy Secretary of Internal Affairs, and directly asked him when the filter was going live. Keith is responsible for Regulation and Compliance and has been heavily involved in the implementation of the filter. Did he admit that the filter had gone into operation two weeks earlier? No, he carefully took note of our questions and then wrote in a follow-up email that as we had already asked those questions by letter he wouldn’t answer. We finally got our answer on March the 8th, admitting that the system had gone live on February the 1st.

Open and Democratic Government

Tech Liberty is at the intersection of technology and civil liberties. We are strong supporters of the right to self-rule as expressed through democratic government. An important element of democratic government is the principle that government must be open and accountable, as without this governments tend to become corrupt and self-serving.

New Zealand recognises this and the Official Information Act and Public Records Acts are some of the ways we use to ensure that our government remains open and accountable. However, the law isn’t enough on its own, it also requires a commitment from government departments to honour the spirit of the law and not try to use or misuse the letter of it to conceal information.

We don’t believe that the Department of Internal Affairs has been living up to this standard when it comes to the issue of internet filtering.


We know that the habit of destroying or denying the existence of evidence and or documents was a common place technique employed by new Zealand police during Mr Manch’s time as a police officer under commissioner John Jamieson and his predecessors. We know as fact that Kieth Manch is extremely evasive and has always failed to answer questions directed to him, especially when it involves his associations past and present, more especially when the questions have anything to do with his position and rank in the New Zealand police force.

We also know that there are serious problems at the REAA, problems with the honesty and integrity of its senior office holders, Manch included, whilst he was the executive registrar.

So again what exactly is it that the ex-cop Mr Manch and his mates at the REAA find so objectionable about this particular blog and our posts.

Why hasn’t Mr Manch, or for that matter any off his friends, emailed us personally; expressing their displeasure, we suspect that they all know, full well, that we would in turn publish any correspondence, with our response attached, letting them know what we thought of their particular brand of  misfeasance and the REAA’s corrupt operating style.

Mr Manch and his clearly bent mates at the REAA needn’t fret, we intend to continue doing just that, letting New Zealanders, the real estate industry and the world know what’s been going on at the REAA, we suspect that Mr Manch et al already know that; after all there is no point attempting to defend the indefensible. Lauda Finem will not be intimidated by bent civil servants and that fact will undoubtedly serve both us and the New Zealand public’s right to know very well.

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