Whistle-blowers, more information required

Lauda Finem has been receiving  a high volume of whistle-blowing emails lately with very vague accusations. If you know something then please make a definitive case.  It would help us if you could supply all documents that are alluded too in your emails.

Our researchers are already stretched and we consider it a waste of our resources to pursue cases where information that could just as easily have been provided by those wanting the corruption exposed. Additionally, if at all possible please provide the documents referred to, the url’s or other evidence of their existence and or exact location as you can no doubt appreciate we are Australians, located in Australia and as such do not have the ability to make FOI requests easily.

Finally, it would  help us, if when writing you cite a particular document and then name its author, by providing some evidence of the claimed authorship/connection/relationship. If you as a whistle-blower believe an accusation or contention to be true then you must have some reliable evidence upon which you have based your belief/Knowledge?

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