Kristy “family meal” McDonald uses a mate, Anna “canna understand” Tierney, as the REAA ramps up corruption in an attempt to silence fraud victims

The REAA’s Chair Kristy “meal deal” McDonald QC

New Zealand’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) senior forensic fraud investigator Anna canna understand Tierney moonlights over at the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) as a Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC) chair; a fact that the REAA board, management, and staff wanted absolutely no one to know; Lauda Finem can now tell our readers why.

The reason for the REAA’s secrecy is so that honest hard working fee paying real estate agents didn’t get to know how Kristy McDonald QC had used the REAA’s financial resources to ply her mates with “the good life”;  and we very much mean the good life.

We outed the bent copper Mr Jonathan Moss, who was effectively hand picked by McDonald for a $170,000.00 (plus sick perks) job, when McDonald knew of his predatory past, sexual misconduct, and investigation by Police for perverting the course of justice. According to the email traffic Kristy McDonald thought that Moss was a top bloke.

We will be bringing you the inside scoop of what Moss got up to, and who he managed to get “up”, when he was allowed to get hold of the REAA cheque book brimming over with real estate agents annual licencing fees. McDonald gave her old mate Moss the green light to enter the “red district” and boy oh boy did Moss get to playing around.

Watch this space because some real “sick shit”  is coming your way. Rumour also has it that Moss had been given the green light by McDonald on a position at the Independent Police Complaints Authority (IPCA) prior to securing the job at the REAA, apparently the Authorities Chair Justice Lowell Goddard had been considering Moss for a position whilst he was still in the Police spotlight and being investigated.

As our regular readers will already know Kristy McDonald QC later hired a personal friend, lawyer John Edwards to cover up her favour flavor” appointment process that resulted in Moss being hired by the REAA, but unfortunately for McDonald, the “cover up” was more a stereotypical McDonald “stuff up”. Shit loads of emails went missing and we now know why.

We are seeking copies of those emails, which we are told exist safely in the hands of our whistleblower. The whistleblower, however, is understandably given their position, very very nervous; We however say bugger them all, give us the goods; we need to take this cabal of corrupt arse-holes down.

We will keep our readership up to date as more material flows in. We have also told our whistleblower to record any inquiry made of them, as to the possibility of their being a whistleblower, so we can supply that detail to the authorities, and other media outlets, where appropriate.

As promised, however, we now bring you the goods on another McDonald “family meal” appointment. Anna Tierney has had a close working relationship with McDonald when they were deciding, over tea and scones, just exactly who the SFO was going to charge next. Well we can tell you that McDonald and Tierney were never going to charge Martin Honey due to Mr Honey’s very special political connections, and their respective influences within the REAA and SFO.

There has been pressure by SFO employees to get wage increases and equally pressure from Government to cut the number of jobs. SFO boss Adam Feeley did some recent job cutting himself when he sacked one of Anna Tierney’s best mates, the then chief prosecutor for the SFO, Anita Killeen 35, for committing forgery in order to make false allegations of impropriety against him. Nice work Adam and we hope the bitch gets a decade behind bars.

From what we have seen of Mr Feeley’s work we think he is the best appointment since the SFO first kicked off.  But to say that the SFO is squeaky clean is to say that the REAA is. And as we all now know the REAA is about as straight as the hind leg of a robber’s dog.

The fact that the two organisation’s are connected by personal relationships would indicate that the corruption in both will inevitably multiply. We say this without having a jibe at Feeley, but in the hope that he will sack Tierney for what clearly amounts to coercion and attempting to pervert and defeat the course of justice.

It would appear that we can bring you (our devoted readers) the evidence of this exponential multiplication of malfeasance as it  occurs, as we go to press.

One of the victims of the fraud has had enough and decided to have a good old go at the “bad cops”. He did so in a letter, the content of which,  can only be described as a work of  “kiwiana” art. We will post that letter in our next post (with the names of the victims of Mr Honey’s offending redacted due to ongoing criminal inquiries).

The letter was written in response to Anna “canna understand” Tierney directly threatening the victims of Honeys offending with a charge that could never have stuck unless she and her mates in that particular CAC were completely corrupt. We’ll let you all read the victims letter tomorrow so that you can all get a real handle of what Anna and Kristy are trying to do.

We would however make the point ladies (McDonald and Tierney), what worked with Moss, won’t work this time around, and we are undoing the Moss corruption as this goes to press. Kristy your gravy jug guzzling days are for the “chop chop” along with your mate Mr Kieth Manch.

Anna Tierney was the head of the CAC that initially found a case to answer against Martin Honey Ray White Real Estate, and then after Jackie “the fixer” Blue involved Minister Nathan “Bad Guy” Guy, and ex bent cop Keith “chop chop” Manch, suddenly any interest in furthering the investigation into what was clearly serious criminal behavior by Honey mysteriously disappeared.

Twelve months later, rather than investigating Mr Honeys clearly criminal actions, as found in the independent report of Mr Hikaka, Tierney writes a letter that basically threatens the victims with serious repercussions should they have any further contact with us here at Lauda Finem.

Having read the disgusting Tierney letter and having read the victims reply we believe that Tierney has had a complaint from REAA Chair Kristy “family meal” McDonald, instructing Tierney to do whatever is necessary to close “the leak”.  Unfortunately for Tierney and McDonald the “leak” is not where they believe it is.

As an interesting aside we have been contacted by main stream media and other New Zealand blogs interested in running with us on what one blogger called “McDonald’s last supper on New Zealand’s gravy train”. Apparently this legal blogger thinks “McDonald’s a blowhard that should never have been admitted to any bar, unless it served alcohol”

Since one of the victim’s of the REAA corruption raised the “fourth estate” in their reply to Tierney, we felt obligated to give a quick history lesson to Tierney and her blowhard boss McDonald. Historically the fourth estate was a societal or political force or organisation whose influence is not officially recognised, but is nevertheless powerful.

The term was attributed to British Politician Edmund Burke, who used the it in a parliamentary debate (1787) on creating unfettered access of the Press to report on the debates in the House of Commons.  However it is suggested that earlier writers used the term when referring to lawyers and “the people”;  nevertheless said;

“there were three estates in parliament, but, in the reporters gallery yonder, there sat a fourth estate more important far than they all”


Burke’s work for the British people, and indeed the greater wealth of the Commonwealth and, in turn, the entire planet, is not really appreciated, as we suspect corrupt government officials could never appreciate it.

Burke is often (wrongly) attributed as saying “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. What Burke actually wrote in his work “Thoughts on the cause of the present discontents”(published in 1770), and which is relevant to the content of the REAA corruption is;

“When bad men combine, the good must associate, else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle”

 In dealing with the hopelessly out-of-depth Anna “canna understand” Tierney’s letter we at Lauda Finem will use the form of argument, or intellectual exercise Reductio ad absurdum meaning “reduction to the absurd”.  This is where a proposition is disproven by following its implications logically to the end result; a result that’s inevitably absurd.

Mr Honey could never argue that the material on our site is objectionable as Mr Honey is as “guilty of fraud” as the Third Reich were of genocide. In line with this conclusion, Mr Honey has never threatened us here at Lauda Finem, nor indeed the victims (as far as we are aware), with retaliatory civil, or criminal action.  As also noted by Mr Hikaka, Mr Honey has never made a criminal complaint to the Police, but has lied to the REAA in claiming that he has.

Mr Honey has threatened the victims of his fraud, from what would seem to us to be an impossible position, (given that he could some how make the reporting of his large scale serious fraud a “BIG MISTAKE”). He has however proven that he can threaten with immunity from prosecution, with the help of his corrupt friends Jackie Blue, Nathan Guy, and REAA registrar Keith “Chop chop” Manch, who have, it would appear, now been joined by Anna “canna understand” Tierney, and Kristy “family meal” McDonald.

We believe that McDonald and her cabal of corrupto’s find our website material objectionable because it makes serious allegations of wrong doing against National List MP Jackie Blue, National Government Minister Nathan Guy, and ex REAA CEO Keith Manch, as it relates to their role in wrongfully taking an honest licence, and attempting to pervert and defeat the course of justice in attempting to quash a proper investigation into the serious criminal offending of Martin Honey. As previously stated, our allegations now include both Tierney and McDonald.

Lauda Finem’s absolute defence to any proceedings would be the findings of Mr Hikaka, the 30 year veteran of the New Zealand Police Service, and Mr Cronje, the computers systems expert, and previous South African Police Captain, in their respective reports which find against Honey and the others who have acted as “fairy fraud angels” protecting Mr Honey and his “associates” from prosecution.

Below we include a few of the findings quoted from the Hikaka andCronje reports respectively that, we believe given time, will bring about an end to what has been a diabolical passage of corruption within the REAA; given that the conspirators, all civil servants, have acted to stop the prosecution of Martin Honey for his serious criminal conduct;

Hikaka report 30 January 2012.

“In my opinion there is prima facie evidence to show that Martin Honey has, with dishonest intentions, created the RE/MAX website and created a link to his Ray White website.  Due to the prima facie evidence that does exist, I strongly recommend that the matter is referred to the Police for their further investigations with a view to criminally prosecuting Mr Honey…….

Mr Honeys actions in creating this false document is tantamount to forgery in that the document he prepared, and addressed to the New Zealand Police, tells a lie about itself and misrepresents the facts.  It can only have been created and sent to the REAA to mislead them into thinking he had also lodge the complaint with the New Zealand Police.

In summary other contents of the letter created by Mr Honey, and addressed to New Zealand Police, make a number of false allegations about (victim “A”) (our emphasis)

Mr Honeys criminal liability in relation to his complaints against (victim ”A”(and victim “B” and victim “C”) are also matters which I recommend are lodged with the New Zealand Police, alleging criminal behavior by Mr Honey, in his attempts to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice due to his misrepresentations he has made against victim “A”, for the purposes of misleading the REAA in their investigations into victims “A”’s conduct against Mr Honey. (our emphasis)

Mr Honey in his complaint against victim “A”, states that “victim “A” has viciously verbally attacked my wife over the phone making threats that he’ll ruin us”.

 The only dealings victim “A” has had with Mrs Honey was during the two phone calls, which have been the subject of earlier discussion in this report.

The assertions made by Mr Honey are blatent and malicious lies(our emphasis)

I further note that in correspondence from Mr Honey, he has incorrectly accused victim “B” of being the person who telephoned Mrs Honey.

The timing of his allegations, in relation to victim “A” [and victim “B” and victim “C”] are within days of him being notified that victim “A” had made a complaint against him for the fraudulent running of a RE/MAX website.

His false allegations, in relation to victim “A”’s telephone conversations with his wife, appear to be directly related to his attempts to mislead the REAA, at the time that they would have received and were considering the earlier complaint against him. (our emphasis)

Victim “A”s actions in recording this telephone conversation with Mrs Honey were lawful.  In my opinion, it is fortuitous for him that it was recorded because it provides an accurate account of the conversation, and of the manner of the conversation, between victim “A” and Mrs Honey.

I say fortuitous because the subsequent allegations made against victim “A” to this call are a fabrication.  Lies are being told in an attempt to show victim “A” in a bad light.  This is misleading. These lies have been told by Mr Honey and by inference, are supported by Mrs Honey.

As a result of my Police experience of 30 years, I can confidently say that victim “A”’s manner and demeanour when speaking to Mrs Honey was far less rigourous than what I have witnessed of barristers and solicitors, and police prosecutors, when cross examining witnesses during judicial proceedings.

It is to be remembered that victim “A” was speaking to Mrs Honey, as the victim of suspected criminal offending by Mr Honey, and was attempting to seek clarification on matters which were of concern to him.

As earlier alluded to, it is fortuitous that victim “A” did record telephone conversations he had with Mrs Honey, otherwise there would have been direct conflict between accounts of victim “A” and Mr Honey.  The recordings show that Mr Honey has lied in relation to these phone calls and this seriously affects his credibility in relation to any assertions or explanation’s he has made, and will make, in relation to all matters involved in this ongoing investigation” (our emphasis)

Cronje report 10 February 2012

Question 1 to Cronje;

“1.       Can you reach conclusions from the content of the video clip supplied whether the RE/MAX branded Pure Realty site was fully operational, or cached as on 19th April 2010?

Cronje Answer to Question 1

“From the content of the video clip provided, it is my firm opinion that the RE/MAX Pure Realty site was fully operational as at 19th April 2010. (our emphasis)

From the video I could see there are links from the RE/MAX page to the data bases of Ray White site, and that indicates the two sites were linked to each other.

When using Googles search page, there is a choice to load the live web page or the cached web page.  When the cached webpage is loaded, there will be a header on top of the page which serves as a reminder that this is not necessarily the most recent version of the page.  It will also indicate the date the page was “snapshot” by Google, normally in the last month. Google takes snapshots of webpages as a back up, and used this for matching keyword searches.

When a webpage is removed, keyword searches will still find Googles cached page.  If the web link is selected, there will be an error message  (‘page not found’).  This result will remain until such time as Google updates its snapshots).


From the video provided, I confirm it is my expert opinion that the webpages of Martin Honey Pure Realty (RE/MAX) was alive and active and it contained live links to the data base(s) of the Ray White website as at 19th of April 2010. (our emphasis)

It is stated that the website was taken down by a 3rd party; the only way this could have happened was if the website was still alive” (our emphasis)”

Question 2 to Cronje;

2.         What should have been immediately done as soon as possible to obtain evidence of the likely visitors and inquiries to the RE/MAX Pure Realty site?

Cronje Answer to Question 2

The procedure should have been to immediately forensically examine the computers for email traffic and if that had been removed or was unavailable, endeavour to obtain this from the Internet Service Provider.  At this late stage this information is unlikely to be available”

Question 3 to Cronje;

3.        Is the video crucial to establish the RE/MAX Pure Realty site as really operational?”

Cronje Answer to Question 3

“The video clearly shows that the RE/MAX Pure Realty website in question is live

Question 4 to Cronje;

4.       What do you think the purpose of the RE/MAX Pure Realty site was?

Cronje Answer to Question 4

“It is my opinion the RE/MAX Pure Realty site was designed, particularly with the visitors links to the corresponding Ray White site, to direct real estate inquiries away from legitimate RE/MAX websites.” (our emphasis)

We here at Lauda Finem say ‘fiat justitia ruat caelum’ to the corrupt officers of the REAA and the CAC involved, as the “roof” protecting Martin Honey will certainly fall in with the weight of opinion supplied by well over 4000 real estate agents being emailed by us in the next few weeks and using other means, we’ve run a few tests to see whether the REAA’s Mr Manch and his previous incarnation as an internet censor may well have been a problem – it in fact may well have been, but that’s for another post!

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    I know Anna Tierney. She is was doing a Masters in Forensic Accounting at Uni.

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