Mayer's mate, Lance Gilbertson

Lauda Finem have learnt that a formal Police complaint has been laid against Lance Gilbertson, the king of NZ Kayaking and a dodgey key mover and shaker in the plan to defeat justice for the finance company at the heart of New Zealand’s biggest mortgage fraud, Ex Prime Minister Jim Bolger’s little baby, Trustee Executors Limited (TEL).

Malcolm Duncan Mayer "the 50 million dollar swindler"

Following on the back of the Court of Appeals decision in Trustee Executors Ltd v Eden Holdings Limited CA526/2010  [2010] NZCA 626 a Police complaint has been made by the aggrieved finance company against  Lance David Gilbertson of  Ohakune. The complaint of fraud and forgery is being handled by Detective Graham Parsons of the Ohakune police (contact telephone number +64 6 3850110).

If you have any information on Gilbertson, or bankrupts Clode, Mayer or Cooper for that matter and their tragic attempts to defraud creditors give the old bill a tinkle on the above number, they’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, as we post this story, Malcolm Mayer is in court defending 63 Chargers of fraud and forgery laid by the Serious Fraud Office.  Our more dedicated readers will remember that we posted a piece on the 16th December 2011; “Deadmen, cokeheads, cowboys, kayakers and the friendly family liquidators.

In that story we indicated that the SFO may well have been closing in on these cowboys. Turns out, however, that it’s the “Old Bill” who’re on the job. God only knows which of these two Government agencies is in fact more competent, or should we say incompetent?

Meanwhile, back on the farm, in Cambridge the on again off again “I’ve never meet the man” Gilbertson’s mate and business partner William Ritchie has been conspiring to shake off enquiries from Fairfax’s intrepid reporter Jimmy  “the pup” Ellingham. Gilbertson and Ritchie have being misleading Ellingham despite the clear evidence that they are mates and in cahoots to stick the dodgey digits into a piece of the Trustee Executors Limited’s (TEL) pie.

Jim Bulger, Trustee Executors Limited

Gibertson and Clode have conspired with forgery and fraud kingpin Malcolm Mayer to  defeat creditors to Mayer’s companies Champion Apartments Ltd and Sage Corp Ltd.  Bill Ritchie has been appointed to Champion with Warren Arthur Wilson appointed to Sage Corp both Wilson and Ritchie have denied and association to Mayer, Clode or Gilbertson. But unfortunately William “Big Bill” Ritchie has been in discussions with Wilson which was reluctantly admitted by Wilson this week.  The connection between the two men, their main man Lance “Budgey smuggler Gilbertson and Brent “Bankrupt boy, aka clever clogs Clode”.

It’s all over boys you are paddling “up shit creek” and the only place you are likely to land is “the big house”. A couple of years sharing the showers with Malcolm Mayer .

Little Warren Wilson was appointed by Mayer on the advices of Clode and Gilbertson based on his exhaustive experience as a chartered accountant?……ah no, based on his expertise as a liquidator?…..ah no! Because Wilson would attempt to intimidate, threaten and abuse every man and his dog who had been anywhere near the sale or management of Sage Corps remaining property at 82 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand.

So  here’ s a warning to anyone involved in the Sovereign Homes debacle in the Manawatu, Gilbertson and Ritchie are up to their old scams in New Zealand’s North Island…taking from the (now not so rich) creditors and giving to the poor; which at the rate things are going, appear to have been themselves.


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