Stop Press: National party organised for evidence of Martin Honey’s criminal offending to be pulled….from YouTube?

Ewww this is beginning to look very nasty Martin: National Party’s MP Jackie Blue doesn’t much like the lime light, we’re also wondering whether her cosy, but corrupt relationship with Real Estate Agent Martin Honey will survive her behaviour being exposed and then there’s the small matter of her political career. The breaking story of why the un-elected MP Jackie Blue wants this story shut down…. coming soon. The video evidence will be available online again next week…..New Zealander’s take note, your little god-zone is anything but!

REAA Case Manager: Ancari van Niekirk, on whose orders did she totally obliterate due process?

Martin Honey’s Solicitor; Graeme Halse, not very good at defending estate agents. A question; If Halse was dealing with the REAA on Martin Honey’s behalf, why was Martin Honey covertly dealing with REAA Chief Executive Kieth Manch on a first name basis.

In New Zealand they have a quaint term for this behavior “National Party cronyism”, here in Australia we have a more appropriate name for it;  we call it corruption and its a serious crime that comes with a gaol term attached!

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