Prime Minister Key: are Pullar and National Party Boag both liars?

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Mr Sleaze? Can you really afford to "Bank" on two John's, Merchant banker turned Prime Minister John Key. A key to what exactly ? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning on Television New Zealand’s (TVNZ) Breakfast show New Zealands Prime Minister, John Key, who is obviously caught between two rocks and two very hard corruption scandals (the Dotcom/John Banks and Bronwyn Pullar corruption scandals) resorted to using one of the National Party’s tried and trusted mud-guards. When there’s absolutely no doubt; create some!

There is, however, absolutely no doubt that, unbeknownst to the corporate spin doctors at ACC, Ms Bronwyn Pullar had electronically recorded her meetings with the Government owned Accident Compensation Corporations lying toadies (An ongoing liability which they were hoping to sell off to unsuspecting foreign investors for mega-bucks).

These recordings and the transcripts, according to Fairfax’s Phil Kitchin, evidence that ACC staff had misrepresented what had been said at these meetings by Boag and Pullar, in that both had attempted to “extort” a financial benefit for Pullar via her ACC claim.

In our view, however, it could be much more serious than Phil Kitchin’s rather simplistic assessment, a number of people within ACC may well be guilty of knowingly making a false complaint to New Zealand Police force; which of course, as we all know, is a serious criminal offence, which if convicted carries with it a gaol term.

We would suggest that if Ms Pullar wants the truth to be known that she organise to have the recordings posted on Vimeo Pro, anything but YouTube as the National Party has access via its state controlled propaganda machine, TVNZ, to have unflattering material removed.

Mr Key’s statements, given that he’d clearly not heard the tape recording himself, are nothing short of extraordinary:

Bronwyn Pullar

“……Yes there appears to be a difference of opinion although, as we know with recordings, that it might not be the entire recording…..”

“…..I’m not saying it is or it isn’t, I simply don’t know, but the important point there is that there are three investigations going on … and I’m sure they’ll look at all of the information that’s there….”

Really Mr Key, you’re not saying? Not saying what exactly Mr prime, buck racking rorter, Minister Key?

TVNZ, Key’s favorite medium, had of course yet again obligingly given the Prime Minister and his spin doctors an opportunity to yet again wheel out the National Party’s antiquated Shit-sling device, we say antiquated because, unbeknownst to the National party’s media engineers it no longer works in “relocating” public opinion – rather it appears now to have an effect contrary to that for which it was designed and built; way back in the 1970’s.

The New Zealand public are obviously growing weary of Prime Minister Key and his arrogance. Moreover they are beginning to grasp the fact that when it comes to New Zealands political elite (their power-brokers and those with lots of cash, or anyone else for that matter who wish to purchase favours and influence so as to harm innocent men and women that might get in the way of a nefarious agenda) are fast becoming a very real danger to every citizen and their, apparently, somewhat fragile democracy; as the old adage goes, “there but for the grace of God go I” 

We here at Lauda Finem would love to get our hands on a copy of the tapes, of course we would then do the right thing and ensure their continued availability on our soon to be launched “LAUDA FINEM” facility.

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