ACC: Hans Verberne & Philip Murch, are these men lying toadies?

Two senior ACC managers guilty of criminally false allegations?

Are these two men, Hans Verberne and Phillip Murch,  lying about what transpired at their meeting with Bronwyn Pullar and ex- National Party president Michelle Boag? Seems that not even the Minister Judith Collins is now willing to express confidence in their version of events.

To quote Hans Verberne in his Leadership New Zealand profile:

I am proud to work for ACC, an organisation that makes a difference for all New Zealanders. For the last two and a half years, I have been an Area Manager in the claims management business. The amount of change ACC has undergone in that time, and the potential changes still to come, make the role a very challenging and varied one. 

My background is actually horticulture having completed a Horticulture Science degree from Lincoln University. I worked in the areas of consultancy and quality assurance before moving into management roles with the Ministry of Agriculture, AgriQuality and AsureQuality. 

I am thrilled to be part of the 2011 Leadership New Zealand Programme and have thoroughly enjoyed the first few sessions. Already my eyes have been opened to both the similarities of leadership in vastly different organisations, as well as the differences in leadership styles and approach that people bring to their roles. The opportunity to interact with and learn from leaders, both those presenting to us and those participating in the programme is very much appreciated.

Well you’ve certainly made an astounding difference for Ms Bronwyn Pullar Mr Verberne, oh and horticulture does that, by chance, involve shoveling horse shit or other forms of manure (Have you also mastered the National Party’s Shit-sling); if Pullar’s account, supported by Boag and the digital recording of the meeting, are correct then both Murch and Verberne may need to be charged under the New Zealand Crimes Act. Then there’s the small issue of the top brass at New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation and their strange and belligerent refusal to correct the contents of ACC’s so-called report and public record!

We here at Lauda Finem have known for some time that staff at the corporation have been guilty of corrupt behaviour, according to one of our whistle – blowers two other Managers, Sandra McMurdo (Manukau) and Janet Tinson (New Plymouth) are also allegedly guilty of serious intentional privacy breaches, which by design sort to discredit an ACC client advocate and legal adversary. We also have information that brings into question the integrity of yet another three senior managers, one of which is now in a very senior position within New Zealand’s Justice Department.

It appears to us that the National Party in Government is one very bent cabal, full to the gunnels with self-serving bent individuals who are willing to flout the law and their fellow citizens constitutional rights when ever it suits their own personal agenda and that of their cashed up “friends”.

According to Judith Collins:

Judith Collins, a Bulldog for a Minister

“It’s actually quite unconstitutional for a minister to interfere in police investigations…[or any statutory body investigation for that matter, Minister Collin’s] … I would think that anyone who has anything that is evidence such as a tape recording or a transcript that they should provide that to the police…..[or perhaps the REAA]”

We here at Lauda Finem also think that it is quite unconstitutional for a citizens rights to be trampled on by a bent Government armed with a brush and bucket of white-wash. New Zealander’s need to come to terms with the fact that they need a completely Independent anti corruption body that is not afraid to take out scumbag politicians and civil servants and put them behind bars where they belong!

We would also like to point out that many of the bent men and woman that we have investigated have one thing in common; they have all attended, Leadership New Zealand seminars. It seems to us that this quasi government organisation has been instrumental in facilitating a very curious little network of bent civil servants.

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  • Pete says:

    Wow, really starting to loose it now arnt you. Those nuns finally leaving a mark on your sanity Cowardly hiding behind a anon. Blog just does not provide any degree of credibilty you cowards.

    • Hey Pete why don’t you give Greg O’Connor a tinkle on the old dog n bone and let him know how you feel, he might care; but we doubt it lol. For those not in the know, Pete is an ex-cop from Gisborne New Zealand who likes to comment on our posts that inculpate his bent mates

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