“I was just a dumb Kiwi cunt helping a fat kraut cunt enter the country the “greek way” said a smiling Mr Banks.

Mr Banks let us in on a little secret that he intends to share with the country some time in the future.

Was Dotcom really in bed with John?

“I love politics because it makes anonymous people like Kim Dumb-cunt, did I get the pronunciation right,  surprise me with anonymous presents without any need for a thank you, and I find out later that I helped him get residency without knowing about the anonymous present.  You gotta love the New Zealand way of life”, said a grinning Mr Banks.

We at Lauda finem agree with “Banksie’s” sentiments about the New Zealand way of life, that is if you are an influential corrupt politician who wonders around accepting fifty thousand bucks here and there from people you don’t know with no strings attached.

What a wonderful fucking place, and according to Transparency International its corruption free as well.  Go figure perhaps we have got it all wrong……….we don’t think so!

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