Bent Cop? National party crony? Mike Flahive, just who’s privacy is he being instructed to protect?

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The grubby face of yet another bent ex-cop turned civil servant ?(whats with the Caterpillar) Why did he leave the police force, just like Matt Willcox and James Cunningham was he pushed or did he jump? Assistant Privacy Commissioner Mike Flahive

Following the comments made by an assistant privacy commissioner the 59 year old Mike Flahive in todays New Zealand Herald, with respect to the Bronwyn Pullar privacy breach, we here at Lauda Finem thought that there might well be yet another Government cover-up in progress, not dissimilar to the REAA Martin Honey, Jackie Blue and Kieth Manch saga. So we decided to do a little digging ourselves on this so-called privacy commissioner.

It seems that Mike Flyhive is one of those ex-coppers born of a very corrupt New Zealand Police force during the 1970’s 80’s and 90’s who like many others has managed to reinvent himself as a civil servant, exactly the same nightmare scenario that we reported on with the two bent ex-police operatives over at the REAA; Kieth Manch and Dean Winter. We’re not sure about our readers but we’re beginning to see that the appointment of ex-cops and ex army officers under the national party’s government is systemic and as the old saying goes; Bent cops never die, they just turn up somewhere else.

Mr Flahive in fact spent 23 years as a copper and according to the website ACC Forum has been involved in some very questionable if not dodgy decisions, the latest of which was his inexplicable pre-empting of the investigation into the Bronwyn Pullar affair. Mike lists his education Marist Brothers (1962-1963), St Johns College (Hillcrest) (1965-1969), and University of Waikato (1995-1998)

Mr Flahive, studied and obtained a half arsed degree in law (LLB) from a little known New Zealand university infamous for turning out corrupt polititians the likes of Margaret Wilson.

Not dissimilar in fact to the ex-cops Stanley Matthew Willcox with his bullshit BA (University of Canterbury) and a lesser qualification in education and yet another ex-cop James Kenneth Cunningham,  a rapist re-incarnated as a psychologist. According to the New Zealand Herald piece today:

Labour’s ACC spokesman, Andrew Little, said he was surprised by Mr Flahive’s comments. While most of the claimants affected were probably due no more than an apology, he believed those who had sensitive claims should be entitled to more

“That is a massive breach of trust. They’ve been promised by ACC that sensitive claims information would be confined to a small group of specialist people and I think the privacy commissioner’s simply wrong on that, and in understating the impact on those claimants of that breach.”

Mr Flahive has, as we have already said, arrived at some very dubious conclusions with his decisions as the assistant privacy commissioner (investigations).

Flahive has also, in one of his various other incarnations (as a fluorescent yellow vested council worker in Hamilton, New Zealand), supported outragious attacks on the rights of individuals and property owners.

In yet another incarnation (soon after he had hung up the yellow safety vest and left Hamilton council) Mr Flyhive is seen taking on and fucking over a respected pro civil/human rights academic at the University of Auckland’s law faculty, Dr Elizabeth Kelsey.

Dr Kelsey in her student days was involved in the campaign to stop the springbok tour of New Zealand in 1981, part of a world wide effort that eventually lead to the end of apartheid and the freeing of civil rights icon Mr Nelson Mandela.

So just why did Mr Flahive’s decision inexplicably go against Dr Kelsey’s application to the commission with respect to New Zealand’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) [See kim Dotcom]?

Well based on our own humble experience this might well have been because the SIS has a rather nasty “dirt file” on Dr Kelsey, undoubtedly full of misinformation, that dates back to the Muldoon era. A file that these arse-holes now want to hide, because Dr Kelsey might potentially be capable of suing the SIS, the Police and the Crown!

After all the SIS is a government entity (as is the privacy commission), full to the gunnels with ex-cops; some undoubtedly known to Mr Flahive personally; from his days as a young copper supporting the a pro apartheid Muldoon lead National Party Government……….we would therefore ask what role had Mr Flahive played in the events of 1981 (at the time, constable Flahive),  in the unlawful bashing and detention of innocent protesters…..well who knows…we trust that our readers get the picture?

Mike Flahive’s letter to Dr Kelsey:

Dr Kelsey’s final response to Mr Flahive:

With the aforesaid in mind we believe that Mr Flahive’s strange view on the ACC privacy breachs is outragious and smacks of yet another of his cover-ups:

“The disclosure of the small amount of information about you, to essentially one other person, is at the lower end of the potential breaches that occur in any agency,”

“The privacy breaches that are being investigated in this instance, while very concerning in an overall information handling context, involve the disclosure of mostly inoffensive information, albeit on a large scale.”

So Mr Flahive, much like his corrupt ex-cop colleague John Dewar, thinks that disclosing the names of sexual abuse and or rape victims en-mass is a trifling issue?

In a move reminiscent of how the the New Zealand police force operated during Flahives stint as a junior cop, Mr Flahive attempts to lure the complainant by stating that the commission was also investigating possible breaches of the Privacy Act by Ms Bronwyn Pullar (the woman credited with blowing the whistle on the privacy breach) as well as the Accident Compensation Corporation inviting the complainant to identify which of the two parties the complaint was against. We here at Lauda Finem think that this little invitation borders on an outrageous attempt to solicit a complaint.

Surely the complainant would have been quite specific in the  initiating correspondence; that it was the Accident Compensation Corporation she had in her sights, after all weren’t they the agency responsible for the leak? The New Zealand Herald’s journo certainly though so:

“The claimant told the Herald she made the complaint because she was angry about what was the latest in a series of breaches of her privacy by ACC

Is there really a compliant against Bronwyn Pullar? We’re wondering who was responsible for it; if in fact the complaint even existed?

Its our opinion that Mr Flahive may well be employing an old skill-set, acquired during his 23 years as a New Zealand police officer, to shift blame and bury the fall-out from New Zealand’s largest privacy breach!

All in all when one looks at this ex-cops behaviour it appears to us that he may well be yet another corrupt National Party Government crony!

More interesting and very disturbing material on Mr Mike Flahive can be found on ACC Forum:

 “So why is Marie Schroff dragging the chain about investigation my complaints about Mr Cheetham of Paragon Risk?
Could it be due to the head of Privacy Investigations “poacher turned gamekeeper” Mr Flahive – a former work colleague of Mr Cheetham?

We know how former detectives work to protect former detectives don’t we?
Time Marie Schroff did something about the unautherised browsing of Mr Cheetham, and his use of information illegally obained for financial gain – a criminal act! ?


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