Criminal conspirator and fraudster Dr Bruce Johnstone hurriedly leaves New Zealand shores

Our readers will recall an earlier post on Dr Bruce Johnstone, the man who in 1988 owned an edited the small failed shite sheet  The Eastland Sun in the correspondingly small dead-end coastal town of Gisborne, New Zealand.

The Ring-leader and seriously corrupt cop: Detective Malcolm John Thomas

Our post “Lewis Proctor – Bent Cop, Piss Head and Magnum P I” detailed the true story (with supporting documents evidencing the conspiracy) of Bruce Johnstone and his wife Janet’s collusion with some of New Zealand’s most notoriously bent police officers, in particular the ring leader a Detective Malcolm John Thomas who, in 2009 was very discreetly relieved of his position in the New Zealand Police force following a trial wherein the defence proved that Thomas had fabricated and planted evidence to incriminate an innocent man in a rape case.

Dr Bruce has been doing his best to thwart Lauda Finem identifying him visually and bringing the truth of his corrupt dealings to the  public’s attention. Not by contacting us directly, no clearly he is far to fearful to have pursued that option (some difficult questions might have been asked), rather by claiming copyright (we believe falsely) over an identifying photograph and belatedly establishing his own word-press blog (somewhat strangely, within a matter of hours, the hyperlink in this post was blocked by the author of that particular blog) .

Although having said that, we don’t consider that Dr Bruce has thought through the possible ramifications. Surely the law of inference would have it that has a great deal to hide?

It seems that Dr Bruce Alexander Johnstone is a coward, a hypocrite and an ex media whore, who for years was totally at home fucking over his victims, innocent men and women, destroying  reputations and business’s, but who is now just a little uncomfortable when he and his past criminal behaviour is brought to the attention of a very interested public, who hold valid concerns about the medias behaviour:

Vanity in a newspaperman is like perfume on a whore; they wear it to conceal a dark whiff of themselves.”

Julian Assange

What with the serious media scandals and Parliamentary inquiries in the UK we wonder what the British public might think of  Dr Bruce Alexander Johnstone “the editor” and his collusion with bent cops so as to fabricate news to increase his publications circulation and latterly avoid defamation proceedings.

It seems that Dr Bruce may have left New Zealand’s shores perhaps a little concerned that he was at risk of being served with court documents relating to his pivitol involvement in a criminal conspiracy designed to destroy a local business in Gisborne, New Zealand in 1988 – 1989.

It goes without saying that had our story’s on Dr Bruce Johnstone been in anyway false he obviously had the option of launching defamation proceedings, an option which he quite sensibly chose to avoid – preferring instead to leave the country. Perhaps he realised that the imminent loss of a court proceeding and the ensuing publicity would have destroyed his career and brought down the New Zealand civil servants involved. Unsurprisingly Bruce, knowing the extent of the corruption and his complicity, decided it best not to put himself in peril with orders for disclosure and submitting himself to an undoubtedly vigorous cross examination.

He and his wife Janet were offered an out many years ago, but Janet was far to afraid of Detective Malcolm John Thomas and his perpencity for using his position as a police officer to set-up, falsely accuse and charge anyone who crossed him. Remember Bruce and Janet had already experienced first hand what Thomas was capable of, what he did to his victims and got away with, that is until he was caught out in 2009, .

Bruce was of course able for many years to conceal his involvement with the assistance of the aforementioned corrupt cops and a complicit police hierarchy, at the time, under the control of the bent District Commanders Mervyn Derecourt, Rana Waitai and Police Commissioner John Jamieson.

Bruce like another of his co-conspirators, Solicitor Alex Lee, has taken up residence (we believe they both had always held  British Passports) in the United Kingdom and a position with Cranfield University (School of Management) in Bedford. Clearly Bruce is again some 23 years later still trying to conceal his association with these bent cops and an associated criminal past, which unfortunately for him is now fast catching up. We have included, below, a YouTube video of an interview with the very slippery criminal and complete narcissist, Dr Bruce Alexander Johnstone, we do however like Bruce’s theories on Global reach, especially when it comes to satisfying our particular audiences desire for the unadulterated truth:

UPDATE (10:15 pm AEST) Within hours of posting the above story Cranfield University had removed the YouTube video, now why would Cranfield University decide to do that, what are they trying to hide? Well we’ll just have to write to the Dean and ask.

Screen grab, Cranfield University interview, click link below to view the video

In the meantime now that Bruce thinks he’s somehow safe from criminal prosecution, our readers might like to check out a very old covertly taped telephone conversation with yet another of Dr Bruce Johnstone’s co-conspirators, the infamous Fairfax journalist Jenni McManus.

Jenni inspired Bruce to conspire with the same bent cops to write defamatory stories in 1988; having looked at the documentary and audio evidence we in fact believe that Jenni McManus was Dr Bruce’s muse.

Incidentally readers, Lauda Finem have also recently obtained covertly taped conversations (ancient analogue technology) with Dr Bruce Johnstone (as the editor of the Eastland Sun) from the same late 1988 period.

These, never before heard, tapes supplied by his Eastland Sun Office staff clearly evidence Dr Johnstone’s collusion with Detective Malcolm John Thomas, we will be posting those Gem’s when we launch our own video hosting site in the near future (not unusually, we here at Lauda Finem have found YouTube to have been lacking and more than a little unreliable); being honest we would like to use the great Australian term “GUTLESS”  when it comes to promoting democracy and justice.

In New Zealand, at least, their cowardice is explainable with YouTube having a very close financial business relationship with the N Z Government owned TVNZ.

That’s why we here at Lauda Finem have for a number of months, like all good insurers “spread risk” (especially against those that are gambling on Christchurch, New Zealand) and subsequently now fly with a number of ISP’s that aren’t quite so prone to sudden engine failure: when they hit a slight shower:


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Bruce Johnstone, Lecturer, The Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship, Cranfield School of Management.

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