Is New Zealand National Party leader John Key a latter day Moses?

In the footsteps of Moses, Mr John Key New Zealand’s Prime Minister or just a good old fashioned psychopath?

New Zealand’s, Australian owned, major newspapers have of late been full of articles on Kiwi’s permanently departing the country for Australia, the latest Australian figures show that last year the trend hit an all time high with 53’000 Kiwi’s entering Australia on a permanent basis. New Zealand statisticians put the figure at 53’500….what can we say, New Zealand has always had a bad habit of overstating its worth.

New Zealand and its citizens enjoy a somewhat unique relationship with (and access to) Australia, undoubtedly based on the many historical ties between the two countries (for a period of around 50 years prior to our own federation New Zealand was ruled over by our own Governor of New South Wales), In fact New Zealand even rates a mention in the Australian constitution, having been offered the opportunity, during federation, to join the Commonwealth of Australia; the arrogant shit-heads at the time even managed to fuck that up.

This very cosy relationship is however now under threat, not that New Zealander’s, their bent pollies or the Government appear to be aware of the fact. For decades successive New Zealand Governments have balanced the books by leveraging off the Australian economy and tax paying Australians.

Some examples of this are to be seen in portfolio areas such as Defence, Education, Immigration and Employment. Whilst the issue of New Zealand’s migration en mass to Australia manages to make headlines in New Zealand it hardly rates a mention in the Australian press, no doubt because to date Australians have been less concerned about the inflow, but that now seems to be changing.

Australians are beginning to get just a little pissed off with their freeloading little cousin, especially now that this close relative seems to be taking more and more advantage of Australia’s generosity.

Dr Bob Birrell, co-director of the Centre for Population and Urban Research

Australian academic Dr Bob Birrell, co-director of the Centre for Population and Urban Research and Reader in Sociology at Monash University is but one Australian who is clearly worried about the growing trend, he and others are now beginning to publicly voice their concerns. In a recent interview with ABC radio Dr Birrell said:

” it’s time Australia looked again at its immigration policy in order to make it tougher for New Zealanders to get in, including New Zealand passport holders from Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau”

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, it would seem, is not at all concerned about the out-flow of his countrymen, even those that have only just been doled out brand spanking new Kiwi passports:

“Prime Minister John Key says there should be no cause to worry about New Zealanders going to work in the Australian mining boom. Australia contributed to 40 per cent of the economy and New Zealand wanted a strong Australia.

If only that were true! Mr Key wants a strong Australia? Who the fuck does Mr Key think he is? As if he has made any contribution to Australia’s growth and prosperity. Prime Minister Key is beginning to look like a prime dick-head, what’s more he’s beginning to sound like a former Prime Minister of New Zealand, the bloke who was less than kindly refered to by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Frazer as the mouse that roared, one Robert “Piggy” Muldoon, yet another of New Zealand’s National Party leaders who suffered delusions of grandeur and was one of that era’s leading proponents of cronyism.

By his own admission Prime Minister Key is well aware that the New Zealand economy is subsidized by Australia, according to key by at least 40%.

Of Course, in pulling that figure out of his arse Mr Key has clearly failed to factor in New Zealand’s reliance on the Australian defence budget; since successive New Zealand governments have wound back defence spending and all but destroyed any notable military capacity or contribution to the defence of their own backyard.

Mr Key has also clearly failed to factor in the various other subsidies that New Zealanders are granted by Australia, disproportionate to the benefits that the minuscule number of Australians who “choose” to live in New Zealand might be entitled to receive at the New Zealand tax payers expense.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister, at the time a presiding co-architect of CER: the late Robert Muldoon

New Zealand and many of its citizens seem to have developed  an attitude of entitlement and are now beginning to demand things of the Australian government, its people and our tax dollars;  things such as welfare entitlements, free education and the automatic right to citizenship.

Granted these rights were once generously given to New Zealander’s who moved here, but by 1 September 1994 the Trans Tasman relationship had soured, after becoming just a little imbalanced, in fact one might say one-sided, with the New Zealand Government taking more than it was prepared to give……..Australians, lovers of the fair-go ethic began to resent that, and so said, enough is enough.

As a result of those changes, somewhat belatedly (because, we believed, what constitutes a New Zealander, as intended by the Australian Parliament, has changed dramatically in just two decades), online partitions have sprung up, one going by the name of “fair go NZ citizens in Oz” makes for very interesting reading, especially when one looks at the names of the vast majority of signatories. New Zealand, like Australia was settled by Europeans until only very recently (again the period of two decades seems to be a recurring theme), yet most of the names on this partition, all claiming to be “New Zealanders”, wanting the same rights and status as Australians, appear to be Pacific Island, Asian or Indian Subcontinent in origin……go figure!

It has long been known that migration agents operating from the “out house” of Australasia (New Zealand) have spruiked their services by marketing New Zealand, not so much as a south pacific paradise, but rather as the rear entrance, located in the back paddock, to the great Australian “homestead”.

The existence of this online petition (fair go NZ citizens in Oz), and in particular its signatories, it would seem support Australias growing fear that the New Zealand government has been complicit in creating a very serious regional security risk, whilst obtaining a massive pecuniary benefit utilising a half arsed immigration policy. Policies that are largely designed to attract nothing more than cash as apposed to any real and much needed ongoing social benefit for their own citizenry.

New Zealand has for some time been extremely irresponsible, when it comes to looking after its New Zealand born citizens. They have repeatedly wound back gains in education, destroyed employment opportunities, wages entitlements and of course totally fucked their health care system, now burdened with one of the highest (above average) infant mortality rates in the OECD. All of which arguably are now the key drivers of this increasing surge in migration to Australia.

The New Zealand Prime Minister and his National Party lead Government have shown an extraordinary level of arrogance and disrespect for their people and now it seems they don’t give a fuck about how Australians might be starting to feel, foolishly assuming that the gravy train will just keep on running because the Australian electorate will remain ignorant.

A report in one New Zealand’s major dailies has John Key stating:

“We shouldn’t get despondent because the mining sector is booming in Australia and sucking a few people into that economy,”

Surely, Mr Key is aware of the fact that the Australian mining boom has been around for a decade or more and has absolutely nothing to do with this recent trend of New Zealanders migrating en mass; The so called “sucking” of his fellow countrymen to Australia. Its not Australia that doing the sucking Mr Key, Its more a case of New Zealand doing the “farting”, and as with all accessive farting there is normally an underlying intestinal disease or irritation.

The only sucking thats going on is of Keys own making….Kiwi’s being forced to suck-shit under John Key and his National Party Government and their policies…….which are arrived at using the formula; what ever Australia does, New Zealand will do the opposite.

The vast majority of New Zealander’s living or intending to live in Australia have absolutely no intention of working in Austrlia’s mining sector nor for that matter living in the Pilbera, Mt Isa or any other regional Australian town or city.

No, they, like most of  Australia’s immigrants obviously prefer to live were the night sky is lit by neon lights, not the southern cross; the Larger urban areas on the coast. places such as South East Queensland, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney; lets face it not even Adelaide gets a look in…..excepting when they hand out free uni passes to Christchurch’s quake effected students.

Reunión con Primer Ministro de Nueva Zelanda, ...

Yet another deluded New Zealand National Party Prime Minister, master  over all he surveys, oh and a corrupt government: John Key (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mr Key also knows that for every disgruntled, disillusioned and or impoverished Kiwi that crosses the Tasman he can simply replace them using his lax and irresponsible immigration policies. After all new arrivals will stay for two years at least, that is until the Mr Singhs and Ms Chu’s, who’ve been flown in by John Key, to replace the New Zealand born kiwis who’ve fled, finally get their New Zealand Citizenship and passport (the aforementioned back-door to Australia).

Dr Bob Birrell, we mentioned him before, has also shared his concerns with the backdoor loop-hole, he believes that there is a an urgent need to put an end to this practice.  When its boiled down, when is a Kiwi not a Kiwi? Well we believe its when they were born somewhere other than New Zealand and migrated there with the sole intention of moving on to Australia as soon as they obtained the all important New Zealand Passport.

The New Zealand passport has become something other than that for which passports were intended, its become a default visa for many migrants initially rejected by the Australian Immigration Authorities.

Perhaps that’s what John Key was alluding too when he said (our reading between the lines in red),

“that if you were shopping for countries, New Zealand would be a good prospect”

“If you were really going to go out and buy a country, why wouldn’t you want to buy (a) New Zealand (passport)?

Well of course you would, especially if, as a “prospect” you’d really wanted to immigrate to Australia and been knocked back on your desire to “buy” an Australian Passport by DIAC!

Mr Key, at a recent meeting of the Trans Tasman Business Circle in Auckland, noted that Australia was going to spend $450 billion in the mining sector in the next 10 to 12 years and had spent $60 billion in the past decade. Apparently our treasurer Wayne Swan had told him that one of the holes that was being dug in a mining project was so large it could be seen from the moon.

“We have a slightly different approach to mining in this country but that’s cool. That is the reality of Australia.”

Yes Mr Key that is the reality of Australia, its a great place to live and New Zealander’s, especially those with recently acquired citizenship, can see that (without the use of a telescope). Whats more the realty of New Zealand’s mining industry, which Mr Key refers to,  is that there is’nt one.

kim dotcom

New Zealand Pollie, John Banks. Was this ex National party member selling New Zealand citizenship and land at a price, until recently sprung?

New Zealand has a habit of trying to dig holes in the ground, and in the process sending men to their deaths, then calling on Australian expertise in desperate attempts to rescue those same men, all without paying descent wages. Now that’s not “Cool” is it Mr Key, especially if you number amongst the families who’ve sufferd the loss of the men who died digging one of your more natorious holes, the likes of PIKE RIVER!

So now to the big question. Is New Zealands Prime Minister John Key a latter day Moses? Well, from where we’re sitting it seems that he is! Mr Key and his self obsessed grandiose  National Party have been waiving  big sticks at the tribe’s of New Zealand, the Tasman sea has started to part and the hordes are being driven across the sea to the promised land.

Caveat emptor: all Australians should think twice before buying anything bearing the label “Made in New Zealand” there appears to be issues with the country of origin when it comes to absolutely every New Zealand export and that includes passports!

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