The National Party, Dotcom, the GCSB, the Greens and the inquiry that need’s to happen

New Zealand’s Greens Party Co Leader: Russel Norman. You Mr Norman want an inquiry? So do most New Zealander’s mate!





Subject: Ministerial Certificate

Dear Russel (and ‘copied in’ leaders of the opposition political party’s),

Looking at the chronology of events surrounding Mr Kim Dotcom’s appeal, PM John Keys convenient “missing in action” on or about the 15th August 2012 and the circumstances surrounding Bill English’s extraordinary, frankly unbelievable, failure to notify the Prime Minister of his very significant acting Prime Ministerial undertakings, we suspect that the purported Ministerial certificate (issued so as to suppress information of the unlawful involvement of the GCSB) was likely created at a date later than that which Prime Minister John Key, and his National Party led coalition Government, would have had your Parliament and New Zealand citizen’s believe, hence his subsequent failure to order or endorse an independent inquiry:

As concerned, democratically active, Australians we write on behalf of our New Zealand brothers and would appreciate it if you would investigate this possibility by raising the issue at the next sitting of your home countries house of representatives; so as to solicit a response ‘on the record’ from Prime Minister John Key which might go some way to allaying the fears of all concerned New Zealand citizen’s.

For our part we have already expressed our observations and this specific concern in a blog post earlier today which has, in just a few short hours, received an unprecedented volume of traffic (all of it from readers in New Zealand, many of whom have now emailed urging us to write to ‘’ hence this plea):

In the interests of transparency we will of course be posting this email later this evening (19:00 hrs AEST) so that our Kiwi readership can see that we Australians, at least, have made the effort to put some all important questions to a few of New Zealand’s elected opposition leaders.

Kind Regards,

Tony Armstong

The Team @ Lauda Finem, Keeping the bastards honest


Check out how things might have gone wrong and  been rigged by Prime minister John Key; using the early onset of retired Justice Neazor’s obvious dementia

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  • Philip Bonner says:

    The National party is corrupt and has been for 40 years. If Key worked for a normal citizen, and caused these embarrassments and probable damages suits, would the citizen be so understanding?. Of course not Key would be sacked!!. How did Key make his alleged fortune; or is that part of his bullshit as well?. Anyone that supports Key would be one of those sycophantic national party voters that has never made a dollar but really wants to pretend that they have. Key is going to be demolished at the next election. Nothing he is doing is for anything but his own financial gain, that is why he gives his salary to charity. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing, and New Zealand should get rid of the lying fucker asap.

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