Dotcom: NZ Police, bumbling “keystone cops” or systemically corrupt

Puppet Master and New Zealand Police Commissioner: Peter Marshall

New Zealand’s Commissioner of police, Peter Marshall, has come out in support of the cops at the center of the Dotcom investigation and raid. Peter Marshall has not long been in the job, touted as the man that would change the culture within the force.

With Marshall’s unilateral declaration of support, however, we think not. In fact we think that Marshall is shaping up to be yet another cast in the same mould that produced yet another in a long succession of corrupt police commissioner clones, Howard Broad.

Greg O’Connor NZPA

Marshall has stated that Detective Wormald’s statements in court were simply being taken out of context, no doubt we’ll also soon be treated to an appearance by Police association secretary, the self promoting retarded wanker Greg O’Connor:

But Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has backed Wormald, and says speculation around his actions and those of other police while the case is still before the court is “deeply concerning”

New Zealander’s should find Commissioner Marshall’s beliefs and position “deeply concerning” as it appears that Marshall, like so many Police Commissars before him, is not a believer in the public’s right to information, open debate and free speech. He also seems to be of the opinion that police officers are above the law and should never be held to account or face prosecution.

As reported on the Fairfax site

University of Law Professor Bill Hodge said if Wormald had top police backing, it was unlikely he would be investigated for perjury.

“That’s the difficulty with police in that they’re both the prosecutor and the employer so it’s very complicated,” Hodge said.

But what Hodge went on to say is possibly indicative of the machinations behind Peter Marshall ‘s latest action:

“Police might have wanted to pause before giving him complete backing, to take a closer look.”

Marshall has been silent to date, he obviously had no concerns with the illegal warrants, searches and or wire taping? In fact his only apparent concern appears to be that an outraged public have begun chanting, “liar, liar pants on fire”.

Marshall has no intention of taking a closer look, he doesn’t need to, he’s already well aware that the integrity and reputation of the New Zealand police force is justifiably in tatters. Marshall is not alone, everyone inveigled in this corrupt cabal, the Prime Minister, the Government Ministers involved, the Solicitor General, Crown law, the police and the GCSB, they all want their bad behaviour concealed and that requires a concerted effort to stone-wall, obfuscate and lie so that the corruption can be buried.

Far from “missing in action” John Key knows the depth of lawlessness to which his Government and the New Zealand civil service has sunk and he cannot afford to have any further evidence of the depravity and pure contempt for civil rights see the light of day; as would undoubtedly be the case if he allowed a truly independent inquiry to take place.

Just as with Key’s refusal to back an independent inquiry, Marshall has now also begun running a similar campaign of ‘pig-shit’ and rhetoric in the hope that a complacent New Zealand public will buy the angle that Detective Wormald’s evidence was taken out of context. We, however don’t think so, we believe that the New Zealand public have educated themselves on just how the police operate in these circumstances; the governments spin doctors may just be attempting to push shit up hill in this case.

There is of course another possibility, perhaps Detective Wormald took Davidson QC’s questions out of context, after all the average cop in New Zealand is not that smart, at least that was the theory back in 2007 when the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ran the story, NZ police labelled ‘thick blue line’.

Media coverage of the Dotcom affair in New Zealand is piss weak, the best they have done is to label the illegal warrants, searches and wire taps as the work of bungling incompetent operatives. When anyone of the offences is taken in isolation this belief might have been justified, but collectively they cannot be labelled as simply the work of a bunch of “Keystone cops”, no this is serious corruption and whats more its not a one-off, its all happened before, its just that those in power and their puppets had managed to, until now at least, ensure that it was ‘dealt with‘.

New Zealand’s reputation is now on the line, it no longer matters what the Prime Minister John Key thinks, its now all about what the average New Zealand citizen and, possibly more importantly, what the international community believes to be the case; especially the international business community, who will now undoubtedly be steering well clear of New Zealand and its corrupt government cabal.


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