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New Zealand Police and Govt an international laughing stock; Thomas, Ellis, Bain, Dotcom and then this!

New Zealand Police have yet again become an international laughing stock, hilarious if it didn’t so often have tragic consequences. This time the police pin-up boy is one Detective Senior Sergeant Al Symond’s (strange that we haven’t heard from the police association’s Greg O’Connor lately).

Seems that Detective Senior Sergeant Al Symonds knew what he was doing when he accused Clint Curley (photo above) of running an illicit methamphetamine lab when he was killed in an explosion, of course the poor boy hadn’t been.

As Clint’s grieving father recalled of Senior Sergeant Al Symonds’ arrogance:

“He (Simond’s) was frothing at the mouth . . . he wasn’t interested in the truth,” Geoff Curley said.

“I asked what proof he had and he said ‘listen mate, I’ve been doing this for 30 years I know what a P-lab is’.”

Source: Fairfax

In fact so confident was Detective Senior Sergeant Al Symonds that the ‘good ol’ boy then went on to cross the “thick Blue line” in making a completely false and prejudicial statement to the press (SOP for the NZ Police):

“It is evident that Mr Curley was in the process of manufacturing an illicit drug when a chemical process went wrong resulting in the explosion that killed him,” Symonds said.

Source: Fairfax

But it gets worse, much worse; this complete fuck-wit (masquerading as a senior cop) had obviously, as is par for the course with New Zealand police investigations, crammed a large square peg into a rather small round hole, and with an arrogant self satisfaction that is so often found in New Zealand cops (who according some sources have exceptionally low IQ’s) he then charged the innocent victims flatmate, yet another innocent man (has now also become a victim):

After Curley died, his mate, Keith Gallagher, who owned a one-bedroom unit and a shed in rural Glenbrook, was charged with permitting his premises to be used for drug offending.

The trial started last week, but on Friday defence lawyer Shane Cassidy brought an application before the judge to dismiss the charge and it took only minutes for the case to be thrown out and the jury discharged.

Source: Fairfax

There are a few questions to be asked here, the first is; did Detective Senior Sergeant Al Symonds have it in for Keith Gallagher, the man he charged? If not what other motive, circumstance or factors pre-existed the events for this cop to have acted in the way he did. If it was simply a matter of corrupt behaviour or for that matter gross incompetence on the part of Detective Senior Sergeant Al Symonds, then he needs to be suspended pending a full investigation and dismissed if found wanting.

It goes without saying; anyone that’s been, arguably, as one eyed and incompetent (or corrupt?) as Detective Symonds, who’s been employed to uphold the “law”  is in these circumstances a walking talking risk to the liberty of all New Zealander’s.

Given the events in this case one question should almost certainly also be asked; of the other cases that Detective Symonds investigated and prosecuted just how many of them require revisiting ? Detective Senior Sergeant Al Symonds is not alone, there have been so many more police investigations just like this one; and in the coming weeks Lauda Finem will be reporting on yet another!

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  • Geoff Curley says:

    I’m Clint’s Dad, Clint was a great guy we all miss him so much
    what you have read in the papers is the tip of the iceberg for how the police handled this

    It would be great to talk with you as you have a way with words that spells it out loud and clear

    How can i get in touch with you?

    This has fucked me hard , Clint wasn’t just a son he was everyone’s mate and friend, there wasn’t an angry bone in his body.

    • Hi Geoff,

      Our sincere condolences on the tragic loss of your son, our thoughts are with you and your family. On the matter of contacting us; you can email us at this address ( or alternatively, if you would prefer it, one of us here can call you in New Zealand if you would like to email us your contact details.

      Kind Regards,

      The Team @ Lauda Finem

      • Note: Whilst we are taking Geoff’s comment at face value Lauda Finem advises readers that it was however posted via a Thai IP address located in the vicinity of the Bangkok Palace Hotel in New Petchburi Rd, Bangkok (perhaps Geoff is on holiday?). Lauda Finem has also been advised that a certain New Zealand Police officer, the subject of one of our corruption investigations, is also currently holidaying in Thailand; the world is such a small place. Given Geoff’s experience with the New Zealand Police lets just hope and pray that they’re not staying in the same hotel.

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