Jewish graves desecrated in Central Auckland

We suspect that this latest attack on New Zealand Jewry may have something to do with John Keys recent announcement that he had a Jewish background (during an interview on the Gay marriage debate). But it could equally have been one of the local gangs of “Christian” youths that help to make New Zealand one on the safest places in the world to live:

About 20 Jewish graves have been desecrated with anti-semitic graffiti and swastikas in central Auckland.

The attack, at a cemetery on Symonds St in central Auckland, is believed to have occurred in the past 48 hours.

The graves, some more than 130 years old, have been vandalised with black spray paint.

About 15 had large black swastikas sprayed on them, others the number “88”.

One had “f*** Israel” scrawled on, another said “don’t f*** with us”.

The graves appear to have Hebrew inscriptions.

Police said the vandalism probably occurred in the past two days.

There is a CCTV camera nearby, but police were unsure whether it had captured the vandalism.

They were looking through footage.

Auckland Council workers have arrived on the scene.


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  • “NZ is one of the safest places in the world to live….”

    Yes, sleepy Hobbits wallow in complacency and self delusion.
    Don’t even have a robust 5th estate to ignore any more.
    But we’ve got The Warehouse where everyone gets a bargain that’s been made in China.

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