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NZ Police harassment resulted in suicide?

Update by Tumeke 12/11/2012: BREAKING NEWS: Police caught out lying over McIntyre case

An article in the NZ Herald this morning has pointed to police involvement in the suicide of a prominent Medicinal Cannabis advocate, Mr Stephen McIntyre (photograph above with his wife Reiko Yanai). Of course the NZ Herald can’t report it as suicide (just as a sudden death) because of a coroners recent instructions to the media.

However the popular Tumeke blog pulls no punches and details what  really occurred! There are always ways around the commands of half-wit judicial officials who “oh so obviously” had a hidden police agenda:

Blogger Martyn ‘Bomber’ Bradbury will today publish a letter on his Tumeke blog written by McIntyre immediately after the police visit on July 16.

“In retrospect, his friends now all see that the police turning up at his home at night and demanding to know what he was going to plead while threatening further charges had a terrible impact on Stephen,” Bradbury said.

Source: Gentle activist found dead (NZ Herald)

Tumeke’s Martyn ‘Bomber’ Bradbury in his post, the first in a series yet to be published, asks some very good questions. We suspect that this story has a long way to go and it may well end with the New Zealand police yet again being in the middle of another political shit-storm:

I have questions:

Why were the Police at Stephen’s home on the 16th of July ‘checking bail conditions’ when Stephen had no bail conditions?

Why did the Police threaten and intimidate Stephen with further charges?

Is it normal to appear at a person’s home when their lawyer is not informed and able to be present? and then to threaten further charges if a person doesn’t plead guilty?

Why did the Police want to know how he would plead? Why was this information sought at night, at his home?

Why did the Police claim they could ‘sm(e)ll cannabis’? And if they could, why did they not conduct a search of his house ?

Are these bullying tactics supported by Police leaders?

Source: Did NZ Police tactics kill my friend Stephen McIntyre? PART 1 (Tumeke)

Wait for it, we are certain that the Police Association’s Gobshite Greg O’Connor will be sticking his ugly fucking head up very soon, with a little more bullshit and spin!

We extend our sincere heart felt condolences to Mr McIntyres distressed and grieving wife Reiko Yanai and the family; and please rest assured that your late husbands untimely death has not gone noticed.

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  • The nz police have many a dirty trick up their sleeve. What surprised you about that? They are.quite simply above the law and couldn’t care less about the way their actions impact on people. They are not paid to care about your welfare. They look after anyone who does their dirty work for them ask Jon Armstrong from Pukekohe. They do not care about the effects of their harassment they do not care if you commit suicide. Nzs biggest gang.

  • as in regard to the police as a govt institution there for tax payer funded why is it that in this day and age nz people generally want to believe we have a police dept that is unlike any other in the world ? If you can get into your tardus and travel back to the 1950-1960s era id say 95% of the cops were generally straight up as off today wakeup people honestly the amount of corruption is way bigger than you realise sadly in the late 1990s 2000 era agroup of senior police got to the top of the pile they were corrupt nasty bully thugs that began there police lives in the late sixtys many from dunedin and chch and rose threw the ranks thankfully those i speak of are out or retired but in there time on there watch they were deeply involved in recycling of confiscated drugs mdma ,speed , herion canabis etc huge amounts of siezed cash were under reported and split up as pocket perks ,deals made between senior police and organised gangs were and are currently in place its all about money people not millions but billions the war against drugs is bullshit , even if genuine it would never win so its about who gets what and who gets hung out to dry a few names .robson ,pope , porn king from palmy , gang raper from akld or robs boy there have been so many dirty deals over drugs and money in the last twenty years its not funny and guess what if you go up against these arseholes nzs a small place ,and theyll destroy you or maybe youll disapear as a certain gang does what its asked to protect its turn over ive not gone into detail as i would take 50 pages or more .. ponder this if are nz cops are squeaky clean why fight the move to have independant dept set up like in oz or the usa or uk who arnt affiliated have real power and will prosecute the guilty ? simple cuz youd lose about the 20% of the top rankers to start ………… food for thought who was it that verhemantly opposed prostituion reform in nz ? the police of coarse …why over a hundred years of sauna parlour kick back cash and free on the house sex oh and guess who supplied a lot of the drugs to the hookers !!! wake up nz nz isnt the old nz and hey would you let an alcoholic run the bar or a junkie run a pharmcy ? why are we so mind fucked into believing the properganda ? no police force in the world anywhere is non corrupt and forget the but where not like aussie or thailand or……… no we are worse because three blind monkeys ……. by the way i have no criminal convictions ….. but yes ive been fisted by bent cops bigtime and still im harrassed and intimidated by them well guess what thugs and tyrants still answer in the end as we all will … wake up nz the p epedemic is allowed to happen no shit illegal drugs are kept illegal not on moral or sensible grounds but because the gangs dont want them value less wether its the crowns gang -police or there friends the hells angels -satins slaves – road knights -or who ever peace you all.

  • “Wait for it, we are certain that the Police Association’s Gobshite Greg O’Connor will be sticking his ugly fucking head up very soon, with a little more bullshit and spin!”

    Police News November 2012

    Unfairly judged

    When police come under attack for alleged botch ups or operational failures, the barbs are directed at the organisation as a whole, meaning we all wear the criticism. However, as we all know, it is the individuals involved
    who will feel the blowtorch on their nether regions as their actions are dissected.

    That is why we, as an Association, take a very proactive stance where we believe those individuals are being maligned unjustly, and this often involves attempting to get the true facts out not only to the public but also to our members who generally have to rely on the media for their information, and can be influenced by that.

    Because we don’t write the editorials or decide who is interviewed, or get to select which sound bite is used, it can be difficult to get the facts across.

    The recent High Court decision to stay proceedings against 21 gang members because detectives, with the permission
    of the Chief District Court Judge, put an agent through the court system, is a very good example.

    The High Court judge disagreed with what happened, as is his prerogative. However, instead of criticising the judge,
    now deceased, who authorised the action, he criticised the police officers for not giving him enough information.

    What the public, and many police observers, were not told was that the senior officers who briefed the judge were
    prepared to give him any information he required, in any form, but he did not require any more.

    So whether the actions were justified or not, the point we struggled to get across was that the criticism should have been directed at the judge for not requesting more information, not the police for not providing it.

    Perhaps it was a case of it being much easier to criticise police than your own colleague, especially one who had since died. I wonder whether untimely death would have spared any of the police officers from criticism?

    The outcome is another beating, largely unjustified, of several of our colleagues who were simply doing a difficult and challenging job the best way they could. And, as with Operation Eight, the rules have been changed, mid-game, by the judiciary and police take the flack.

    The commentators, mostly members of the legal profession, climbed over each other to get more outraged at, as Justice
    France continually mentioned in his judgment, the discourteous way the courts were treated.

    Sounds like they all got a little huffy to me! The real losers are the public of Nelson who, due to the totally disproportionate response in staying the charges, now have an even cockier group of criminals in their town extending their sphere of intimidation.

    And it has just got a whole lot harder to infiltrate criminal groups.

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