Dont Talk to Police

Whilst this video is an American production, citing 5th Amendment of that country’s constitution, the advice and reasoning behind it is equally applicable to New Zealander’s and Australians when it comes to the applicable laws (based on the Magna Carta and later Authorities)  when dealing with police (although that being said, disturbingly there have been moves in both countries to alter these very old legal principles; obviously our politicians have become complacent when it comes to events such as those faced by Marie Antoinette).

As an individual you will be standing alone in the dock, whether innocent or guilty, and the vast resources of the “State” will be pitched against you (again whether guilty or innocent). On occasion, as we all know based on history, corrupt individuals and or groups will often hide behind the “State” facade and use that almighty resource for their own nefarious purposes. Heed the advice given in the video, or not at your own peril:

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