Ex police officer turned MP says George Pell needs to go

A great conversation between Paul Murray and NSW Nationals MP Troy Grant about his calls for Cardinal George Pell to resign over alleged sexual abuse cover-ups. At last the momentum and resolve to investigate this national shame has reached a critical mass here in Australia and the pollies have at last been forced to act.

Meanwhile across the Tasman New Zealand’s Government, however, is in a different zone; a safe zone where pedophile priests apparently just don’t exist.  The Minister responsible for these matters, the delusional political gobshite Paula Bennett, has stated:

“I think the fact that we have been addressing historical abuse cases in this country, we have been doing it faster than it’s ever been done, we’ve been fronting up to some of the liability around that and settling a number of cases,”

We think that Paula Bennett might just be fibbing, we haven’t read anything in the media to suggest that any of Bennett’s claims are true, in fact it seems to us that Kiwi child sex abuse support groups are saying the exact opposite, Lauda Finem will be posting a story tomorrow citing our reasons for thinking that National Party crony Paula Bennett and her pedo free church claims might just be a crock of shit, more National Party spin designed to stave off a run on the Nations coffers by the victims of abuse.

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