New Zealand Police: Lauda Finem exposing the rot

“The place to determine culpability is a court of law not the commissioners office!”

Ex-cop Ross Muerant (13th Sept 2011)

Source: MP Ross Meurant

The credibility and honesty of the New Zealand civil service and police force has again, in the past twelve months, come under fire (including Peter Marshall, photo above). This time however there has been an unprecedented level of public and media scrutiny.

Corruption, illegal surveillance, perjury, treating the judiciary with contempt you name it; the police and others who hold powerful office, including a Prime Minister, have apparently been at it.

In our upcoming special series we are going to give readers a taste of what has, historically, been employed tactically by those in power, including the police, when the shit starts hitting the fan.

This series of posts includes hundreds of hours of A/V footage that dates back to the early 1980’s

Of course the tactics used, by the New Zealand Police and Government, are only ever employed with the intention of manipulating the way in which unlawful police and governmental behaviour is neatly cleansed, packaged and delivered to a very (until now) gullible citizenry in a way that favours and paints the police, the politicians and their suck-hole servants as the good guys; and the real victims as criminals.

There is, however,  two sides to every coin. Unfortunately “the other side” of these and many other injustices may never have been presented publicly had it not been for the hard work, sacrifice and efforts of men and women who care about people, the rule of law and democracy.

The television New Zealand “Paul Holmes” current affairs show (below) was first broadcast in 2000. Over the past decade, if one is to believe ex-cop Ross Meurant, nothing appears to have changed in that particular police force.

Excepting of course that we here at Lauda Finem have obtained some very sensitive information, which we will be publishing in due course, that makes broadcaster TVNZ, Mr Paul Holmes, NZPA president Greg O’Connor and two other journalists Fairfax’s Phil Kitchin and the NBR’s Jenni McManus look like co-conspirators in a convenient and covert attempt to vilify justice campaigner Dermot Nottingham and shift the New Zealand public’s opinion on the Steven Wallace “killing“. What will it take for New Zealander’s to sit up and listen? Are you all really that fucking stupid? Is Paul Holmes a pedophile? Is that why his daughter did all those drugs?

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