Editorial: The Standard, New Zealand’s PC Fueled Apathy, An Experiment In Mind Control?


“Anger is a great flame of presence.  It is difficult to mistake or ignore an angry presence.  Usually it is like a fire, it starts with a spark and then multiplies in a rapid exponential rhythm.  Anger wants to break out; it stops us in our tracks.  Much of the time we avoid conflict; we put up with things.  We let things go.  When the flame of anger rises, it confronts things.   Anger shouts stop!  It can be a great force for change. It is so encouraging to hear the voice of righteous anger raised.  It names and confronts injustice.  It brings to light whatever is wrong and makes it clear to the perpetrators of injustice what they are doing.  It is very interesting to notice how very politically incorrect anger now is.  Especially in these times, there are so many issues that should warrant great anger.” 

John O’Donohue,Eternal Echoes: Exploring our Hunger to Belong’  p.91

Keep the above verse in mind as we will be returning to the masterful prose of John O’Donohue and its application briefly later in this post. Over the holiday break Lauda Finem ran a three part series, written by a regular volunteer contributor, which explored serious corruption within New Zealand’s senior judiciary and its parliamentary representatives and the many reasons and excuses that will very likely be employed to shaft David Bain and the unfair hurdles he, Karam and the legal team still face in Mr Bain’s drawn out battle for compensation.

On January 2nd we received an email from a regular reader alerting us to an emerging debate and comments that had been posted on a Kiwi website, www.thestandard.org.nz. One of our readers (and apparently the standards), Muzza, had  posted a link to one of our related post’s “John Keys “rent boy” Cam Slater wants to fuck Bain [badly] using a corrupt District Court Judge.” accompanied by his own comment;

muzza 3

NZ received banana republic status some time back, but it seems these days the place is being taken to the cleaners, to what end!

Again the LF team, provide a decent write up, this and the corrupted judiciary series which can be linked from the main page,

Harmless enough you would have though right? Wrong, little more than 2 hours later another Standard reader, QoTViper started a war of words with their comment that was to last 48 hours. A war of words that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the substantive content of our posts;

QoTViper  3.2

Because it’s simply impossible to criticise Cameron Slater without resorting to cheap homophobic/anti-sex-worker insults. 

Apparently QoTViper had taken exception to the use of the slang term rent boy, but he or she had taken their purported displeasure much further with the allegation that it’s use was in itself  course to accuse Lauda Finem of being homophobic. There’s even the further accusation that Lauda Finem was attacking sex workers.

Soon enough, in what appeared to us to have been an almost orchestrated chorus “crying foul, a whole gaggle of The Standards readers (prima facie, all nut-jobs) started attacking the wording of our articles title.

Now regular readers are probably aware that there are a few things that we here at Lauda Finem do not like. The first is that it is our policy not to post comments on other websites. We have in fact had many invitations from the media and our fellow justice sites for commentary, participation in forums and interviews which of course, to date, we have graciously declined.

Another dislike that ranks pretty high on our list off not to do’s is the failure to apply the tenet of Natural Justice; which we believe the Standard and its benile readership are guilty of. In our experience the individuals guilty of this behaviour are naughty boys and girls with a concealed agenda which more often than not has little to do with the the crux of the issue at hand.

Again regular readers will remember that we applied considerable resources and time to outing the nasty little cunts behind www.accforum.org and their criminal agenda.

What became clear as the comments poured into the standards “OPEN MIKE” page (2/1/2013) was that poor old Muzza came under heavy fire for no ligitimate reason. Muzza did however return fire with some pretty adroit comments/observations of his own, most of which amounted to little more than balanced argument and commonsense;

muzza 3.2.2

QOT, I’ll assume (benefit of doubt) you bothered to read the article linked, and will have realised that the title was a and paste!

Or perhaps you simply chimed in having seen the title in my post, and could not resist the urge to protest the injustice of wording while adding nothing of anything to the discussion about the injustice to David Bain being ratcheted up in the press!

You managed to sucker Marty into the same hollow space too, well done Marty!


Do what you like McFlock, if language/words in titles or main text detracts from the core message then perhaps thats something which the LF writers might want to consider, ask them, see what you get as a response!

I’ve given my position on it, if you can’t read, or don’t like the position, move on!

Poor wording, possibly, offensive to some, always, hate speech, its not!


“The difference you don’t seem to get is that my “abuse” in this thread is directed solely at you as an individual, and I usually try to avoid belittling entire groups of other people simply to point out that you are a shallow fool who has not the sense to look at their own language.”

I get it alright McFlock ,you are intentionally being abusive, thats your language, your words, your choice!

Again, and for the final time, its not my words or my language, (but yes I posted it) I had no inclination or intent to *own or moderate it*!

Take it up with LF if you’re serious about what you’re saying, post the email you send to LF, and any reply you might get back from them on here!

Needless to say those who had posted deriding comments on the standards “Open Mike” did not bother emailing us here at Lauda Finem. We were however subsequently advised, via email, by our whistle-blowing subscriber (a Queensland resident and gay expat Kiwi) that once the dust had settled he/she posted a comment using Lauda Finem’s name and published email address “laudafinem@bigpond.com”;

We would suggest that you brush up on your colloquial English as in its usage in AUSTRALIA, we are after all an AUSTRALIAN site.

The term “rent boy” has no exclusive use clause attached to it and its use in the article Muzza has referred to is certainly NOT homophobic. The colloquial/slang term “Rent-boy” is often used to describe various forms of male prostitution, Straight, POLITICAL, MEDIA, sporting and of course Homosexual. The word Prostitution and or any innuendo/inference attached to it, as with the use of the term “Rent-Boy”, has no prescribed exclusive use policy…..at least that was the case when we last checked.

The English language and the written word is ever evolving, that’s why we here in AUSTRALIA like to update/republish our national Dictionary (Macquarie) every so often, but of course KIWI’s can’t afford that sort of educational TOOL as always they rely on Australia to do the heavy lifting.

Whilst on the subject of TOOLS; YOUR allegation of “anti sex-worker insults” is in fact in our view highly SUSPECT as we certainly made no implicit reference whatsoever to sex workers in our piece, nor are we for that matter denigrating of anyone who is gainfully employed within that industry.

Our only reference to prostitution, by inference, was to the POLITICAL prostitute Cameron Slater and our very accurate observation that the “TRUTH” dedicates an inordinate amount of space to its personals classifieds…….the “tongue in cheek” inference being that it is obviously not a credible publication that relies on quality editorial content to achieve sales…….but you obviously missed that point, if in fact you even bothered to read the piece.

Further, we suspect that you, unlike the author of our article “John Keys ‘rent boy’ Cam Slater wants to fuck Bain [badly] using a corrupt District Court Judge.”, are in all likelihood far from an individual who identifies as Gay and thus not qualified to comment…….but of course that’s just our supposition.

Reading the thread below we are also inclined to suspect that your comment (above) had an ulterior motive which unfortunately back-fired; we were in fact alerted to the existence of the comment by an unprecedented volume of traffic being referred to our site by http://www.thestandard.org.nz.

We would recommend that you read these two pieces and then purchase a sense of humour:



Given that you QoTViper are obviously a self-styled dedicated anti-homophobia crusader (Yeah Right!) you will no doubt be getting right in behind our up coming series on the Peter Ellis case.

Have you heard of the bloke? Well if not he’s one of your Gay Kiwi brothers that rotted in jail for around a decade; all as a result of an impossible series of pornographic Hans Christian Andersen inspired fairy tales involving Lions, Giraffes, secret tunnels, trap doors and of course the now infamous black Penis……..now hows that for PC language QoTViper?

In our humble opinion Mr Ellis is yet another victim of your so-called justice system. In fact we will be arguing that he was the victim of a rampantly HOMOPHOBIC macho society, its police force, crown law office and the HOMOPHOBIC political movers and shakers of the era.

In fact, given your obvious concern with homophobia we’re a little surprised that you and your mates (below) are not already doing time for breaching the name suppression orders in and around the Peter Ellis case……..why is that?

New Zealand and its inhabitants are an international laughing stock, but its actually not that funny given that many of your innocent fellow citizens have suffered in the circus that is now destroying New Zealand’s reputation!

In closing we’ve formed the view that you might be more than a little challenged when it comes to distinguishing “shit from clay”, Or perhaps its just that you’re a POLITICAL shit stirrer or then again perhaps just a National Party TROLL………After all neither you, nor any of the tag team assembled below, bothered taking up Muzza’s suggestion (again somewhere below) to contact us for clarification…… so just why was that QoTViper, or are you not one who subscribes to the legal maxim of natural justice?

It seems that our renegade reader hit the nail on the head, we suspect that he/she was just a little pissed off with allegations in and around their misappropriated use of the term “Rent Boy” and the allegation that the term was innately homophobic.

It is indeed strange that this “Homophobia” has been attributed to the term rent boy and as our reader rightly points out the writer of the post “John Keys “rent boy” Cam Slater wants to fuck Bain [badly] using a corrupt District Court Judge.” is indeed Gay as are many of Lauda Finem’s volunteers. This fact is one of the reasons that we as a collective have taken an interest in the Peter Ellis story; as will become very apparent in the near future! It is also the reason why we as a group despise individuals and organisations outside our community (and that includes the NZ Labour Party), hijacking our courses with feigned concern  for use in their own propaganda.

We here at Lauda Finem have good reason to believe that some purported readers and commentor’s amongst those that use www.thestandard.org.nz” are an integral part of the Labour party machine. Why do we suppose this? Its simple really, 1. we recieve info via whistle-blowers on a regular basis, 2. the comments posted on the standard reflected a certain political style of spin in that they are not genuine comment rather they are attacks on the integrity of “Muzza” and indeed Lauda Finem. We note that Muzza had over a number of months been posting links to our posts with little if any “backlash“.

The backlash at www.thestandard.org.nz only started with our revelation that senior Labour Party movers and shakers over the past two decades had been involved (in more ways than the public had been made aware of) in the Peter Ellis saga and that there had been a possible serious conflict of interest that may well have compromised not only the individuals involved but the Labour Party as a whole and the integrity of New Zealand’s judicial processes……..it all goes to this particular political Party’s honesty, integrety and willingness to tell the truth.

Lauda Finem have sent emails to David Shearer on the subject of injustice and in particular the Peter Ellis case. To date Mr Shearer has refused to respond of his own volition; preferring to refer the requests to Charles Chauvel who of course has not responded.

Now, as promised, back to the late John O’Donohue’s beautifully appropriate prose on the subject of the “Angry Presence” and it’s innate power:

“Anger is a great flame of presence.  It is difficult to mistake or ignore an angry presence.  Usually it is like a fire, it starts with a spark and then multiplies in a rapid exponential rhythm.  Anger wants to break out; it stops us in our tracks.  Much of the time we avoid conflict; we put up with things.  We let things go.  When the flame of anger rises, it confronts things.   Anger shouts stop!  It can be a great force for change. It is so encouraging to hear the voice of righteous anger raised.  It names and confronts injustice.  It brings to light whatever is wrong and makes it clear to the perpetrators of injustice what they are doing.  It is very interesting to notice how very politically incorrect anger now is.  Especially in these times, there are so many issues that should warrant great anger.” 

John O’Donohue, ‘Eternal Echoes: Exploring our Hunger to Belong’  p.91

Powerful language, the language of the Druidic Bard is the way in which minority groups within a cultures collective emotional response and displeasure are made visible to the whole of that society, not just the few.

We here at Lauda Finem are indeed an angry presence, and we make no apology for it, that’s why we as a collective use the anglo-celt language of angry men and women to varying degrees, the universal language of descent.

We are most certainly not politically correct, nor will we ever be. It is after all a very recent construct that defies reason and justice.

PC speak is the language of a decaying and diseased culture/society that holds no hope. The very nature of politically correct language is one of capitulation and the inevitable failure to see any form of justice done.

If in the process of outing crimes against humanity it means we here at Lauda Finem need to continue using non PC language such as  “Fuck Tard”, “rent-boy”” and “Cunts” to spread the message so be it.

See the anger, feel the anger and then look very very closely at the pain and try to see what’s behind it, any failure to do so is of course  at your own peril!

We here at Lauda Finem look forward to meeting QoTViper at Mardi Gras and Sleaze Ball this year (2013) book the meeting by sending an email to; laudafinem@bigpond.com………yeah right you stupid cunts!

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  • Ive been using The Standard as a personal research project (i’ve actually stated that at least twice since posting over the past 18 months or so) for learning how small sectors of NZ’s attuned (supposedly) online communities, descend into various types of mob behavior, which appears as if it is some form of mass (herd mentality) mind control. Many of the self styled *academics* at The Standard are too keen to push their personalities via the handles, and while in the virtual space, it is possible to build profiles of individuals, without knowing who they are. The ego’s are rampantly obvious there, and the abuse from the *regulars* the musings of keyboard cowards.

    While in a discussion about NZ poverty, I dropped the topic of forced vaccination (I bring it up from time to time to gauge the levels of programming, among other things), anyway, one of the regular crew actually posted a comment – “I would happily hold the rifle while the nurse gives you the shots (vaccination). The words “hold the rifle”, was hardly encouraging, but none the less it, when combined with other comments from the same handle, paints a picture.

    NZ has become a terribly sad example of *an experiment*, which NZ has always been in many ways, even to where many are proud of all the *first’s* which NZ represents, while in fact those very same events were simply more nails in the coffin of NZ inc, the PC agenda, while not a first in NZ, as illustrated by McFlock, Felix and QoTViper (Queen of Thorns, female, who they actually allow to post articles from time to time), show greatly how the young (I suspect), self styled mind controlled operate, thinking they are somehow contributing to the well being of society, while being hypocrites of the highest order, and actually perpetuating the decline trying to shut down, through desire to censor, what they decide is offensive, how, why and to whom!

    Keep up the great work LF, your site is one where I come to understand the players, and the frauds which provide additional reference material and points of reference.

    • Hi Muzza,

      We applaud your descent into the “Vipers” nest that is “The Standard”. We too have started doing a little research, our editor yesterday assigned two volunteer researchers to a project that we’ve named “operation viper” so expect to read a little more from Lauda Finem on the subject of http://www.thestandard.org.nz in the future.

      The bloke that apparently runs the site is one Lynn Prentice. He’s a graduate of the University of Waikato (Hamilton, NZ) and looking at the era in which he was a student there (BSc, Earth Sciences, 1978 – 1981) it is highly likely that he’d have spent an inordinate amount of time spruiking the Labour Party’s political agenda and mind fucking his cohort whilst licking the arse of labour party celebrity, Lawyer, ex labour attorney general and Dean of Waikato University Law Faculty Margaret Wilson. We have some very interesting material on Ms Wilson (the Labour Party’s Queen of PC double speak) that dates back to her term in Government…….Very interesting material that we’ll get round to publishing at some point.

      Wilson strongly promotes various social causes such as feminism and multiculturalism, and opponents often painted her as Labour’s most “politically correct” minister.
      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Wilson

      As an aside, please feel free to contact us here and share the results of your research.

    • Ennui in Requiem says:

      Muzza, You may recall I had a prior Standardista moniker (Bored) who I decided was past his use by date, and retired. Since I have posted notes from Purgatory to mirror the human natures of the bloggers against the Deadly Sins and Cardinal Virtues. This seemed more appropriate to me given the failure of the bloggers “isms” to take any account of the breadth of human emotions, motivations, opinions etc. As you contend, there is a pack attack mentality and a refusal to compromise, or accept the possibility that alternate opinions can have validity. Absolutism rules on the Standard currently. If you debate, allow and voice duality and contradiction, you will suffer. A show trial by the commissars ensues.

      As a proud leftist I am often left dumbfounded: must we repeat the “socialist” Soviet experiment? Looking at the Standardistas we have the raw material (who currently are leading the charge there).

      I look forward to seeing the results of your research.

      • Hi Ennui, yup, you were one of the common sense posters there , and actually it was shortly after you retired , that I figured I would wind it back , as it’s such a waste of time there currently. There are some decent comments to be found still, but the programmed herd , whoever they really, or represent ,are a head shaker, and have nothing to offer carrying on the way they do, and as for the leader, it just sets a bad tone. Hope youre putting the additional time to good use, but keep dropping them the odd reminder at TS. Peace

  • Byron….you fucking rock you non-fuck-tard rent-boy-cunt… unlike those labour party cunts…..I can hardly wait for LF’s expose on the Labour rent-boy cunts involved in the injustice served on poor Peter Ellis. I just love the language used on this site as it is truly reflective of the anguish that results from the upsetting truth being told….Love you diggers!

    As an aside, I fucking hate John “tea bagger” Key. Hate language is appropriate where hate is appropriate to the nature of what has occurred. Talk to the Jews about how they spent family time in Argentina murdering Nazi’s, or the Yanks chasing down Osama to murder him in front of his family and then skited to New Zealander’s about how they dumped his body in the sea in the knowledge that it would antagonize all Muslim’s. That’s how to bring peace to the world….Yeah right. Have any of the Standard’s fuck tards read George Orwells 1984?

    Remember the famous quote of George Patton after freeing Berlin;

    “those fuck tard nazi cunt’s aren’t as bad as that murderous “rentboy” Joseph “kick the back door in” Stalin”

    The above quote has of course been authenticated by the same intelligence organisation’s that verified that Saddam Hussein had weapons on mass destruction…so its all good..yeah.

  • Byron Grubers says:

    As always a very articulate and adroit article Lauda. I personally agree with your suspicions that it could be a NZ Labour party inspired assault. We have to remember that Helen Clark and her crew where a bunch of individuals who did not have the personal integrity to fess up or stand by their own sexuality. Not withstanding that they where devoid of the moral fortitude to sort out the naughty nats once and for all. That government and it’s predecessor the David Lange regime spawned Rogernomics and institutionalised insider trading that saw our nations assets sold off to insiders like Michael Fay and co. Labour lost its way as evidenced by the emergence of politically and morally bankrupt parties like Act. The NZ Green party, with its aussie co leader will emerge from this mess as a real political force in the coming years. They need to concentrate on legal reform and that means an ICAC like organisation (NSW) to go after the corruption in New Zealands political and legal systems. For the avoidance of doubt that also means the New Zealand Police force. There needs to be a force of unabashed system haters with an agenda of slash burn, destroy.They must be Instructed to go after the big and little scalps until integrity is the hallmark of the system. We need to smell the acrid stench of burning flesh. (metaphorically speaking of course) Yeah right!

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