Herald “Tabloid spin doctoring” continues

This time reporter Yvonne Tahana is the Herald Hack that wants her stories hand fed to her by a Police Service that’s reputation is in public meltdown.

Yvonne Tahana

Yvonne Tahana

Tahana is allegedly the tabloids Maori affairs reporter, and given that most of the criminal Police brutality is perpetrated against Maori and the poor, which in New Zealand is mostly one and the same, her sycophantic regurgitation of a self serving story about an arrest requiring reinforcements is nothing short of amazing.

Tahana probably finds herself lucky being maori and reporting for the Herald, and therefore will do anything to keep a job with a Newspaper that can still afford to pay reporters.  No doubt the income comes from the burgeoning adult section as APN takes on Fairfax in competing for the happy ending industries advertising dollar.

The story begins in the following breath taking manner;

A Kawhia policeman pepper-sprayed and tasered a man on the main street of the small west coast Waikato town yesterday after trying to arrest him for an outstanding warrant.

A shift commander at Northern Communications Centre said a policeman was “slightly injured” during the incident which happened just after 6pm on Jervois St. It increased in seriousness because two men known to the tasered man became involved in the arrest.

“An officer in Kawhia was trying to make an arrest and the offender resisted arrest and was tasered and sprayed. His associates interfered and they’ve been locked up as well.

The police officer arrested the man’s associates when backup arrived.

“He was slightly injured in the incident but he is okay.”

He would not say what the outstanding warrant related to or if the policeman was local. 

Source: New Zealand Police Officer hurt in violent arrest (NZ Herald 12/1/2013)

Booze-hound and Glock proponent Greg O'Connor

Booze-hound and Glock proponent Greg O’Connor

Now come on Tahana you were told to do the story by the Police Services Public Relations to balance all of the bad press about Police brutally assaulting New Zealanders, which Lauda Finem believes occurs so regularly that it is considered completely normal by the likes of Greg O’Connor.

The consistent approach by the Corrupt District Court Judges granting name suppressions in order that the police offender can be dealt with by a corrupt trial likely before the same corrupt Judge, where the Judge does a credibility assessment and finds the victims account of events unrealistic or words to that effect.  The cop is then emboldened to commit further likely more serious offending and the Service likely promotes him enabling him to pass on his experience.

Of course Police corruption is not unusual anywhere in the world, but what is unusual is the way the New Zealand Police Service is aided and abetted by a completely disinterested media.

Tahana’s article goes on to inform the reader that other police officers have also been subject to attack by citizens.

“In December, Dargaville party-goers took turns to kick, punch and beat a police officer with a baseball bat while he lay unconscious on the ground.

Another policeman present tried to shield his partner during the attack. Local fire service officers rushed to the scene for backup and provided first-aid until an ambulance arrived.

That attack was one of four which police officers faced over the Christmas break. In one incident in the Waikato an officer called to a dispute over Christmas lights was seriously assaulted and repeatedly punched in the head.

Another Waikato constable, who was relatively new to the job, broke her ankle attending a family violence incident and another was assaulted while arresting a 17-year-old at a party in Huntly.

 Source: New Zealand Police Officer hurt in violent arrest (NZ Herald 12/1/2013)

What the fuck are you on about Tahana. Four or five incidents where some violence occurred where Police were slightly injured over the entire Christmas period in the Northland, Auckland and Waikato areas.  That amounts to news that Police are the subject to virtually no physical violence, and therefore their very high level of violence against their fellow citizens is even harder to comprehend.

And what started the four or five seemingly unusual events.  Maybe the way in which the Waikato man was arrested.  Maybe the cop tazered the guy before arresting him, and this brought about the reaction from the mans associates.

The introduction of the Tazer has clearly led to Police, who would have previously resorted to talking first, using the Tazer as a weapon, rather than a shield.  This has occurred wherever the tazer has been deployed;

We at Lauda Finem believe that the obvious is now more than obvious.  The New Zealand Police Service recruits are fucking thick nut jobs who when they put a uniform on go berzerk beating, raping, and even murdering New Zealander’s.  They get away with this behavior protected by a completely corrupt police hierarchy and Judiciary.  This is not to say that there are not good cops and even great cops, as there are good judges and bloody great Judges, but they are clearly in the minority and are sworn to observe omerta.

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  • Lindsay Kennard says:

    I agree the are some great cops and I met a couple but sadly over time they are forced out A newly appointed Invercargill detective was driven out of the force, now one would speck to him. And his Crime? He felt some strings were pulled after a local business man who had been drinking in Queenstown set out to drive back to Invercargill [about 190km] but 10 km from home he crossed the centre on a slight left curve and hit a honda with three girls in it who had been to a movie and were going home all three died in the crash by incineration. A probationary cop attended the accident made a few mark on the road then took the land cruiser driver home. he was not breath tested nothing until midday the next day and was still over the limit so was charged with drink driving and was fined. The detective thought something was fishy and spoke to the girls parents as the head cop had decided the girls had been drinking and were at fault. the detective arranged for a private Crash investigator to look at the crash scene his evaluation was MacLeay the business man and mate of the head cop was completely on the wrong side of the road as there were gouge marks from the honda right front wheel in the gravel where the honda had gone to try and avoid the crash. Needles to say another investigation done by a experienced crash investigator working alongside the private investigator the result was MacLeay was charged with three counts of driving dangerously causing death there by manslaughter he got 4 1/2 years and order to pay a large some to each family. The Detective who blew the whistle was forced to leave the police for obeying his aoth of service. the rest of the cops involved got a PCA slap with a wet bus ticket.
    The detective was the sort of police officer we want Corruption is endemic and reward with promotion.
    The Girls car had been buried in the Tip site by 7 the next morning when a funeral director went to Insurance yard to retrieve part of one of the girls bodies that had been accidentally left in the car by the director as he retrieved the bodies in the dark. He was not happy and the insurance company were not happy at not being able to make their own assessment.

  • This story is scary. Very very very scary. I just wonder what five or ten Police would do to an unarmed LF writer if they caught one. LF supporters would probably only be tazered on the body, but I reckon you guys would receive a lethal doze of baton and tazer treatment administered “rectally”. Their reasoning would be “we do to you as you have done to us” Stay brave for all of us. The New Zealand Police Force is “out of all control” and needs to be disbanded and started again afresh. Have you seen the story in the herald about the footage about the arrest in Kawhia; it would seem that LF is right on the money as always.

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