Marakita Moeroa Mehmet, now on WINZ after having been found to be able to work - banned from yahoo and numerous sites due to cyberbullying;

ACCForum: Don’t Shoot Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes

Marakita Mehmet ACCForum's "Campy" amongst the other online monikers she employs

Marakita Mehmet ACCForum’s “Campy” amongst the other online monikers she employs to conceal her criminal activities, the photo is flattering our sources advise she’s a much older bitch now

One of Marakita Mehmet aka “Campy”s mates , Janice Karaka Clarke’s aka ‘hukildaspida‘ and Moeroa Mereana Percy (aka “Moeroa’, “Guest_Percy_*” and “Moe”) wrote the post below earlier today on

That is wise advice, because Nottingham caused enough concern that ACC refused to deal with him due to concerns for staff and claimant safety. Television show Fairgo established that Nottingham and Advantage Advocacy (a company closely linked to Re/Max Advantage’s Earle McKinney) did not provide the services that one claimant paid for. When challenged by the claimant Dermot Nottingham became rude and aggressive, this is not the behaviour of a fit and proper person”


Of course the above underlined statements, as with most of the material found on with origins dating from 2007 – 2009, are completely false (in fact in our view highly defamatory,excluding our links) as we here at Lauda Finem have been able to establish with the discovery of a very recent New Zealand court judgement:


We have also been able to establish that Mr Nottingham threatened to sue Fairfax New Zealand and Journalist Fiona Rotherham in 2009. Rotherham, in mitigation, subsequently admitted relying on and publishing the defamatory material she had obtained from

Fairfax: the Finance & Investments fraud, just how wrong did Fiona Rotherham get it?

Fairfax settled out of court, paying Nottingham a considerable sum and printed a retraction:

Dermot Nottingham, Fairfax apology 19/08/2009

Lauda Finem have managed to track down ACCForum fraudster Evonne Puru. Shes living here in Australia; Burleigh Waters, QLD to be precise.

Lauda Finem have managed to track down ACCForum fraudster Evonne Grace Puru. She’s living here in Australia; Burleigh Waters, QLD to be precise.

Mr Nottingham continues to work with ACC claimants and it appears to us (looking at his many successful appeal judgement’s) that he is amongst the more competent advocates; certainly not afraid to take the battle right up to ACC’s front door, so to speak:

Recliner decliner ACC is unseated in battle

That fact combined with the information supplied to Lauda Finem by whistle- blower David Butler; that members of were themselves involved in manufacturing the false allegations which aired in TVNZ’s Fair Go program could, we believe, result in those involved soon being held to account.

The TVNZ Fairgo program was of course recently heavilly critcised by its founder, journalist Dr Brian Edwards for it’s journalist’s  systemic failure to show balance or properly investigate the allegations they go to air with:

Fair Go ‘out of control’

A Kafkaesque story that should horrify you. And it’s set in New Zealand!

We can add very little to Dr Brian Edwards very worrying assessment of the programs failures (some of the older comments under Dr Edwards blog post are even more revealing).

We have also been able to establish that one of the forum members falsely claiming to have been ripped off, Evonne Grace Puru (a NZ Maori that we have now evidenced is  not an  Australian indigenous citizen and is probably, as a New Zealander, complaining about her fucking rights) was in fact a convicted NZ Accident Compensation fraudster as was the man behind the false allegations, the same man that established ACCForum; convicted conman Kenneth Paul Antony (aka Kenneth Miller):

Mrs Puru’s ACC fraud court reimbursement documents

Page 1

Kenneth Miller’s Criminal record:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

There are yet another two posts to come in this our most recent ACCForum series one which in fact inculpates another of the forums members in criminal behaviour; having possibly been involved in an immigration scam then making false allegations of rape and psychological injury in order to cover her tracks and at the same time benefit financially from the Accident Compensation Corporations generous “no blame system”.

We would however advise readers to review the facts and history surrounding which we have already laid on the table. There is, as we have stated in previous posts, much more to come on this subject, and very soon!

We like justice, as does justice campaigner Mr Demot Nottingham. In fact from what we’ve been able to establish Mr Nottingham likes, as we do, sifting through the chaft and finding facts that support  justice, especially when those same recently established facts support the argument of injustice: as with the recent attacks from accforum. With that in mind we here at Lauda Finem received yet another scam email today from Franciscus van Helmond, the brother of another convicted cyber-bully, stalker and extortionist Henricus Geradus Van Helmond, 52, of Woodville, New Zealand:

Fran Van Helmond1

Franciscus van Helmond, cyber-stalker and ACC fraudster, RD 3, Cambridge, New Zealand

You have been captured on video logging in to ACCforum.

You have been recorded speaking to a number of people discussing plans to destroy ACCforum and certain members of that forum.

The private investigator will soon be using his camera when the Police arrive to speak to you.

When you are charged by the Police and appear in Court, and found guilty, your name will be published by the media.

When that happens, everybody, including parents of kids at the school/s your children attend will know what you get up to on the Internet ie breach peoples privacy, abuse injured individuals, stalking and threatening vunerable females to list just a few charges that you will be found guilty of doing.

Your business interests will all go belly up if they have’nt already.

Your family will suffer, all because of your illegal actions under the guise of ‘cyberbullynz’ and a number of other monikers you use to access the ACCforum.

Best of luck this time around Mr Nottingham. You will need it, and more!”

Fran van Helmond



Unfortunately for this cyber-creep, Fran van Helmond, if he wanted to threaten Justice crusader Dermot Nottingham it didn’t work. We know for a fact that Nottingham has no interest in the Forum beyond the Takapuna bomb plot and a request that he assist the accused Allan Thomas in having his conviction over turned, although with the defamatory posts now appearing that may soon be about to change.

The nutters who frequent keep sending emails, intended for Mr Nottingham, to us expecting a reaction; quite stupid really given that all we’re going to do is continue to collect evidence forward it on to the individuals defamed and then publish a story.

The infamous hard-line right wing Kiwi Blogger Cameron Slater has also had a few words to say on the subject of the van Helmond’s and their on-line and off line activities. Mr Slater writes:

Cameron Slater, (Whale Oil)

Cameron Slater, (Whale Oil)

I have been waiting and watching for this case to come to its inevitable conclusion.


Because I have been attacked by Henk van Helmond as have many, many other people. I have also been involved in helping his victims stand up to him and this is the result of my help….

……..Actually the Judge is wrong. Henk Van Helmond is evil. The emails he has sent me over the years are appalling. A weaker person would have cracked.

I was contacted by his victim in this case. I too am privvy to the emails he sent. Henk Van Helmond is a bully, a blackmailer and a coward who hides behind his illness. He played this court case out as long as possible in order to prolong the pain of his victim.

Henk van Helmond has run his little jihad against Cyfs with firstly, the CyfsWatch website then with He now has a CyfStalk Facebook page where he rules with terror. His usual user name in many different internet forum is kiwi1960.

Henk van Helond, yet another ACC forum member convicted of serious criminal blackmail/bullying offending

Henk van Helond, yet another ACC forum member convicted stalker/extortionist

Stay away from Henk van Helmond, he is a manipulative, narcissistic, psychopath who takes great delight in taunting vulnerable people.


Just as in the past Mr Slater has assisted the victims of van Helmond’s obscenity’s obtain justice, we here at Lauda Finem were recently contacted by another victim and were subsequently successful in having one more of his bullying websites pulled down ( and bring his facebook page to a grinding halt; we will continue to monitor any other sites that the van Helmond’s and their fucked up followers, such as Marakita Mehmet, Moeroa Percy and Janice Karaka Clarke, attempt to hide behind.

Fran Van Helmond  NZ_tweeter  on Twitter1

We always ask questions folks, always and encourage our readers to do so as well. There’s a lot more to than meets the eye, with insider clams of GCSB and Accident Compensation Corporation involvement in the operation of the forum:


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  • Lauda Finem, do not mess with our wahine, u diss them we not like u, we have cuzzies in Aussie who like to talk to u, they cell call away.

  • Mr Nottingham has a colourful history with police.

    It is a past that Mr Nottingham prefers not to talk about.

    But Gisborne people and police officers who dealt with Mr Nottingham and his brothers Phillip and Mark, remember the family well.

    So, probably, do judges who have frequently seen the Nottinghams in their courts — either being charged or alternatively prosecuting in generally failed attempts to charge people ranging from detectives to repossession agents.

    After a long-running case arising in Gisborne, Dermot was convicted in Auckland District Court on November 1, 1991, of the theft of more than $5000.

    The charge arose from allegations that the brothers secured a $1.7-million loan from former finance company RSL with furniture and fittings not fully paid for.

  • I agree with Rosco about Cam Slater to the extent that he attempts to bully people with a differing opinion. Slater is a shockjock and 9 times out of 10 he fails on integrity which impacts on his credibility. I really don’t know why the good honest claimants on ACCforum don’t start up a new blog, where people that attack each other are just thrown out for good. I hope that you post your next story soon on these banjo players from the Waikato and the far far far black north LOL. How is that all of these people are physically ugly as well. Further proof of incestuous beginnngs.

  • Back when Van Helmond set up CYFSwatch there was and probably still is a site called Panic. Parents Against Negative Involvement by CYFS. Van Helmond operated very much like your ACC site. He had followers who would chime in in support when Van Helmond needed it in exactly the same fashion as your ACC people.

    I remember a school kid from Nelson had posted on the Panic site her personal circumstances and that she was having trouble coping.

    I wasn’t sure whether or not it was a set up but just in case emailed the school alerting them to her comments.

    Van Helmond the scum ball suggested she commit suicide so that that would teach all the people involved a lesson.

    The panic forum was a very good one because people with a problem could and did get some very good advice from caring and concerned members.

    Van Helmond I think saw the site as a possible threat because it took a little of the spotlight off his site.

    I some times wonder if Slater and Van Helmond are the same person.

    Slater is a big fat bullying piece of shit similar to Van Helmond he gets his rocks off abusing kids for no other reason than the colour of their hair.

    If you are not retarded why or how can you possibly get your rocks off posting this rubbish.

    At the time I gave Slater a roasting and suggested he pick on someone who could fight back.

    Slater was more than happy to accommodate me but it would be in the ring, we would have to ware gloves there would be a set number of rounds and so on.

    He was not interested in my counter offer to meet him some where in private with no witnesses and we would slug it out bare fisted. I have been banned ever since.

    Slater’s site can be summed up in this way……..He’s simply writing about himself and his life and what goes on in it so hypocritical is he.

  • Hey you guys have you taken the time to find out what a fucking low life Slater is. He writes this “Henk Van Helmond is a bully, a blackmailer and a coward who hides behind his illness”.

    This applies to Slater of course I have no idea if he is a blackmailer but he has made threats to the effect that if a poster on his site uncomplimentary comments about him he will track that individual down and retaliate by posting uncomplimentary posts about them.

    DFAB………..don’t fuck with a blogger……..a favorite saying of his to intimate posters.

    He has mental issues similar to Henk Van Helmond and uses the same tactics on his blog as Henk Van Helmond has used since he started CFYSwatch.

    Slater I think is nothing more or less than jealous of Henk Van Helmond because CFYSwatch was a good idea and made a difference but lost its way when Henk Van Helmond became god.

    Slater businessman.

    Note the responses to this next item; “Its his father fault for not bashing the crap out of the cunt”

    Oh poor me its everyone elses fault. If anyone is to blame its his father for bashing the crap out of the cunt earlier in life instead of overcompensating for the retched child being a mistake.

    I love your articles but this one losses its gloss with the inclusion on the the mental patient.

    • Hi Rossco, we figured that you’d chime in on this one when we quoted Slater, we’re sorry that you’re disappointed mate but sometimes we like to “kill two birds with one stone“. Becoming a God, as you put it, is the problem with accforum as well Rossco, or at least for those that thought they could hide behind it. As an aside have you recently been in that particular web forum stirring it up just a little 😉

      PS: A note to readers, the site Rossco mentions “Panic” is (at the time of publishing) still very much alive and well:

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