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Heres hoping

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  • It is obvious that those that have been identified on line have had their entitlements taken off them and that has been a really positive thing about your work Lauda Finem. If they can spend the amount of time that the likes of Janice Clarke Karaka, and Ms Mehmet and Percy do, then it is bloody clear that they can work. I for one have emailed ACC with all of the articles that you have posted, and received a generic reply thanking me for the “information from the community”. I felt that I had done something worthwhile for all of New Zealand. Unfortunately it was actually an Aussie site that took advantage of the stupidity of the likes of Fran Van Helmond and Janice Clarke Karaka. Anyway I will keep you updated as to my communication with ACC. Its all quite exciting.

  • Don’t worry David we will

  • David Nel says:

    That is what I would like to do to A.C.C

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