ACCForums Bruce Van Essen

ACCForum: Profiling nut jobs, Bruce van Essen aka “Huggy”

ACCForums Bruce Van Essen

ACCForums Bruce Van Essen aka “huggy”

One of the least crazy amongst the membership is the now infamous Bruce van Essen. We say “least crazy” simply because Bruce, like Bronwyn Pullar is very calculating and stepped out of the shadow (although until now he has maintained his anonymity on the forum preferring instead to use the moniker “Huggy” ) and took on the system; not that he had much choice in the matter. Van Essen’s name first came to our attention with a document that

David Butler disclosed to Lauda Finem in 2011. A letter the fraudster Douglas James Weal had written to the Minister for ACC asking to be given a contact inside ACC for the purpose of dobbing in forum members, apparently this letter played an important part in Weals “alleged” hate campaign against ACCForum founder Alan Gordon Thomas, the now infamous “Takapuna Bomber”.

From: Douglas (Weal)
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 10:37 AM
Subject: Fw: Contact
Hi Megan

Private and Confidential.

 I have been approached by several people about the following problem.

We need a “conduit” into ACC, where we can feed high value information about ACC and Claimants. However the information needs to be seen by Dr White, before it disappears down the chain of command.

The image bares a remarkable resemblance to the real life Bruce Van Essen

The image bares a remarkable resemblance to the real life Bruce Van Essen

This situation has been brought about because it appears that since the internal enquiry into the activities of the ACC Fraud Unit, senior ACC staff are so busy watching their backs they appear too scared to act, and to the extent they appear to be no longer receptive to copies of hard information. Several persons who have contacts within ACC have reported this problem.

What we are asking for is a contact person, phone number or email address, where the Minister can assure us, the information is seen by Dr White, before it is distributed within ACC; and if so requested, the source of the information remains with Dr White’s office.

I ask that the Office of the Ministerfacilitate this?

The contact will be personally given to a select few people so that these persons can sort out the chaff and verify the information before it is passed on to ACC. Persons who currently may have information which would be of interest to Dr White and ACC include Warren Forster, Dave Butler, Bruce Van Essen and myself

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Douglas Weal

Ex Cop turned private Dick Peter Gibbons.

Ex Cop turned private dick Peter Gibbons.

So what was Douglas Weal up to in sending this letter? More importantly, however, what was Mr Bruce Van Essen up to? Why had the fraudster Weal included Van Essen’s name as one of the “go to boys” that the Accident Compensation Corporation could rely on to “sort out the chaff and verify the information before it is passed on”. Confidential information that this group had collected on their fellow ACCForum members; and what was ACC up to when it accepted Weals offer?

This single event, in and around the lead up to Alan Thomas being convicted of the  Takapuna Bomb plot, is extremely noteworthy. In 2008 when Weal sent the above letter via email to the Minister Bruce van Essen and another Forum member Jason Patterson were up to their necks in shit. As an aside, another of the ACCForum members Weal named in 2008 was one Warren Forster. Forster, at the time also an ACC claimant, had we believe enrolled at the university Of Otago law faculty as a mature age student studying law – Having recently graduated he now represents ACC claimants.

Bruce Van Essen’s stoush with ACC, however, had been prompted two years before Weals 2008 email, in September 2006, with the unlawful search of Van Essen’s home by a former senior Dunedin detective, turned private investigator, Peter Gibbons. The unlawful searches subsequently inveigled the New Zealand police, with accusations of corrupt police, one being a son-in-law, working in with Gibbons and his company, Mainland Information Consultants, to execute the search warrants, one of which had not even been signed.

Van Essens allegations of police corruption and malfeasance were later the subject of an investigation by the IPCA, however Justice Lowell Goddard found no evidence of a conspiracy between Gibbons and his police associates which is not at all an unusual outcome as New Zealand’s IPCA is known to be corrupt, serving as little more than a police white washing facility.

The Van Essen saga is still to this day being played out in New Zealand’s High Court with Van Essen and Patterson having sued both the New Zealand police and Gibbons. Little under a month ago the latest episode concluded in the High Court at Dunedin with the presiding judge, Whata J, observing that the actions of the police and Gibbons may not have constituted “bad faith” as was being argued by council for both Van Essen and Patterson.

It appears to us that the judge, in noting doubt in the plaintive’s argument, had a more favourable view of the arguments advanced by Counsel for the police and Gibbons, but having said that one can never second guess a judges leaning, especially when the credibility of the plaintive’s is called into question and when the judge reserves his or her decision:

Counsel for Peter Gibbons, David Robinson

Counsel for Peter Gibbons, David Robinson

David Robinson, appearing for Mr Scott and Mr Gibbons, said there was a ‘‘high threshold” for bad faith, which could not be applied to the sequence of errors made by police in both cases.

Bad faith implied a ‘‘deliberate dereliction of duty” or ‘‘dishonesty” which was not evident in either case, he said.

He also questioned the credibility of the plaintiffs and said it was reasonable to conclude from the evidence gathered that they had been working while receiving ACC payments.

He said Mr Scott and Mr Gibbons had immunity, by law, as assistants to the police during the respective searches. Any costs awarded should be taken on by the Attorney-general as police were the lead agents in the search.


Not that we here at Lauda Finem necessarily agree with the IPCA, Justice Goddard’s report and or that outcome, however, given that Van Essen failed to get his police conspiracy allegations across the line with the IPCA and his long standing involvement with and its members, highly suspect (and in more than one case criminal) characters such as Kenneth Miller, Douglas James Weal, Mark Davis, Franciscus Van Helmond, Henk Van HelmondAngela McCutcheon, Claire Avon Rae Hollis, Evonne Grace PuruMoeroa Mereana Percy, Marakita Mehmet, Janice Karaka ClarkeAlan Gordon Thomas one would have to seriously doubt Van Essen’s credibility and any evidence he had given during the recent hearings.

As a further example of that lack of credibility we’ll soon be publishing a piece exposing some of the diabolical comments and threats we have received from the above forum members over the years, since first exposing these previously anonymous individuals, starting in 2011. Some of the more recent hate fuelled material we’ve received will give our readers an insight into the seriously disturbed minds that Mr Van Essen has associated with since 2005. Theres also the little matter of fraud which according to David Robinson counsel for Gibbons and Scott:

 “it was reasonable to conclude from the evidence gathered that they [Van Helmond and Patterson] had been working while receiving ACC payments”.

Source: Call for substantial damages (Otago Daily Times)

Of course this behaviour mirrors that of many of www.accforum.orgs members, Angela McCutcheon was caught red handed defrauding ACC whilst employed at Ron McQuilters Paragon Investigations, Douglas Weal was investigated but managed to slip through the net by lying and paying his ex-wife to change her story, malingering maligners abound. a factor that will undoubtedly be weighed in judge Whata’s mind whilst he and his associate are putting together that reserved decision.

As an aside, Peter Gibbons brother Tony Gibbons (an advocate with Nelson firm Access Support Services) whilst having absolutely no involvement with Bruce Van Essen’s grievances has (since the events of 2006) been relentlessly targeted with online defamation by these animals.

ACCForum members gather at Angela McCutcheons Nautilus Place townhouse for a Barbecue and to share a little poison. (Left to right; fraudsters Angela McCutcheon, Kenneth Miller, Fransiscus Van Helmond)

ACCForum members gather at Angela McCutcheons Nautilus Place Whangaparaoa townhouse for a Barbecue and a little poison. (foreground Left ) fraudsters Angela McCutcheon and Kenneth Miller (background right) Franciscus Van Helmond


ACCForum fraudster and founder Alan Gordon Thomas used ACC to boost wage by $238,000 (NZ Herald)

ACCForum bomb plot: Plans for van blast (NZ Herald)

ACC employee murdered, man’s fifth knife attack (NZ Herald)

Private investigators speak out over scandal (Otago Daily Times)

ACC claimants say searches wrongful (Otago Daily Times)

Call for substantial damages (Otago Daily Times)

Pdf: Report on the complaint of Bruce Van Essen (New Zealand Independent Police Conduct Authority)

Police Minister duped by bent cop (investigate magazine: July 07 issue, 2007)

ACCForum: Mereana Moeroa Manuwai Percy, aka Moeroa (

ACCForum: Marakita Mehmet (

ACCForum: Angela McCutcheon (

ACCForum: Kenneth Miller (

ACCForum: Douglas James Weal (

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ACCForum: Janice Karaka Clarke (

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ACCForum: Franciscus Van Helmond (


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  • Byron Grubers says:

    Bruce you gutless pig, how could you clench a fist in anger with those sausage fingers. It should be Huggy Queer..I think. I use my real name and am not scared about you or anyone else turning up at my house you useless lazy cunt. And as for the idiot brother Timothy and the stupid bitch lehohapata threatening the use of gang connections and ACC Forum, lets get real. LF has given their readership the identity of all of the members of ACC Forum – you tossers have been unmasked and humiliated as fraudsters, bullshit artists, recidivist crims, and penniless dumb fucktards. But the articles about you losers make every reader feel better about their own lot. Having a job, a house, a car, a boat, a lovely good looking wife and kids that respect you is not such a bad life after all.

  • Verily I say unto thee, you brood of vipers. How dare you pick on this good and decent man. Is there no limit to your wickedness. The sword of the forum will be lifted high to smite our enemies. We have been around for nearly 15 years and have gone unnoticed, our master has given us his blessing and promise that victory will be ours. Some of us may have to be sacrificed to cleanse the scum away. Columbine and TBP will be nothing when we reign down fire and brimstone on the clan that gather in the meadow called Goodall. The sword of the forum will have no mercy, for all of you have been warned and have mocked our warning and heaped scorn upon us. We are followers of the one who has been falsely accused, he is our prophet.

  • Bruce says:

    Anyway I am still waiting for you to give me the details on my IP, or are you so dumb, that you wouldnt even make it on the dumb and dumber movie ??????

  • Bruce says:

    What makes you think a judge would read your unprofessional incompetant investigative skills shit. I am sure he has more pressing matters than worrying about a little zit faced boy whose balls havent dropped yet.

    You so dont know what went on in that court room lol. It crushes your investigative skills to bits anyway lol

  • Bruce says:

    Hey lauda, go pop the zits on your face you little squeek lol

  • HOPE? Lets hope that justice Whata reads this story before he makes his mind up, lol

  • Hey “Bruce” hope is a good thing, lol

  • Bruce says:

    You think you are the man, your reporting is so full of crap, you are factually wrong not only in this article but many others, you profess to be an intelligent person, yet you cant even work out anything about my ip. The only bully person is you with a fucked up mind who cant even get things right and I so look forward to the day that this will come back to bite you big time. You think you may be protected or cannot be located, well, we will see about that wont we. Aren’t the laws of the land good, not only here in NZ but in OZ, no protection for idiots like you thats for sure. Are you some school dropout perhaps ?????? or perhaps you may have some intellectual handicap????? certainly to many it appears that way.

  • Seems we’ve outed yet another bully boy

  • Bruce says:

    I like how you are selective on what posts of mine you allow to show on your site. You are a gutless wonder trying to hide behind a pc…….go run and cry to mummy ay.

  • Readers who is Bruce Van Essen? Allegedly one in the same man that is noted in the mainstream press articles below?

    Are you another Michael Gibson Mr Van Essen aka on as “Huggy” or are you some how immune from prosecution for fraud and defamation?

    • Bruce says:

      Yes that is me so come on let me prove it to you, come and meet with me in Dunedin then we will see who is the pussy out of all of this.

  • Bruce says:

    Come on tosser tell me all about my ip since you think you are “da man” or should we say you are more like “da pussy” with your un-intelligent skills that you probably received a certificate for from a box of cornies.

  • What you mean that you’re not really “Bruce Van Essen”? Go figure?

  • Bruce says:

    See you know jack shit, well i suppose you get your jollies from thinking you do when everyone else sees you as the dick that you are.

  • Bruce says:

    But oh dear oh dear, how could we lose when on the first day the crown conceded that the searches were unlawful ?????? answer that you fucked up unit lol

  • It only shows people how pathetic and unprofessional your investigating skill are when there are so many factual errors.

    • What about this “Bruce” Lol you stupid “pricks” have all been “outed” You included Van Essen at G mail? And then of course the IP address 😉

      • Bruce says:

        And what has that got to do with the price of eggs ???? Geeeze u are one stupid person.

        Just been referred to an interesting Oz court case too, so if you think you are safe from action being taken against you by anyone who wants to then I would think again.

      • What Bruce? Another how many years in court before you loose again? “DICK_HEAD” lol

      • Have you heard of Mascot “Bruce” why don’t you spend the money? We’ll meet you there!

      • Bruce says:

        Lets just see how intelligent you really are, or perhaps this may show you up for the half baked person that you are…………….tell me more about my ip ay lets just see how clever you think you are.

  • Think what you like, its you that needs to grow up more than anyone else. But hey, feel free to leave it on here it will only help me more when this is pursued further.

  • A lot of your comments in this article are totally incorrect and defamatory. You are also making fabricated comments regarding a court process that you were not privvy too and have no idea of what happened. I will allow you time to remove this post, if it is not gone in 48 hours, I will refer it onto agencies and legal counsel in order to pursue this further.

  • lehohapata says:

    Our bros the Road Knights are not pleased that you have picked on a pakeha with great mana from Dunedin. We will give our aussie cuzzies Highway 61 on the Gold Coast a call. They love their work team lauda.

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