Kenneth Miller –recidivist fraudster, druggie, burglar, thief, violent offender, and ACC fraudster with 15 previous aliases.

ACCForum: substantial cash reward for information on offer!

Kenneth Miller ACC criminal fraudster

Kenneth Miller ACC criminal fraudster

A massive reward [well not really, quite substantial perhaps 😉] is on offer for the bone-fide identities of ACCForum members who have not already been identified by the Team @ Lauda Finem. This reward has been offered by a group of professionals who have advised Lauda Finem that they have all been subjected to abuse and repeatedly defamed on  Those offering the reward have advised us that members of the Wislang family are to be excluded from the offer.

Following forum member David Butler’s confessions as to the identity of those responsible for establishing and administering and the names of some members, we feel that this might be wasted dough.  But hey, people that have made millions off the ACC entitlement fuelled battles deserve some justice, and a small group of them has trusted Lauda Finem to assist in delivering it.  The offer has been made through reliable means sufficient to satisfy us all here at Lauda Finem that those behind the offer are genuine and that anyone who is authentic and supplies accurate “verifiable” evidence of those responsible for the forum and its contributors, over the years, will be handsomely rewarded.

The leader of this group of professionals, a recently defamed ACC provider who has assessed ACC claimants rights to entitlement in the Waikato district of New Zealand has contacted Lauda Finem and offered NZD $20,000.00  (AUD$16,121.95) for an ACCForum member [or perhaps a competent hacker, but that could just be our sense of humour ;-)] to come forward and provide “sufficient evidence” that would positively identitfy (those who remain unidentified) all members of this hate site (past and present).   Initial contact is to be made through our email address: Lauda Finem will then direct all prospective whistle-blowers to a firm of solicitors in Tauranga New Zealand.

The identity of the defamed professional and his colleagues will at all times remain confidential given the threats that Lauda Finem have received over the past few days; as the likes of the Wislang family, Moeroa Percy, Janice Karaka Clarke, Fran Van Helmond, Henk Van Helmond, Mark Davis, Kenneth Miller, Claire Avon Rae Hollis, Bruce Van Essen, Warren Arthur Wilson and Jason Patterson have seemingly gone crazy with threats of their “Australian gang contacts” that are apparently “only a mobile phone call away” and the veiled threats to “kill” and or “seriously harm” Lauda Finem’s volunteers.

If you wish to be considered for this reward you need only contact us at the email address above, where you will be put through a preliminary authentication interview (via email).  After the team at Lauda Finem are satisfied that we have confirmed you as likely “authentic” the contact details of the solicitors handling this process further will be provided.  As an important aside: if the whistle-blower/s has been (or is currently) a member of they will be able to negotiate immunity from litigation for themselves. They will also be entitled to nominate other ACCForum members, their associates, for immunity from litigation as part of the aforementioned negotiation process.  However, those members nominated by the whistle-blower will only be eligible for immunity should they they turn and be prepared to give evidence.

Apparently someone other than our regular readers has been watching the private chat rooms for a little over two weeks and has established the criteria of what would be required as initial “currency” to negotiate, going forward, the progressive steps towards payment of this quite substantial reward. We have been given, by way of example, what might constitute “currency” in negotiation so as to prove your “worth” to the solicitors handling this matter which includes the following;

Emails with details of members discussing the posting of defamatory material with intent


Grabs of defamatory Private Chats between members (members genuine identities must be disclosed)


Photographs of social interaction of the offending members (faces clearly 


Telephone records, evidencing contact


Documents of any kind that evidence defamation and or intent, inclusive of video and audio (Mr Butler kept an audio player in his bus, did anyone else?)

As we have already stated the Team @ Lauda Finem have undertaken a rigorous investigation process so as to identify and authenticate the individuals behind this reward . We have additionally set in place legal guarantees that are designed to ensure that any genuine whistle-blower, who provides accurate information, will receive the aforementioned NZD$20’000 reward on offer.

Do you know more, email Tony Armstrong at:

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  • Iorama says:

    Gang Lauda this ends right now

  • Brother Timothy says:

    You vile and evil serpents who spout forth all that is rotten and diseased, you are likened to a leper. Your blood money is only large enough for the bounty of one little red hen. Your wicked deeds will be your undoing.

    2 Janice 5 verse 10
    Verily I say unto you, “Capture a Screenshot” and send it to the King of the Wordy Press as a peace offering.

  • A good friend says:

    David Wadsworth Access Support services Nelson has posted under the monikers of Waddie, Bill Birch and Notwaddie. He has stated this within forum postings. Freely given.

    Alan Thomas has posted under the moniker paradigm shift he has stated this within forum.

  • PEPSIE says:

    Ah. A witch hunt BY witches.

    That’s rather unusual. Are your fore-mothers from Salem?

  • A good friend says:

    The accforum member with the moniker fairgo is Dr Denise Powell of Acclaim Otago this information is free.

  • lehohapata says:

    Tony Armstrong you must be one crazy Aussie bro to let yourself be named. Only problem there are lots of Armstrongs in the fone book. We start with the first and work our way letting our fingers do the walking.

  • lehohapata says:

    Gang Lauda, our Sgt at Arms has given us the go ahead, you disrespect our wahine and spit upon our whakapapa. The red and the blue are now one in our rumble with you aussie thugs. The cell phone is on speed dial.

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