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ACCForum, revisiting that day, lets go for the CEO!

Captain Hate? Mr Wislang Jnr, the man behind the creation of ACCForum

Captain Hate? Mr Wislang Jnr, the man behind the creation of ACCForum

Updating the story of ACCForum creator Arrin Wislang. We thought that we ‘d do a little analysis for our readers. An analysis that ultimately evidences that this Arrin Wislang character and his online hate creation are two very nasty pieces of work that have been peddling lies, deceit, defamation and vilification for almost a decade.

At first Mr Arrin Wislang claimed that he had no Knowledge of and  whilst during the telephone call accforum was most certainly mentioned, Arrin Wislangs wife feigned ignorance by misquoting it as “OCC Forum”. What is however important to note is the fact that we here at Lauda Finem and our blog were never mentioned. However within minutes of  “Lauda Finem” having hung up and posted Mr Wislang had also posted comments on both our facebook page and here on the blog; an impossible feat for someone who was truly without any knowledge of and the events on foot:

“I’ve left a message on your website advising you have the wrong Aaron Wislang. I’m not the son of miles, yet I do share a name. Because of your inaccurate investigations you’ve now defamed me all over the internet, i want it down and I want an apology. A basic search would show I’m the son of Graeme Wislang and committed to building new health systems, not whatever the ACC forum folk are doing. The NZ police will be contacted first thing, as is my lawyer and the consulate.

You might think you’re doing a fantastic job but taking out two innocent people is shameful. My wife is incredibly upset after getting a intimidating call about something we knew nothing about! Imagine our disbelief when we go online to find out what the AAC forum that person mentioned was and our photo;s are plastered everywhere?

We are taking this extremely seriously. I don’t know what Miles and his offspring are up to but you can’t go getting your facts so wrong and expect no consequences. We will accept all information on all websites taken down and a public apology on your site, facebook and any other site you’ve defamed us on. 

My email is”


It’s also important to note that within a few hours of Arrin Wislang, having been outed as the creator of, his web forums (now very small membership) went ape-shit and had started to attack “The Team @Lauda Finem”, using their web-forum and by  attempting to post some very malicious material on the Lauda Finem site, remember readers, these are people that in the past did not normally give a shit about outing, and or defaming, anyone that crossed their path, especially medicos, and they’d been at it for more than a decade:

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 12.29.46 AM

A common theme that is repeatedly employed by the cyber-bullies on is the oft used threat to employ the New Zealand police force with recently feigned concerns about cyber-bullying (thanks to Lauda Finem’s watchful eye; we note however that there have been no police complaints), Wislang, with his facebook message (above), immediately employed the same threatening tactical style.

Bridget Wislang, the wife of ACCForum hate administrator

Bridget Wislang, the wife of ACCForum hate administrator?

However on this occasion its not the behaviour of an innocent person. An innocent person would be inclined to reason and would in all probability want to be seen, at least at first, as reasonable. Wislang’s immediate response, however, was anything but reasonable or for that matter measured.

Of course the real clincher came when the CEO of Ballerat Health Services (see image below) received a formal complaint from New Zealand justice campaigner Mr Dermot Nottingham which this idiot CEO failed to investigate, in fact the CEO repeatedly failed to acknowledge the complaint or even return Nottingham’s calls. Are these the actions that one might expect of the CEO of a major governmental entity. No of course its not.

The CEO had received a formal complaint, that complaint being that a subordinate civil servant had been engaging in “conduct likely to bring the Ballarat Health Service into disrepute” and as such the CEO had an obligation to investigate the matter and report his findings to the complainant, but he didn’t do that; why?

Surely it stands to reason that if this Arrin Wislang had, as he claimed, no connection whatsoever to would it not then follow that he would have jumped at the opportunity, in conjunction with his senior managers, to have the matter investigated cleared up and to have reported back to Nottingham providing evidence that it had simply been a terrible case of mistaken identity; as Wislang had attempted to claim initially.

Obviously we will never know what went down in the CEO’s office, but what we do know is that within 24hours of Nottingham’s letter reaching the CEO, Wislang had been given a copy and had posted it on and as a “comment” on this site.

This is where it gets a little messy for Mr Arrin Wislang, his wife Bridget (who is a Ballarat Health Services senior manager, in fact if one believed the online material “her husbands boss” [removed suddenly] ) and the CEO of Ballerat Health Services.

Remember readers the CEO was always obliged to conduct some sort of enquiry into the matter once he had received a formal complaint but, as already stated, he failed to do that: preferring instead to hand the letter of complaint to the Wislangs.

When we here at Lauda Finem made our own inquiries, through the BHS media liaison office ,we were advised that it had nothing to do with Ballerat Health and that no further comment would be made;

Daniel Anderson

Unfortunately, however, as readers will of heard  (listening to the recording above) they also refused to explain how a confidential letter of complaint managed to fall into the hands of the individual who was the subject of that complaint.

MR Andrew Rowe, BHS CEO

MR Andrew Rowe, BHS CEO

Now under normal circumstances could that be considered best practice for a civil service CEO?

Again the answer is no. In fact the State of Victoria has recently set up its own version of the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Its known as the Independent Broad-based Anti- Corruption Commission (IBAC).

Of Course the Ballerat Health services CEO could be forgiven for not knowing about the commission because it was only very recently constituted, with the appointment of its first commissioner Lawyer and Senior Counsel Stephen O’Bryan.

Is ignorance, however, considered as mitigation for offending, again no its not. So how has the Ballerat Helath Services CEO offended? Well its simple really, The CEO in question appears to have swept this complaint ,a formal complaint, under the proverbial rug.

Whats more it appears that the CEO has done it to benefit of one, possibly two, of his subordinate civil servants and that would be considered, by any reasonable person, corrupt behaviour . In fact the IBAC website has published detail on what the legislation considers corrupt behaviour:

  • Public officer or public body that constitutes or involves the dishonest performance of their functions
  • Public officer or public body that knowingly or recklessly breaches public trust
  • Public officer or public body that involves the misuse of information or material acquired in the course of the performance of their role or function, whether or not for the benefit of the public body or person
  • Public officer or public body who conspires or attempts to engage in the above corrupt activity.

Source: What is corrupt conduct? (IBAC)

Then when Wislang had posted Nottingham’s letter of complaint to the CEO, on both and Lauda (as a comment) that then evidenced further that Wislang was a party to ACC Forum.

Any normal person who had no connection whatsoever as Wislang had initially claimed would not have chosen that path. The CEO’s handling of this matter is also highly suspect and clearly corrupt…we will of course be dealing with that aspect later

Meanwhile we here at Lauda Finem, despite more than two weeks passing, have yet to receive one single email or telephone call from Mr Arrin Wislang despite our email address and Sydney telephone number being well publicised and made available to “BHS”, in fact both having been handed to the media liaison officer at the “Ballarat Health Service”……Go figure?

There’s so much more to come on this story and its not looking good for the recent Ballarat branch of this fucked-up import the “Kiwi”  clan of “THE WISLANG’S” the shit-slingers from hell. 

Lets start with these contradictions which we will continue to add too as time goes on:

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 2.07.12 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 2.06.12 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 3.12.19 PM

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  • Brother Timothy says:

    Rossco my name is Brother Timothy – do not mock my name. You should really find a brain before you write your diseased and cancerous words. For you alone are the unholy one, you alone will be judged along with your snivvling cowards and slimey vassals you call team @ lauda. Our congregation is mighty and will be victorious against team @ lauda’s foul and vile words that pollute the Internet daily. Your stench is like smegma on your breath, soon you will be thrown screaming for mercy into the sea of Abel.

  • Rossco says:

    I should really read what I write before I post…… should read………..Regardless of how unsettling……….

  • Rossco says:

    You have an up hill battle on your hands Timmy I’m afraid. I have given up on you and your cult/sect because you have not confirmed your address for me. I am quite sure you are the same Timmy who was tied up with the scumball Henk van Hellonearth and after scanning through Accforum I see the same idiots up to the same stupid tricks that both you and Hellonearth used to destroy what started out a good idea when Hellonearth started his CYSwatch site. You also used the same tactics to try to bring down the Panic site when you became threatened by their far superior site to your CYSwatch site. You have become overwhelmed with your own importance and corrupted by it to boot. You have lost the chance to have the greatest person ever to join your ranks (me) by not being open and honest with me.

    The Team Lauda Finem on the other hand have proved beyond all doubt that they are extremely capable and are without a shadow of a doubt excellent judges of character. Regardless of how insetting this will be to you I will not be changing my mind.

    I want to draw your attention to this………….. …………The corrupt-reaa-official-ex-cop-stalks-justice-campaigners-family is Dean Winter and I want you to know I know Dean Winter personally. Team Lauda Finem are quite right about Dean Winter. I am so impressed with the Team Lauda Finem that, for example, if they were to tell me that you and your ilk were nothing but a pack of lowlife, disgruntled, bludging scum I would be inclined to believe that that is exactly what you are..

    Kindest regards to you Timmy I will prey on you at every opportunity.


  • Brother Timothy says:

    Leviticus is entitled to their opinion. Rossco there is so much contempt and hatred in your heart. Team @ Lauda have caused you to walk a path that you were not predestined to walk. Come and join our congregation, you will become a real man, you will no longer be a victim of team @ lauda and carry out their evil and wickedness. For team @ lauda will be thrown into the abyss to writhe in agony for all eternity. The Sword of the Forum is mighty, harken we hear the voice of the prophet…….

  • Rossco says:

    I see where you are coming from Lecter.
    Leviticus for Skeptics
    I wouldn’t read Leviticus if I were you. No one else does.
    Instead, I’ll summarize it for you: Get an animal, kill it, sprinkle the blood around, cut the dead animal into pieces, and burn it for a “sweet savor unto the Lord.”
    Here are the gory details:
    “All the fat is the Lord’s.”
    Hares are unclean since they chew the cud.
    Bats are just unclean birds.
    Four-legged birds are an abomination to God.
    Insects have four legs.
    Baby girls are twice as dirty as baby boys.
    God’s cure for leprosy.
    What to do if “he that hath the issue spit upon him that is clean.”
    What to do “if any man’s seed of copulation go out from him.”
    Menstruating women are unclean to God.
    God’s law for wet dreams.
    Don’t look at any naked menstruating women.
    Homosexuality is an abomination to God.
    If you have sex with a slave woman, you must then scourge her.
    Don’t round the corners of your head or mar the corners of your beard.
    Children who curse their parents, adulterers, and homosexuals must be killed.
    Woman with “familiar spirits” must be stoned to death.
    The unchaste daughters of priests must be burnt to death.
    Handicapped people must not approach the altar.

    A man curses and blasphemes while disputing with another man. Moses asks God what to do about it. God says that the whole community must stone him to death.
    God’s instructions for buying slaves.
    God places a dollar value on human life; women are worth less (50 – 60%) than men.

    Perhaps you should share your problems with me and I will pray for you.

  • Leviticus says:

    The shortest verse in the Good Book is “Jesus Wept”

    I weep for you Rossco, you obviously have had a terrible life, share your burdens with me so that I might pray for you.

  • Leviticus says:

    I am becoming tired of your use of profanity and gutter language. I might suggest to Word Press that they move your blog into the mature section. The only Aaron I know is from the Holy Bible. Have you not heard of the 10 Commandments.

  • The Grave Digger says:

    I am ready and available to assist you “unknown”, just name the time and the place. Its about time these cock suckers were sorted. Team @ Lauda are soon to become history. No one will shed a tear for you.

    • Rossco says:

      I’ll shed a tear for them Grave Digger if the occasion arose but I’m more inclined to think its you that needs to be wept for. What a fucking retard you are and a loser who can’t take what she dishes out. If I was LF I would be telling you to fuck off you are not worth wasting time on well not much more time than what I have just wasted anyway.

  • Not a genuine name or email address amongst the above comments, why is that?

  • Well done. You are simply amazing. I see Pepsie recommended you should stop digging. Did she also impend your mortal doom at her hands?

  • Wot’s the ACCForum?

  • H8ACC says:

    I’m glad you guys @ team lauda love my work on There will be plenty more postings, be quick, many have been deleted or sanitized by the Admin of I just love my work, it is cool to be finally noticed.

  • Or are you just having a lend fuck-wit? 😉



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    Submitted on 2013/03/07 at 1:39 pm
    How deep do you want your grave to be? Before this you had already achieved the regulation 6 feet.

  • How deep do you want your grave to be? Before this you had already achieved the regulation 6 feet.

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