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Liar liar pants on fire: Prime Minister John Key says he forgot about a phone call made to Ian Fletcher about the possibility of a job as head of the GCSB.


Take a big deep breath and sigh… not again…but its true Mr John “Corrupt “ Key has yet another memory lapse about how he stacked yet another crucial government position with a naughty National Party appointee in “Fucktard” Fletcher, Burnside old boy, school chum and National party stoolie. Keys memory loss over the Dotcom affair is starting to smell even more rancid.

Who ever is dobbing this dipshit Key in has done another sterling effort in uncovering yet another scam in the ‘Dark Isles’. Thinking of investing some hard earned dosh in New Zealand think again.

Not surprising the New Zealand Immigration Department is awash with Chinese and Indian Emigre’s. Corruption is rife and culturally entrenched in both those societies.  The Indians even have a name for a back hander “Bakshseesh”. The Chinese well we have all heard about the Melamine scandal…copyright fraud…in fact all sorts of fraud….not to mention civil rights infringements. The Indians and the abuse of women, ritual rape and the ever infamous “Burning brides” cooker accidents for a nice dowry or three.

Australia has got to stop the back door immigration of “new” New Zealanders. Someone in our customs and immigration departments should do some figures on just who is sneaking through the outhouse that is New Zealand and our unlocked back door. Just how many real New Zealanders are moving here !

Back to Key and Fletcher the National party shit slings have been in action again with allegations by government office holders alleging they are outraged at the allegations concerning the Fletcher appointment. Who really gives a shit what these sycophantic toadies have to say….it’s time to show Key the door. As “Playschool used to say “heres a House….heres a window one two three four…heres the door….heres the Key…open the door and fuck him off!!

Updated [April 8, 2013,12:15hrs (AEST)]

The links below are really worth a read (especially if you’re a Kiwi), seems that Mr Ian Fletcher (The Kiwi GCSB Fucktard) escaped QLD and some very nasty political retribution by the hair of his chinney chin chin.

Seems that New Zealand PM John Keys Burnsidian political bike-shed wank-buddy, Ian Fletcher, had cut his corruption teeth here in Australia under the much hated “Anna Bligh” (Captain Blighs only surviving relative) and her much loathed labor government. Loathed by academics and politicians alike, it seems that IAN FLETCHER did not return to New Zealand voluntarily, he fled Queensland Australia (you got a job for me John I need to get the hell out of QLD now), how unusual for corrupt cunts like Fletcher?: (The Australian) Controversy Continues to Hound NZ Spooks and PM; Review to be Published Within Weeks ( (Fairfax NZ)

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  • Byron Grubers says:

    Hi Guys, it seems when John Key said he hadn’t seen Fletcher since he was 18 years old he really meant 48 years old, over a long lunch….he couldn’t remember lunch…couldn’t remember phone calls. John Key also forgot to mention Fletchers qualifications, but did say he was the best candidate… no military background but a fucking corrupt liar… not just an every day liar, this toadie gets his jollies misleading the Queensland Parliament and then abuses the corruption legislation to try and have the whistleblower who nailed him prosecuted….. Please update your story…this may have very long legs. Fletcher was forced to apologise to the Parliament and exited stage left in a fucking hurry. Enter John Key “foreign Exchange trader”. We’ve all seen “wall street”. Its not what you know but who!!!!!

    John Boy just forgot to mention that the sort of qualifications Fletcher had was his moral flexibility. How do I get to submit stories or contribute to LF. Just love the way you guys wind up the establishment and tosser, low rent, unemployed fucktards like brother “tugger” Timothy. Ohh with Fletcher where there is smoke there is fire! Hopefully more to come…

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Lauda great story in the SMH on the corruption and attempted murder with the Centrelink scam. Pollies, Police, Public servants and Property developers. Obeid and his mates will be packing shit following the execution of the search warrants by ICAC. Seriously high level conspiracies to murder, defeat the course of Justice….wha de wha. But the difference between NSW and NZ is our boys and girls have the “cahones” to go after these clowns and get them in the dock and on their way up the Murray for a long stay in the big house. With regards to that fucktard brother “tim” you are just pandering to his narcissism by publishing his comments. Same with posting any more of his attempts at hiding behind false monikers. Enough is enough. Follow up that story on the Chancellor of the University of New England, the Police commander, MP and other conspirators….including Centrelink. Keep it relevant brother!

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Key doesn’t forget who he has phoned….come on….if he has such a bad memory he shouldn’t be PM of that sad fuck little cuntry. ( whoops… spelling mistake….really). 2009 he wanted his mate in charge of the communications watch dog…so he could get the good oil on any one telling the truth about this clown on the internet……Foreign exchange manipulation and profiteering……no can’t be. He sounds a bit like our Julia and her manipulation and laundering of illicit Union funds.

  • Brother Timothy says:

    This man is the son of a Jewess. NZ is in trouble due to its relaxed laws on homosexuality, fancy letting these people marry. This is why the economy is in trouble. NZ Police should be armed with guns. Team@Lauda you are now aiming your sights on both the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand. This is a sign of a sick and deviant mind that has let its lust for e-babble fill the Internet with filth and hate. You probably will not publish this comment, but we enjoyed writing it. REPENT

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