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ACCForum: Profiling Nutjobs, Mark David McNicholl – Part Two

Mark McNicol

Front and Centre Mark McNicoll of Timaru

Following on from our last post in the series ACCForum: Profiling Nutjobs(just Google it) wherein we introduced readers to yet another of the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation claimants, or should we say malingerers, who have been given the arse by the corporation and so joined the shite site

As our established readers will know this site was established by none other the Alan Gordon Thomas, the Takapuna Bomber and a few of his “trustworthy” mates, people the likes of Kenneth Miller, Arrin Wislang and Douglas Weal.

Regular readers will also be aware that back in 2011 was brought to our attention by a number of folks who had been on the receiving end of the sites membership who seemed to thoroughly  enjoy abusing and ridiculing their victims with very nasty defamatory posts falsely alleging everything from rape to fraud, these same serial stalkers of course getting off on the fact that they were safe thanks to the use of anonymous online monikers, or so they thought.

Many of the victims had for many years been powerless to do anything about the defamation and abuse because the sites founding fathers had concealed the site ownership behind a proxy service; so the Team @ Lauda Finem decided to dedicate a little time investigating the site and its membership. That ongoing investigation has resulted in the naming and shaming of the key players behind the forum.

Of course these people, by the mere fact that they have historically hidden behind their sometime idiotic nom de guerre’s, are nasty pieces of work with equally nasty personal agendas and a long history of dishonesty; dishonesty that has in quite a few cases resulted in criminal convictions; we prefer to use the more specific term “ACC FRAUDSTER”

Of course with every post that has outed these cyber-scum there has been a great flurry of online activity on the forum. The slime involved denying their involvement, making all sorts of outrageous allegations, claims and threats to sue. We here at Lauda Finem have even received death threats via the comments section and by email. They have even resorted to naming and threatening innocent people that are totally unrelated to this blog, men and women whom their febble little minds have incorrectly deduced just “might” be behind For the benefit of our newer readers we have provided a little bibliography at the bottom of this post with links to older posts in this series.

So lets now take a more detailed look at the latest member to have been outed by “TEAM LAUDA”; Mr Mark David McNicholl of  20 b Hobbs Street, Timaru, New Zealand aka “Netcoachnz“.  In his ACCForum profile Marks first lie is that he claims to live in Beachaven, Auckland, New Zealand; which is of course the very same Auckland north shore suburb that the forums founder, the now infamous Takapuna bomber, Mr Alan Gordon Thomas, has also claimed to live in.

Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. Mark D McNicholl has lived in many places, throughout little old New Zealand, but “Beachaven, Auckland” has never been one of those places; so why has he lied in his profile? Its such a simple lie, but whats beneath that lie is far more complex, a much nastier motive; he did not want anyone finding out who he really was undoubtedly because he was cognisant of the fact that if identified he would be held to account for the defamatory crap he, when signing up, intended posting on ACCForum.

That fact is further evidenced by last nights flurry of activity on the forum wherein McNicholl posted denials of the allegations in Lauda Finems first piece, and thats despite the fact that we had told our readers that we had been given the evidence by one of his fellow forum members (or so our source claims) turned whistleblower. In the same ACCForum thread McNicholl also attempted to throw his reading audience off by alleging that Lauda Finem only ever post “FICTION”:

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 10.50.38 AM

ACCForum "Nut-job's" aka Netcoach

ACCForum and “the innocent family”

A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.

William Shenstone

It goes without saying we are here at Lauda Finem are not like McNicholl and we are not going to let him continue deceiving his gullible audience; ACCForums readers, other than the career criminals and the cyberstalkers he has sidled up to. Unfortunately for Mark David Mcfatboy he does not have a particularly good memory when it comes to “Happysnaps” especially Fairfax media “Happysnaps”

McNicholl has, somewhat ironically been pilloried by his online mates since the posting of our first piece yesterday, with three of the forums more elderly attack dogs baying for his blood. The first being none other than the half slav, half maori, career criminal, Kenneth Miller, who oh so eloquently posted in one thread:

“HEY FATSO… What goes round comes back round…….”

Miller aka “Tomcats” contribution was, as always, quickly followed up by yet anther of the dog pack, the haggard old half Maori, half abo, Marakita Mehmet; aka “Campy” who chortled“:

“Ha ha now we know why you”re a pious self righteous hypocrite.”

Then yet another fraudster chimed in, the shrivelled up old lardtart (a female equivalent of lardtard or lardarse) Claire Avon Rae Hollis aka “Mini” with her own somewhat illiterate attempt to humiliate McNicholl:

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 9.12.29 AM

Mr Mark David McNicholl of Timaru, aka ACCForums “Netcoach”, reads another claimants personal file for a narcissistic “Fairfax” photo moment

And you ask me If I beleive them. I beleive I saw my name, and address and house and those ladies that you names wahines!!

Bit of difference sitting on your couch at the moment is it!!! Stupid stupid person to think that you would not have to pay for your absolute and utter bullish cyberbully of us mere mortals. All those who you try to make us beleive you now grieve beside.

The leopard doesnt change his spots just because he has been stopped oh hard cheese.

Keep some dignity and keep quite, as I have told you I am on a mission here and just because you have been made visiable for all to see, only makes a little bit of difference, to me.

Maybe more tomorrow.


Of course most of the attack was cleaned up by Arrin Wislang, the sites erstwhile admin by this morning. But we’re pretty sure that our readership get the picture. McNicholl is a liar, and just like the rest of the scum, has been bludging off the public purse for years, in one form or another.

Another thing that McNicholl has in common with his cyber-freak mates is that none of them are actually Accident Compensation Corporation clients. Whilst pretending to be they are all in fact on the “dole”, or in Kiwi parlance WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand) beneficiaries.  So having been found by the Accident Compensation Corporation to be fit to work; their dishonesty continued by rorting the system collecting benefits they obviously had not been entitled too.

This is a common theme amongst the more established, dedicated, and vocal membership of Most are pissed off and use the forum as a vehicle to attack anyone they don’t like. In fact most will sidle up to each other by supporting attacks on innocent people so as to garner favour within the larger group and Mark McNicholl aka “netcoachnz” is in this respect no different to the worst offenders.

McNicholl was born in New Zealand’s South Island, a small shit hole called Timaru, spending his entire childhood living in the suburb of Waimataitai where he attended the local primary school of the same name going on to Timaru Boys High school and then Teachers College in the nearby city of Christchurch, another New Zealand shit hole and infamous earthquake wreck:

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 11.21.48 AM

After graduating the twelve month post grad teachers course this fat fuck took up a teaching post at South Otago High School in the small Otago town of Balclutha on the banks of the Clutha River where he spent the single largest and most stable portion of his teaching career. He then moved to Menzies College in the even smaller southland town of Wyndham where he had a very mixed teaching career.  One of those career stops was the central North Island City of Hamilton, New Zealand.

McNicholl had taken up a teaching post in the nearby coal mining hamlet of Huntly on the banks of the Waikato River, and thats where we picked up his paper trail in more detail; and for the purposes of illustration in this particular post, his cyber-trail:

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 6.19.12 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 8.28.33 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 8.43.24 AM

Part three next up:

Interviews with the people involved, here are a few quotes from those interviews:

“Their is a peculiar comfort gleaned from knowing that one is despised by the vocal minority, its a particular discomfort that must be felt and dealt with if one intends being an agent of truth or  change “

“That mob (laughter) they couldn’t distinguish shit from clay, even if their lives depended on it”


ACCForum fraudster and founder Alan Gordon Thomas used ACC to boost wage by $238,000 (NZ Herald)

ACCForum bomb plot: Plans for van blast (NZ Herald)

ACC employee murdered, man’s fifth knife attack (NZ Herald)

Private investigators speak out over scandal (Otago Daily Times)

ACC claimants say searches wrongful (Otago Daily Times)

Call for substantial damages (Otago Daily Times)

Pdf: Report on the complaint of Bruce Van Essen (New Zealand Independent Police Conduct Authority)

Police Minister duped by bent cop (investigate magazine: July 07 issue, 2007)

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