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The image of ACC fraud, Bruce Van Essen, as profiled by Google, and to come – the next ACCForum nutjobs to be profiled.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 5.41.19 PM

Without any help from LF the internet search engine giant Google has listed Bruce Van Essen aka “Huggy” of New Zealands hate site and, as the visual personification of ACC Fraud.  Bruce Van Essen has now had his fifteen minutes of fame – but not as he intended it.  For Van Essen, his court loss was an Autumn event in his miserable deceit filled existence in shithole Fairfield.

LF will bring our burgeoning readership certain aspects of High Court Judge Whata’s findings, whilst Van Essens right not to face unreasonable search and seizure were breached, that the private investigators had sufficient evidence to prove that Van Essen had not been declaring income received whilst on ACC compensation.

For Bruce “the goose” Van Essen, the winter of his life will be spent being seen by his countrymen [and neighbours] as the image of ACC fraud.  In fact some neighbours have offered to help LF nail this scumbag in his own backyard.  Apparently the neighbours don’t know Bruce Van Essen, but have been motivated by our story to “frame the fraudster”.


We say to Bruce, who was big on the threats when we outed this sad sack of cow shit as a lying toady, that we were very much aware of how Justice Christian Whata was going to clobber him, and we were “word perfect”.

Bruce, we say to you that your words and threats don’t match your “lifestyle and abilities”.  That is why you use a “moniker” on New Zealand’s most infamous hate site

A follow up story on Bruce Van Essen’s incredible stupidity in taking on the New Zealand Crown, when the only likely outcome was that he would be identified as an ACC fraudster would result, will follow over the next few days.

We leave our readers by quoting none other than Bruce Van Essen himself when he recently posted on

“Hmmmm isnt it amazing how information gets out there.”

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  • Byron Grubers says:

    Do you live in Te Kuiti, but cant spell it because you are dumb? Or is your real name Tikiwhiti – me think not. I could have affairs as I am incredibly good looking, have more money than a bull can shit, but I love my wife and she loves me because I worked hard to get where I am – on top. Oh and I have – not so much a big cock, more a huge one. But that is not what keeps my gorgeous wife happy…..its the money honey!!!!. Meanwhile I will get extra security…not because of your threats as they are a joke…just that I can afford to do it. Hehhehehehehehehe

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Bruce’s house is really quite stylie – sort of fort like with the different angles representing a tower, and maybe the birdbaths representing a moat [in Brucies mind] – sort of like out of Blackadder. I wonder what such a shit hole is worth in Fucktardville – I mean Fairfield. Maybe ask low threes and get high 2’s me think. Auction would be a mistake, but the bank maybe forced down that route when Bruce can’t pay his mortgage due to being unemployable and is unable to rub two cents together. Hey ACC fraudster – give New Zealanders their money back you lazy legal aid funded litigation losing fat sack of shit.

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