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Will the real Bruce Van Essen – bullshit supremo, wannabe Aaron Gilmore, and crossdresser – please stand up

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Following our most recent posts we have been receiving a lot of information about Bruce.  Apparently he is not the most popular bloke in Fairfield.  The terms arrogant, ignorant, banjo plucker, piss ant, hypocrite, wannabe, wanker, twat, loon, gimp, twin gimondopotamus to Mark McNicholl, and cross dresser are par for the course when locals discuss Van Essen.

The images below prove all of the above to be accurate excepting the “least crazy” bit.  Google, again, has been quick to associate all of this Dutchtard’s many forms in a line up – and it appears to us that the pictures paint quite the fruit-loop.


We were unaware that Bruce looked better with a “soft” ash blonde wig framing his face, a blue floral number covering his ample man boobs, combined with a very short pleated navy blue skirt and a set of very sturdy white patent leather high heel lace up boots to thin out his very thick dutchtard calves.

Bruce Van Essen acc acclaim Otago fairfield

Brucielle; “da man or should we say more like da pussy”?

Then there is the image Bruce uses for his online hate site ACC Forum moniker “Huggy”.  The image second from the right was used by Bruce Van Essen as the face of defamation, false allegation, and ridicule, with immunity until LF nailed this Fairfield fucktard with information from informers that knew the danger that the numerous personalities of this idiot posed.

Van Essen initially strongly denied that he was “huggy” – well who wouldn’t?  But then Van Essen went beserk – but using language that appeared to invoke that Bruce has an accent like a local “bro”, or a white Maori [pronounced “mouldy”];


Bruce was so thick that he didn’t understand that the Crown conceded that the search warrants were illegal on the first day of the hearing, and that this was done for strategic purposes.


This is important, as Van Essen could have obtained much more than $10k as compensation if he had not continued to argue to prove the impossible – that being that there was not sufficient evidence to prove that he had not been defrauding ACC.  In the New Zealand case of Green Justice David Tompkins awarded $10,000.00 to a prisoner that had been denied the right to address the Court on sentencing.  But that case was a long time ago, and $10,000.00 would be worth far more now.

Once Justice Christian Nathanial Whata heard the evidence proving that Bruce Van Essen had been working [unbeknownst to ACC] whilst in receipt of ACC compensation, his perception of “bad faith” must had leaned towards the Crowns position in that the Police and the Private Investigators had good reason to effect the search, but had merely gone about the technical process in an incorrect manner.  Hence the token amount payable.

It is clear to LF legal researchers that Bruce Van Essen is out of his depth;

“Gidday XXXXXX

Reading the material XXXX got from XXXX.  You asked for my opinion.  Whata J handled this matter with considerable aplomb.  Whata J wanted his decision to be word perfect based on the evidence that he alone could determine as to worth to prove.  He speaks of clear admissions being made by the Crown early on. He speaks of admissions by Crown witnesses to facts that did not serve the respondents defence etc. 

But, importantly Whata J stresses the case as against both plaintiffs, Van Essen and Patterson, that case being that he felt there was sufficient evidence before him, and thus before the private investigators, and the Police Officers involved, when they acted to obtain further proof against Van Essen, that Van Essen was involved in activities designed to defraud, and did defraud, ACC.   All in all Van Essen has been clowned by the farthing payment given for what amounts to a technical breach. 

I have discussed this with XXXXX  for the XXXXX over a beer at lunch, and he thinks that if Van Essen had negotiated a settlement on the first day in Court, when the Crown conceded the searches were not technically lawful, he would have very likely been able to obtain a far larger settlement based on the Crown saving costs, and preserving its position that it had not acted in bad faith.  XXXX thought that it must have been Van Essen that instructed his lawyers to proceed along a line that was never going to lead to what could be described as a win.

XXXX read some of Van Essens posts about his alleged abilities in litigation, and has clearly identified that Van Essen was at all material times well out of his depth”

This is not Bruce Van Essen but it might as well be given the evidence that Justice Christian Whata saw relating to Van Essens capacity to work, whilst indicating to ACC that he couldn’t work.  However the physical similarities are quite scary.

This is not Bruce Van Essen but it might as well be given the evidence that Justice Christian Whata saw relating to Van Essens capacity to work, whilst indicating to ACC that he couldn’t work. However the physical similarities are quite scary.

In the state of Utah similar investigations as amounted against the likes of Bruce Van Essen lead to the following report;

“Name: Assorted disability cheats

Crime: Defrauding Social Security.

Fatal mistake: Not committing to the bit.

The circumstances: Disability fraud is not a terribly hard crime to get away with. You claim you’ve been injured, get a shady doctor to sign off, and then you stick to the fakery. If you say you’ve hurt your back, remain recumbent! Don’t go climbing trees or fixing your roof in public. And certainly do not upload to YouTube a video that shows you half-naked and covered in tinfoil, doing “the robot” to the tune of Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride.”

The poor dope who did that was just one of the several alleged insurance fraudsters recently caught in the act by the Utah Attorney General’s Office and inspectors for the Social Security Administration. The department sent hidden camera teams out to film some people who had made claims, to see whether or not the claims were legitimate. Many were not.

One man, who had claimed crippling pain, was filmed driving a truck, carrying a baby seat, and then running away when approached by investigators. (“His truck and t-shirt indicated he had a business for buying antlers,” the AG’s press release noted.) Another woman, who claimed that various mental disorders made it very difficult for her to go out in public, had her benefits cut “after investigators found newspaper articles about her being ‘constantly involved in music projects,’ YouTube videos of her performances, Facebook posts about the venues she was playing and investigators witnessed her perform at a concert for several hundred people.”

The department also discovered that some of the alleged fraudsters had uploaded footage of themselves to YouTube engaging in activities that they shouldn’t have been able to perform. The weirdest example: the 40-year-old man who “had been collecting disability benefits for nearly 18 years because he said he was badly impaired by depression, anxiety, asthma, obesity and sore muscles that he was unable to leave his house.” His benefits ended after investigators discovered that, in addition to “swinging on a swing set and riding a scooter,” he had posted a YouTube video in which he took off his shirt, fashioned himself a tinfoil hat and bustier, and did a herky-jerky dance to “Magic Carpet Ride.” In another video, he played air guitar.

Source: Dumb Criminal of the Week: The Alleged Disability Insurance Scammers Whose Frauds Got Caught on Camera

In truth Bruce Van Essen got little more than a technical win against the New Zealand police who had very good cause, according to Whata J, to suspect that he was defrauding fellow good god fearing New Zealanders.

We at LF say that this behavior by Van Essen amounts to a further defrauding of the government purse given that Van Essen knows that he was guilty of ACC fraud just like every other member of the notorious New Zealand hate and cyberstalking site

We promise our readership that we will continue the good fight to stop ACC fraudsters cold in their tracks.  If any of our readership can supply solid material that a neighbour, work colleague, or just a scumbag you know of is defrauding ACC, then drop us a line and we will do the rest.

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  • Tom Thumb says:

    Liked the picture of Dermot Nottingrimm on

    • Are you unable to read “Tom Thumb”, no “hyperlinks”. They can contain viruses, trojans and or malicious code:

      “In the past few days Team Lauda have been inundated with emails from supporters, and a few very unfortunate victims, who have been appalled, some in fact seriously harmed, by the behaviour of members and the owners/administrators of the online hate site Whilst we appreciate that Mark Davis web master of, aka accforums “Mark”
      support you and your obvious desire to supply us with more incriminating information we have, unfortunately, had to implement a policy of not opening email attachments. The reason for this policy is that some of the nastier IT savvy members of the aforementioned online blight have also been firing off emails with attachments; containing all sorts of nasty code, virus’s and trojans. Of course this has only reinforced our resolve to continue outing the identities of this small but very nasty cabal of cyber-bullies, shit heads and ACC fraudsters but caution is obviously required when dealing with loons [3] and nut-jobs [1].
      So with the aforementioned in mind if you still wish to take your valuable time sending us information and or evidence on these clowns please ensure that its in a form that can be clearly seen or read in the body of the email. If its a webpage that you want us to look at please include the entire URL address in text only; hyperlinks are not acceptable. If the material you have poses problems in its transmission in the form as described above simply email us and we’ll try to work around the security issues, but please remember in this process, whilst we will undertake to maintain your anonymity, you will need to use a genuine verifiable email address and identity.
      Kind Regards
      Team Lauda”


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  • Whetu Pomare says:

    The maardi gras article about a Mr or is that Miss A Nottingham in a pink bra must be mentioned, how about printing that image rather than the photoplace digitally enhanced feeble attempt at making Bruce out to be a cross dresser. How about you guys coming clean by going to your local Police Station and making a full confession.

  • Remember folks if you would like to come clean before we get you or otherwise have information on these fraudsters please contact us here at:

  • Tikiwhiti says:

    You continue to delight in mocking a Dunedin man who has much mana within our community. We have found out more information about Laudafinem and their pay masters and will expose your dirty secrets when we are good and ready.

  • Byron Grubers says:

    had a computer company Bruce – you fucking freak, and what about the highly sensitive DVDs that were taken from your house – or should I say Brucielle – fuck I hope LF can get hold of them!!!

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Jesus Brucielle wont be able to show his face in faifield hahahahaha let alone Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Maybe Van Essen is related to Bain – nah he would be dead, and Bain would be living in Van Essens crap palace.

  • Rayi shankar says:

    This Van Essen clown makes Warren Arthur Wilson look like a saint…all be it, a stupid, unemployed,cuckholded, twice bankrupted, criminal saint. Is there such a thing?. Van Essens a big mouth in a little suburb, in a shitty little town thats name begins with Dunny (crapper) and Van Essen is the dutchtard floater bobbing around the bowl. Apologies to the other residents of Dunedin but at its best, most people go there for an education, live in squalor in a state of constant inebriation before sobbering up and getting their arses back the right side of the Bombays…., hills that is set in style. Why would this clown in a bad dress want to advertise his criminal conduct for the whole world to admire. Grandads a fraudster kids with a concrete birdbath in his front yard….so that makes him a dutchtard! Dunedin isn’t that where people kill their family and leave notes on cumputers confessing, but at the same time inculpating the only person deserved to live?…..yeah right, You go David you good innocent thing you.
    David Bain for Mayor of Dunedin, Van Essen for Mayor of Fraudsville!

  • Byron Grubers says:

    My wife wendy just noticed something really important. In the picture of Bruce at the top of your story holding the paper you can see he is wearing a watch. In the picture of Brucielle you can see the slight tan marks separated by where Bruce’s watch would have been. My wife pointed out that Bruce, when being Brucielle, would not want to wear a gaudy male watch that would distract from his otherwise quite feminine ensemble. Of course a male watch may also be a giveaway to a blind admirer; – because fuck me you would have to be blind to approach Brucielle. I have been sending the story around all my mates and the emails are coming back as i send this – everyone is pissing themselves.

  • Byron Grubers says:

    fucking jesus, who gave you the cross dressing photograph of Brucielle “wham bam thank you man” Van Essen. Shit I nearly shat myself laughing. What an informative story about what goes on in small town New Zealand. Keep it coming LF as it is the most entertaining thing that has happened in recent times.

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