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ACCForum shuts its cyber borders – and admits its over

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ACCForum shuts its cyber borders – and admits its over – the fat slut Janice Karaka Clarke has screamed her last maniacal racist rant – credibility corpse Bruce Van Essen’s last stand was ACC Forums “Alamo”.

In breaking news has barred access to new members excepting those ones invented by the hate site‘s cabal – a core group made up of convicted ACC fraudsters identified – named and shamed by LF’s researchers.  We cannot give the exact details of email addresses and dates that expose these actions as this would give away our megagrass, but our megagrass appears to have obtained access to Janice Karaka Clarke’s (aka hukildaspida) emails when there was a recent meeting of 8 members in response to LF’s outing of Mark McNicholl.  The following email excerpt says it all;

“We can’t get at them.  We have been trying the Nottingham game, but have no real proof and how could the Nottingham’s be capable of the sheer amount of research and accuracy.  The photograph of Bruce Van Essen cross dressing means that they have access way beyond what we thought was possible.   Is LF ACC owned?

We need to shut down access to our site except for us and we need to invent a shitload of new members.  I know it takes time but we are being fucking humiliated as fraudsters.  We are not fraudsters, we are injured New Zealanders that have been identified as fraudsters by doctors that are fraudsters themselves.  Dog is to blame for this and we should fuck him over good like he fucked Thomas”

In due course when we identify the megagrass the actual email will be released as there is a whole lot more. When dealing with informers LF is always cautious of what can go wrong.  However LF has been monitoring the hate site ACC Forums PM board and has taken screen grabs of admissions that mean that, to date, we have not yet made an inaccurate statement based on the information supplied by informants.

Janice Karaka Clarke, aka Hukilaspida, when using the word “dog”, is of course referring to supergrass David Butler.   A man that LF actually respects –albeit “a little too late”.

More to come – lots more in the tank.  Yet to be released footage of David Butler –  more info on the members of New Zealanders most notorious hate site – designed and managed by Arrin Wislang from our homeland, whilst he worked for Andrew Rowe CEO of the Ballarat Health Services.

What amuses us is that these clowns, self appointed paragons of free speech, have been emailing all n’ sundry, WordPress included, in their desperate attempts to have LF shut down preventing the truth of their shameful cyber-stalking behaviour being exposed. It seems that the old adage “What’s sauce for the goose (is sauce for the gander)” is not being applied by these idiots. The only problem these clowns seem to have encountered in their malicious efforts is the fact that is not a WordPress site, they are all such great researchers – not!:

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 8.06.02 AM

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  • Brother timothy says:

    Lauda finem and Warren Wilson you slithering pit of vipers, repent you scum sucking purveyors of putrefaction, Alan Thomas, is the way and the light, the sword of the mighty ACC forum will smite thee down…….oh yawn…hows the family…..scary movie strikes again…we have associates all over the universe…shiver shake..blow steam out my arse..we know your drug dealing…without brother Thomas’s permission……fuck it…its Warren again and I’m back on the turps…ha..ha ….ha.

  • Hey guys if you have sort of personal beef take it some where else!

  • Warren Wilson says:

    I’m still here and still sober I have just read some of my comments to Mr Grubers. I apologise to you Byron it pissed me off that you are wealthy, successfull have a hot wife and great life……Sorry.

  • Warren Wilson says:

    look I fell off the trolley again today and spent a few hours knocking back a cardbord cask of Chardonnay. As a result I got very angry again and posted comments under the moniker “brother Timothy” and Whetu Pomare. It really upset me that you wouldn’t post my comments and neither will ACC forum. I want to apologise to hukildaspida for my sexy comments and suggestions that we both get together and shag. I know we are both in the Autumns of our lives and are not the most attractive individuals in the world. I have to admit I was shocked when I saw our hideous you are now. But I’m not the most attractive or successfull man in the world either. I don’t think I have a strong enough stomach to go through with meeting you in person, jammed as you are in that stained old lazy boy chair. please forgive me for my earlier suggestions. I also want to apologise for the shit I try to post…..blasphamous, wriggling maggots,repent, serpents and the other shit. I am sober now and apologise. I no I will continue with my conduct, such is the disease of alcohol dependence. Warren Arthur Wilson.

    • For Christ’s sake Wilson please make your mind up, and if that means joining alcoholics anonymous please do it you’re causing your close family some serious emotional damage

  • Warren Wilson says:

    While I am coming clean i will admit that I joined ACCForum and used numerous monikers, but then I was thrown out of there, or banned, so I put up a lot of false Maori monikers and Brother Timothy as well when I comment of LF. I actually think that you people deserve your reputation as an upstanding integrity based anti corruption site.

  • Warren Wilson says:


    Look I just want to come clean. I have acted deplorably towards so many people and I want to apologise to all that have been affected, but there are simply too many. My reasoning for my behaviour is that I take medication, but not enough at times. I was made bankrupt for the second time which was incredibly embarrassing for not only me but my family and two friends. I feel really tired, but that could be the copious amount of alcohol I drink. And I mean straight alcohol. Anyway I hope that everyone will forgive me for what i have done. LF you have bettered me, and ACC Forum, and I give you Aussies the credit that you are due.

    Kind regards

    Warren A. Wilson

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Being a two time bankrupt [now current] and drunkard cuckold might hold you back Nic aka Warren “Faggot” Wilson. Nobody wants to chat to you Warren; you are a five time loser who got clowned by better, bigger, and definitely brighter men. Take too many pills and have a real long sleep LOLOLOL

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Can you afford a ticket to Aus……loser LOLOLOL. I go every couple of weeks business class on Air Emirates, and can even send you video and pic’s – give me your real email address, name, phone number etc and we can meet up – of course there would have to be invalid access – due to your severe level of incapacity that revisits you when you see your doctor LOLOLOL

  • Byron Grubers says:

    Jesus these losers come up with nothing new. They are convicted ACC fraudsters that have been outed by LF researchers that are simply doing their job. “Nic” doesn’t exist as does not “Pomare”. Go away losers. And as for you losers having friends; – well they are just your fraudulent forum mates who no doubt follow LF anyway you stupid fuck. Why not use real names you unemployed cowards LOL.

  • Whetu Pomare says:

    Obviously Nic has hit a bit of a nerve. Not frightened are you Laudafinem? Perhaps when the blogging world knows the full truth of Laudafinem’s deceit, deception and depravity they will all be utterly astonished and want to seek redress within the courts of public opinion.

  • You are trying to cover your tracks laudaboys, the Internet knows that Clan Nottingham and associates are the teletubbies of the blogging world. The parody about hukildaspida is nothing compared with the parody about laudafinem that I came across recently. I will let you expert researchers find it. Like Grubers we were pissing ourselves over its content and have emailed the link to many people. You are the joke laudaboys. Ha Ha Ha

    • What blogging world? Parody? Clan Nottingham? many people?, Grubers? Joke? laudaboys? Pissing yourselves? – Ha Ha Ha?………….Really?

      Perhaps “shitting yourselves” would be a better analogy “Nic”?

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